Georgia’s ten most memorable plays of 2007, #1

Georgia vs. Alabama, September 22:

Georgia at 15:00 GA ALA
1st and 10 at ALA 25 Matthew Stafford pass complete to Mikey Henderson for 25 yards for a TOUCHDOWN. 26 23

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t have any trouble listing this play at #1. It’s the first play that comes to mind when I reflect upon last year’s highlights. Located at the intersection of gutsy playcalling, perfect execution and overtime drama, it’s one of the greatest moments of the entire Mark Richt era.

No knock meant towards Scott Howard, but I’ll always wonder what Munson would have done with this call. It’ll always be a little bittersweet for me because of that.


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9 responses to “Georgia’s ten most memorable plays of 2007, #1

  1. dean

    That was about the time all the bourbon and cokes came ah-flyin’ down. Stay classy ‘Bama. They must drink cheap bourb0n in Tuscaloosa because no self respecting Dawg would waste their good bourbon on an opposing team. Now a coach who scored 52 points just because…. That’s another story.

    I have to agree with you on wondering how Munson would have called the play. But I still get cold chills listing to Howard’s call.

    Great play! I enjoyed your list and agreed with the order in which you placed the plays.


  2. Munson’s call would’ve sounded like this:

    From UGAMummRa


  3. Hobnail_Boot

    Amen to this. It was even sweeter for those few of us few brave Dawgly souls sitting in the Bama student section.


  4. DirkDawggler

    Mikey had great concentration on passes in tight spots. The play against Florida was nearly identical in the trajectory of the ball and the position of the defender with arms flailing around. Mikey was clutch!


  5. JG

    Good job with your list.

    You left out a few plays that i think we far more memorable (but maybe not as important) than some that made your list.

    My list of most MEMORABLE plays wouldve been something like this:

    1. “One and Done, baby”
    2. Knowshon 1st TD vs the gaytors (and the celebration that ensued)
    3. MoMass TD vs Florida (Best pass of Stafford’s career)
    4. T Brown’s 50+yd TD vs Ole Miss. Right after the first soulja boy moment. Blew that game wide open.
    5. Knowshon going 80 against WCU. First to do that since Frank Harvey in 92 against the gaytors (maybe??)
    6. THE SPINMOVE against Okla St.
    7. Coutu game winner vs Vandy
    8. Knowshon run against Auburn. The one where he shed Tray Blackmon. and spun for another 7-8 yards.
    9. CJ Byrd fumble recovery against Ole Miss (we were in serious trouble in this game)
    10. Kelin INT on the first play from scrimmage against Auburn. Carrying over from last year. Revitalizing the Brandon Cox meltdown and bringing back memories of Tra Battle.


  6. LT

    I like howard as a play by play guy but he isn’t a good big play guy. His yell makes my ears bleed, not what I’m looking for in the traditional college homer.


  7. Ally

    I keep finding myself replaying that to stare at the Offensive line. Can you imagine how differently our season may have been if not for Stacy Searles. No knock against NC intended, but that has to be the most valuable & important hire of the CMR era so far.
    And did anyone else notice how poor MS’s fake to TB was? Yikes, again I say thank you God for CSS.


  8. I had a feeling when you started this series that that play would be #1. I felt a pit in my stomach every time I saw Lionel Mitchell in man-to-man last year. ‘Twas a pretty pass, though.


  9. And did anyone else notice how poor MS’s fake to TB was?

    Fortunately, the ‘Bama safety didn’t. 😉