Process 2, Georgia Way 0

In case you were wondering about one other thing in the defensive depth chart…

Spoken like a man who hasn’t followed the Georgia football program for years.


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26 responses to “Process 2, Georgia Way 0

  1. Jt (the other one)

    Kirbo is going to Kirbo!


  2. aladawg

    Has he asked about Ledbetter yet.?…………..


  3. Cousin Eddie

    When McG told Kirby that Rochester wasn’t going to be able to play, Kirby laughed and said fine you go tell Rocker. McG said ok let him play. Kirby is still getting what he wants.


  4. IndyDawg

    Maybe the Georgia Way has been Kirb-stomped.


  5. DawgPhan

    not really that upset to see a little common sense come into play when dealing with players.

    I dont want to turn a blind eye to these things, and that isnt what happened here, I just like the common sense approach to what appears to be a knucklehead type of mistake.


  6. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Good, fair decision. What we have done before is akin to zero tolerance which is another way of saying zero thinking required. Glad Kirby is willing to think. I don’t want to see us become Baylor, but this isn’t that by a long shot.


    • I agree. The concept of zero tolerance has been an administrative cop-out for God knows how many institutions. It’s been pass-the buck mindlessness, and any movement away from it is a plus in my book. In this case, as you say, good, fair decision. If a future decision on a future player dust up is more heavily penalized, that would be fine as long as it proves to be appropriate.


  7. Will Trane

    Let them play.
    See where CMR has lost his top three defensive tacklers for university / team violations.
    Some things just do not change.


  8. Rampdawg

    Me likey!!


  9. ya ya

    Reefer and BB guns.

    Kirby Smart said, “We’ve got a standard of excellence here at the University of Georgia that they’ve got to adhere to. If they don’t comply to that they will be disciplined for it.”

    Read more here:


  10. Jason

    Hard to keep someone from playing for shooting BB guns in their own dorm room where no matter what … they would have to be the ones paying for the damages.


    • It is very important to understand that a BB gun is technically not a firearm and obliviously should and did result in different types of punishment .. Hell if your old enough and from the south you probably shot one at your friends…only rule was shoot below the waist….air soft is for wimps.


  11. Cojones

    ” You could put someone’s eye out with that! “


    • Macallanlover

      Yes, those were the days when parents had that as something legit to worry about. Great Society my ass.