Quotes that should make you wince

From Spurrier’s forthcoming book, Head Ball Coach, comes this little reminder of how cozy things once were between him and Georgia’s AD:

Over the years I’ve saved certain special comments for Clemson, Georgia, Tennessee, and FSU. And I always stood behind the quotes I actually made.

Probably my favorite quote was a comment I made on why South Carolina always preferred playing Georgia early in the season.

I said, “I sort of always liked playing them that second game because you could always count on them having two or three key players suspended.” Their AD, Greg McGarity, who I knew when he was at Florida, remarked: “How can you be mad at him for saying that? It’s the truth!”

Nothing like enabling an asshole who’s also a big rival.  It’s just another reminder that McGarity’s mouth can be his own worst enemy at times.


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25 responses to “Quotes that should make you wince

  1. The Dawg

    Especially since we live under a completely different rule-book than the others. Stephen Garcia, FIVE suspensions, NO game-time lost. Or the players Hotel comped with no repercussions. SOS was pretty clean, but he also had a admin that backed him to the hilt.


  2. BarneyDawg

    The only way we could have played South Carolina when they had suspended players was their spring game.


  3. 92 grad

    Ok then. I ask again – was mcgoo really the best candidate for the job when Evans ran? I know Adams prob wanted him simply because he knew he would be a “yes” man but my goodness, how is he still our AD?

    I guess it’s still the ways of higher education, same as federal politics, once you’re in, they can’t get you out.


    • JCDAWG83

      As long as the checks keep rolling in, nothing is going to change in Athens. Big time athletic programs are about money, the on field results are nothing more than a means to an end.


      • Normaltown Mike

        exactly. It’s not like we just got rid of a proven winning coach in an effort to jump up one notch in success with an unproven assistant.

        UGA never takes a risk cuz all they cares about is the money, Paul!


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Perhaps Greg is a mole planted deep inside our AD . 😉
      Something is going on when after all this time I still see Ms. McGarity jogging the road in front of our driveway in her gator colored gear. I’m not liking it. YOMD.


      • Chi-town Dawg

        WTF! Ole Ms. McGarity better start looking at the signature on those overly generous paychecks her hubby receives. I also think that if UGA goes 8-4 with ticket and donation increases kicking in next year, UGA may very well see that drop in support JC. However, no need to worry as the SEC TV money will more than make up for any shortfalls.


      • Macallanlover

        How long of a shot would that be to the end of your driveway? You must live in one of those “mixed”, or “transition” neighborhoods AHD. Seems I recall you saying another neighbor was flying a GT or TN flag in the past. Those are all examples of “time to buy some property and have some space, Myrtle”, or the “wanna getaway?” campaign.


    • stoopnagle

      He’s the AD the same way Kirby is HC.

      #2 man at the dominate program in the league who is also a Georgia alum.


  4. paul

    I’m no fan of McGarity. The fact that it was a true statement, and it was, doesn’t mean he needs to publicly affirm that. We can whine all we want about “the rules” but our guys knew exactly what the rules were and exactly what the consequences were. You want to be upset with somebody about suspensions, it’s players you should be upset with, not the rules.


    • Windogger

      What upset me as a Dawg and probably many others that were paying attention was that no one called Spurrier out on the fact that his players never missed games when they were suspended. Garcia was suspended 5 times! At least three of those were indefinite suspensions and he never missed a game! He was finally kicked off the team for getting into so much trouble, but he was kicked of by the Administration not Spurrier, and Spurrier had a really pathetic little hissy fit over it. Nobody ever called the guy out. Even when he quit on his team in the middle of the season because he knew his team was crap and didn’t want to deal with it.


  5. 81Dog

    While I agree with all the bad things said about McGarity here, let’s not lose sight of the fact that the HBC is, always was, and always will be, an exposed colon.


  6. Russ

    What a jackass. And I’m talking about that penis with ears, McGarity.

    Can we pay Tennessee to hire him?


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    Dump McGarity, he sucks. A good replacement would be Jim Cole of Mercer. He’d be a terrific fit with UGA and Kirby.


  8. OrlandoDawg

    McG’s quote is an example of one trained in the ivory tower of athletic administration versus any one of us schooled in the art of fan smack. Most anyone on this blog would have immediately replied something to the effect of “we do have standards here and they’re a lot higher than they are at a place like S Carolina.” That kind of comeback is second nature to those of us in the real world. To a guy like McG, clearly not so much.


  9. Steve

    Did Spurrier remember his quote from 1966 when Bill Stanfill sacked him relentlessly. Spurrier whined time after time to the ref, ‘late hit’, ‘late hit’….


  10. Mike

    From the perspective of a rival, I thought his remark had a bit of panache. Self deprecating humor takes most of the sting out of barbs of the Spurrier variety.


  11. DawgPhan

    McGarity sucks.

    The SOS book is going to a must read.


  12. Charlie Davidson

    another reason why McG must go….I can’t say it enough! He will never be a true “Dawg”!


  13. rchris

    Thought experiment: What if Georgia had won every game that they lost against Spurrier all time, from his playing days through last year, and otherwise had the same result as we had historically against all other teams on our schedule? There were quite a few seasons he single-handedly wrecked.


    • rchris

      ’65, 7-3. ’90, 5-6. ’91, 10-2. ’92, 11-1. ’93 6-5. ’94, 7-4-1. ’95, 7-5. ’96, 6-5. ’98, 10-2. ’99, 9-3. ’00, 9-3. ’01, 9-3. (He left FL here, but the next 2 years we were so shell shocked by the guy we lost to FL anyway would’ve been 14-0 & 12-1.) ’07. 12-1. ’10, 7-6. ’11, 11-3. ’12, 13-1. ’14, 11-2. If you count the 2 times we lost to his ghost, we would’ve had one undefeated season and 4 one loss seasons. Also, 1977 and 1990 would’ve been the only losing seasons the ‘Dogs had since 1963. He was a very costly opponent.