There’s got to be a morning after…

The sun did rise this morning.  I went outside and checked to be sure.

The quotes from the coaches and players in the aftermath of yesterday’s debacle were fairly predictable, and, yes, to some extent, not inaccurate.  Yes, kids need to step up and make plays.  On offense, Stafford is inconsistent – by the way, throwing the long ball is only good for shaking up a defense when it’s a legitimate threat – his receiving corps can’t seem to have the same guys making plays from week to week, there is virtually a complete absence of defensive takeaways this season and the defense hasn’t registered a sack in a while.

But it’s time to quit using youth as an excuse, for a number of reasons.  First off, the Tennessee game was the sixth game of the season.  I don’t expect young guys to turn into conference all stars in that time frame, but surely it’s not unreasonable to expect steady progress from them.  Secondly, there are lots of other teams in the SEC that are relying on, and getting good performances from, kids that are just as inexperienced as Georgia’s.  Third, and more worrisome, some of the ineffectiveness we saw yesterday isn’t something that’s just happening with this bunch.  Missed assignments on both sides of the ball, linebackers that can’t line up correctly and poor tackling are all things that have plagued the Dawgs for longer than just this season and have been exhibited by players with more experience than these kids.

And while I don’t expect this kind of laundry to be aired publicly, somebody has to take a hard look at why Georgia played the same defensive scheme against the same offensive set up that shredded it in Athens last year, with essentially the same results.  And that’s after an Ole Miss game that exposed the same problems for significant periods of play the week before – with their head coach saying publicly on his show that his staff had caught some weaknesses in Georgia’s ability to defend against spread receiver, single running back offensive formations.  When you get called out in public like that and don’t respond, that’s either due to fear, stubbornness or lack of creativity.  None of which are attractive attributes for a defensive coaching staff.

That’s all I’ve got to say at this point.  It’s time to move on to the next game.  Richt is right that these guys need to focus on beating Vanderbilt.  It’s sad, though, that something like that needs to be said seriously at this point in the program’s history.


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  1. Tenn_Dawg

    Senator….is there any chance you think BVG would consider coming back to Georgia if he were to be asked? I don’t know the specifics as to why he left but you would have to think that being a DC at a big SEC school is better than the LB coach with a bottom dweller NFL team. I wonder if he ever regretts leaving UGA. Like UGA his three years after leaving has been tumultuous and filled with uncertainty. He would be loved and revered by the Bulldog Nation that is for sure. I sure miss his eye for finding and developing FOOTBALL PLAYERS. UGA needs a shot in the arm NOW!!!


  2. TD, I honestly have no idea. I’ve heard several different explanations as to why he left and don’t know if any are credible.

    I think it’s a longshot, though. Besides, there are other good defensive coordinator candidates out there if it comes to that. But that’s something we need not worry about until season’s end.

    My bottom line right now is that all the big goals for this year are basically shot. Richt needs to use the rest of the season for evaluation of his players and coaches.

    And Damon needs to do the same for the program as a whole.


  3. baltimore dawg

    Right–any coaching changes wouldn’t come until after the season. But remind me–has CMR ever made any coaching changes? I wonder if he has it in him to can or demote someone on his staff for reasons other than unclean living.


  4. Richt has previously changed RB coaches, but that may have been due to personal issues more than performance-related ones.


  5. Georgia is just overrated that is basically it.


  6. Ally

    Maybe so, but I find that comment interesting from a guy who blogs about the Mountain West Conference.
    Gimme a break, kid.
    There’s not a team in in the MWC that could handle a week in the SEC.


  7. gulfcoastpolo

    I never said that a mwc could hang in the SEC. I was pointing out that Georgia’s ranking was too high


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  9. I really dislike Georgia and I think people need to think twice about them – like jeremy said – much overrated!