Musical palate cleanser, I hear it’s nice that time of year edition

P.J. Fleck’s Chamber of Commerce pitch for Minneapolis’ weather that I posted yesterday immediately put Neil Young’s cover of Ian and Sylvia’s lovely “Four Strong Winds” in my head, so now you get to hear a live version.  (Side note — there isn’t a song in existence that Emmylou Harris can’t make better just by harmonizing.)

“But by then it would be winter, not too much for you to do, and those winds sure can blow cold way out there.”

Don’t forget to write, boys.


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8 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, I hear it’s nice that time of year edition

  1. NG Dawg

    Kind of like Dylan, like most of the music he’s written (except Southern Man), but can’t stand his singing! Good harmonies though when he was with Crosby, Stills, and Nash.


  2. Atticus

    Great tune, thanks


  3. SOWEGA Mafia

    Rock and Roll can never die, there’s more to the (gtp) picture meets the eye


  4. 1smartdude

    Great song writer and musician. Unlike NG, I love the voice too, it’s unique. I do see the Dylan comparison but not vocally, from the uniqueness perspective. You could put Willy Nelson in that catagory too, though they sound nothing alike. A good comparison to Dylan would be Tom Petty. Similar vocally and both wrote some great punchy songs. I’ve yet to hear another voice I’d compare to Young. You know it instantly. I’ve been a fan for decades.


    • Mayor

      I didn’t like Neil Young’s voice until I got older. Now I think he’s great. Note the good-looking blonde singing to Neil’s left. I think that is his wife, Pegi Young, from who he recently got divorced after 36 years. His idea, too, from all accounts. What a doll–even with a little age on her.


  5. Worth noting that Neil’s playing Hank Williams’s guitar while standing close to Hank’s spot on the Ryman stage.


    • Idlewild Dawg

      He’s not playing Hank’s guitar. He owns Hank’s Martin D28 but that’s a D45 that Neil is playing. I believe the gent in the black suit & hat is playing Hank’s guitar. Less wear above the picguard than currently on “Hank” but not sure how old clip is.


  6. True bout Emmy Lou Harris, anything she sings on is a big help. Fan of Neil young also. Story bout him having his barn set up with speakers and he would go out on his lake and listen to the barn play his practice tapes. Very amusing.