“We game planned energy as much as we gameplanned Xs and Os.”

“The definition of insanity is if you keep doing what you’ve been doing you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting,” Richt said. “We had to do something different…”

Whatever you did, Coach, it worked. This game will always be remembered for what happened after Georgia’s first touchdown – with good reason – but Bobo, Searels and Martinez all deserve some credit of their own for the final result.

And, gosh, the coaches were able to do all of that without being paid a special bounty. I wonder how much Dink values a Florida win.

Here’s your bonus, big guy. (AP Photo/Phil Coale)

Looking back at my five keys to the game from this post, it turned out that I batted .800:

  • Mike Bobo has to use the pass to set up the run. I’m happy to say that I was wrong, wrong, wrong about this. Georgia’s first scoring drive involved exactly zero passing plays. Whether it was because they thought UF’s front seven could handle Georgia’s running game, or because they were that concerned with their shaky secondary, Strong and Matteson surprised me by keeping both safeties back in coverage early on. Moreno and the Dawg offensive line made them pay for that decision. As a bonus, Florida’s safeties looked awful in pass coverage.
  • Stafford needs to complete over 60% of his passes. Mission accomplished, with an efficient 11-18 game. He only threw into double coverage on a couple of occasions. The pick six looked like it was the result of a forced throw that he couldn’t get anything on because of the pass rush, but even on that play, he saw that Massaquoi had beaten the coverage. All in all, he did a fine job.
  • Get the ball in the red zone. Georgia went four for four in the Florida red zone. All four scores were touchdowns.
  • The defensive line must exert some degree of control on the line of scrimmage. Six sacks and minus 15 yards rushing for Tebow is a pretty good indication that the defensive linemen were able to impose their will. It was by far the best showing for Georgia’s front seven all season.
  • On special teams, prevent Brandon James from making the big play. Georgia did a decent job with James until his last return late in the fourth quarter. Tebow’s fumble negated the effect of that.

Some other observations from Saturday:

  • It’s getting hard to overstate what Moreno brings to the table for this team. He makes his quarterback and his offensive line better. He lets Bobo call the kind of game – heavy runs that set up play action passing – that plays to Georgia’s strengths on offense. He’s the best running back in a Dawg uniform since Robert Edwards.
  • I keep saying it, but the job Coach Searels has done with the offensive line is remarkable. That was a very good Gator run defense that Georgia ripped for over 200 yards and while some of that can certainly be attributed to Moreno’s amazing cut back ability, there were some noticeably sizeable holes out there, too. And only one sack of Stafford was impressive as well, as the week before the Gator defense was able to sack Andre Woodson playing behind a much more experienced line five times.
  • Giving credit where credit is due, it’s worth pointing out that Martinez did an excellent job putting together his defensive game plan. His blitzes and stunts were creative and disruptive at key points in the game. I don’t know any Georgia fan before the game that wouldn’t have taken Florida’s offense being limited to 23 points on the day.
  • Sure, it’s taken eight games to figure it out, but Washington, Curran and Ellerbe are the starting linebackers. Please stay healthy, guys.
  • I thought the biggest part of the game came early in the fourth quarter. Georgia was nursing a four point lead as Florida came rushing down the field behind Percy Harvin, who, by the way, I am definitely not going to miss seeing the rest of this year. The Florida drive got bogged down and then stopped on a fourth and two. Two plays later, Stafford hit Mikey Henderson on a 53 yard TD pass where Henderson simply wanted it more than the two defenders he tore away from (that’s not as easy as it sounds when you weigh less than 160 pounds soaking wet).

Speaking of that exchange of plays, it’s apparent to me that we’ve finally moved into the post-Spurrier era of the rivalry. It’s not just that Georgia has now split the last four games of the series. It’s also that this Florida team has a very different identity on offense. While Spurrier’s teams were known for their ability to throw the ball, the OBC always knew you had to have a strong running game to win in the SEC. Florida’s always had its share of power runners to balance the passing game. Even under the Zooker (who played with many of Spurrier’s recruits, don’t forget) that wasn’t abandoned.

But the Gators these days are a pure finesse team on offense. The only power runner they’ve got is Tebow. Saturday showed that relying on your quarterback to get the tough yards every week in the SEC isn’t the best long term strategy. It came back to bite Florida on the butt with that fourth and two call: instead of just plowing into the Georgia defense behind a big, experienced offensive line, Meyer felt the need to resort to some trickeration with an attempted reverse that the Dawgs blew up.

For the first time in a long while, Georgia matched Florida’s arrogance. There wasn’t a moment during the game when you sensed that the Dawgs were about to back down.

In other words, it’s a different world, Gator fans, and you better get used to it. I’m not saying that Georgia is about to rip off a long winning streak, but as I told one somewhat obnoxious Gator fan after the game, any 3-15 talk now is as much about living in the past as Dawg fans reminiscing about life in the early 80’s. The architect of most of that success doesn’t wear orange and blue any more.

Pain is an essential part of any good rivalry, dude. (AP Photo/Stephen Morton)


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8 responses to ““We game planned energy as much as we gameplanned Xs and Os.”

  1. You know you have a rivalry when we can’t ever agree on when any “streak” begins (heck, we can’t agree on the total number of games played!).

    Florida is going with 15 of 18, and UGA now says 2 of 4. I suppose if we take the point of your post (this is the “post” Spurrier era), we have to agree on Florida being 4 and 2 (2-1 with Zook, and now 2-1 with Meyer).

    Or, we could go with UF being 5-2 in the Richt era.

    I suppose in the end, all this streak talk is just silly. You are only as good as the last game, and the last game was yours.


  2. I have to disagree respectfully with you here, at least a little. While you are correct when you point out that a team is only as good in a rivalry as the last game it played, the story of this series has been the streaks.

    The Zook era to me was a continuation rather than a break from SOS’s – he played with many of Spurrier’s kids, and, for that matter, had been a member of Spurrier’s coaching staff for several years.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I honestly felt that the psychology of the game was different on Saturday than it had been in many years. I had my doubts going in, but five minutes into the game, it was clear that Georgia was matching Florida’s will. I can’t say for sure what that portends over the next few seasons, but I’m encouraged.

    What’s really cool about Saturday’s game is that it was played by the two youngest teams in the conference. There was a lot of talent on display, and I expect both teams to be in the mix for championship runs over the next few years.


  3. kckd

    I think the biggest difference between this and the 2004 game is that we did not play tentatively at anytime in the game.

    After the fumble on the goalline, we started playing not to lose again in 2004 and it almost cost us.

    We played to WIN this game from the opening snap. We took risks from the start and kept taking them believing we would make a play.

    The celebration at the beginning simply said to the players that the coaches believed in them. That they didn’t care if they made some mistakes along the way. A 15 yard penalty on the kickoff, who cares??? Have fun and believe you have the ability to make plays.

    The 1997 team was just a very talented team who hadn’t put it together in their previous years due to injuries,etc. And had gotten very little respect up until that game for a one loss team. I knew going in that the line on that game, almost three TDs I believe, was BS. I’ve never bet on a Dawg game, but that was one I was sure of.


  4. Inspiring read, Senator. Thanks.


  5. Ally

    The comment about Dink was priceless. Nice.


  6. Another long overdue personnel move was the switch of Jarius Wynn back to Defensive End. He played very well. Why that took so long I’ll never know.

    Now that B. Miller and Dewberry aren’t playing LB at the same time, we’re playing 11 vs. 11 instead of 9 or 10 vs. 11. And the defense looks a heap better.

    BTW – Prince Miller got clowned on some of his tackling. I also don’t get why he’s one of the deeper men on the next to last row of kickoff returns. You’d think we’d want someone with a little more girth blocking.

    But now, I’m nitpicking.


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  8. i sense the same thing and hope you are right. looking back on the past 10 years we have knocked heads with the best and won more than our share, but FLORIDA, wow, every single year.