Little bitty bump

All it took to nudge Tray Scott from Oxford to Athens was another $25,000 a year.  Add in the benefit of not having to fight through the negative recruiting thrown Ole Miss’ way over the ongoing NCAA investigation and it must have been attractive enough.


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9 responses to “Little bitty bump

  1. Bubs

    Job security? More built-in recruiting advantages? Less competition in the east? More talent on the roster? Not having to live in Oxford?

    Granted, I don’t really know why you take that OM job with a looming investigation and Freeze’s seat getting a good bit warmer.


  2. W Cobb Dawg

    We may have the all-world recruiting staff, but the ‘coaching’ I saw in 2016 left a lot of question marks. We got rid of Rocker, who had pretty good results on the field for 3 seasons. We bring in the younger, relatively unknown and unproven Scott. Seems Kirby’s all-in on the recruiting chops. I’m not so sure about the coaching ability of the staff.


  3. The Georgia Way

    Another $125,000 to the Foundation plus whatever we can fine him for.



  4. Bigshot

    More mone, but he misses out on the spiritual and moral guidance from “Rev” Freeze.


  5. vectordawg

    25k and at least a chance to play in the SECGC.


    • Macallanlover

      And a likely bonus, if UGA gave bonuses for the Liberty Bowl, ugh, surely position coaches get one for the bigger prizes.


  6. DUP

    He came over for job security, he figures UGA keeps Fox and Richt well beyond when they should have been fired. I thought Kirby would grad an NFL coach, that was a terrible hire. This guy sux as a defensive line coach and has no experience really, UGA ran all over him in the first game with the worst offensive line I’ve seen in a long time.