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“He was a happy dog.”

Josh Kendall is reporting that Uga VI has passed away.

The King is dead.  Long live the King.


UPDATE: According to the AJ-C, Uga VI will be buried in a ceremony at Sanford Stadium on Monday.



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  • Something I couldn’t believe:  Duke rejected Trindon Holliday.
  • Something that doesn’t surprise me:  Brian Cook won’t be getting any Christmas cards from ‘Bama fans this year.
  • Something that I expected:  Beano Cook predicts a MNC for Notre Dame in the next four years.
  • Something that made me think:  It doesn’t look like having an elite QB is part of the formula for success for winning a MNC.
  • Something that made me shake my head:  Matt Hayes’ concept of what comprises a difficult non-conference schedule.


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