It’s signing day!, part one

Athlon sums up Kirby Smart’s first year on the job in two sentences.

Smart was hired at Georgia to raise this program into contention for the SEC title and College Football Playoff berths on a consistent basis. The jury is still out on Smart’s ability to do that, but he’s winning a handful of battles on the recruiting trail and is poised to sign a top-five class for 2017.

Ah, I can hear the G-Day promo from here:  this ain’t no throwaway recruiting class, peeps!



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3 responses to “It’s signing day!, part one

  1. Spike

    Let The Games Begin!


  2. Thank goodness Jeff Dantzler isn’t on the UGA signing day coverage today although his post-game partner in crime is.


  3. Will Trane

    15th on the list.
    Listed below Muschamp.
    What does it say.
    Well, it might have meaning if I knew Athlon’s history.
    In particular Clemson’s coach and staff. Where did Athlon put Dabo awhile back. Just very curious about that
    Plus Dawgs had no oline because of CMR, and more so with that great recruit communicator Will Friend. No one in Georgia knew who Will Friend was.
    They know who Pittman is.
    They Paula Dean, too. Big boys eat well. But Paula knows lines. Her most famous and one Pittman uses. Ingredients. Grits.
    To have good grits you have to start with good grits, but then you have to bring them to a rolling boil.
    I think Pittman is going to bring them to a rolling boil…like rolling over the d lines.