Horse out of the barn moments in coaching

Sometimes, you really wonder how these guys make the money they make.

  • BLACKSBURG, Va. — Virginia Tech quarterback Tyrod Taylor won’t redshirt as originally planned, and will share quarterback duties with Sean Glennon, Hokies coach Frank Beamer announced Tuesday.
  • CLEMSON, S.C. — Clemson coach Tommy Bowden took the plunge Monday, calling colleague Nick Saban after his Alabama club knocked the ninth-ranked Tigers out of the top 25 with a 34-10 loss this past Saturday.

No word on Fulmer calling Cutcliffe, but don’t you figure he’s already hit his speed dial button?


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7 responses to “Horse out of the barn moments in coaching

  1. Ally

    Wonder if Peyton is gonna put a full page ad in the Knoxville newspaper this year or if he is just shaking his head like the rest of the Vol faithful?

    Did you hear what Skip Bayless had to say about fat phil? Ouch. And, yes I know he’s a Vandy grad, but still. Ouch.


  2. NM

    If you’re a big-name head football coach (he called several, says the article) and “Tommy Bowden” comes up on your Caller ID, do you wonder — for at least a split second — if he’s calling to see about getting a job from you soon?

    (And yeah I know he just signed a long contract. But did you SEE that game?)


  3. NebraskaDawg

    The Clemsuck loss was much worse but it was still fun to see the Viles choke one away.


  4. The Beamer reversal is incredible…I can’t see how Glennon’s confidence and leadership won’t be shot for a while. Might as well bite the bullet and turn things over to Taylor now. If Beamer made a mistake, kudos for him for owning up to it now, but at what cost?


  5. If Beamer made a mistake, kudos for him for owning up to it now, but at what cost?

    As bad as those skill position players looked last Saturday, how could he have not seen it coming before the season started?


  6. Greg

    I really think Beamer was worried about losing his players(the black ones…obviously the great majority). The decision to redshirt Tyrod did not receive a positive reaction initially and it obviously got worse after Glennon didn’t play so well vs ECU. That said, Glennon didn’t lose the game. Beamer’s special teams did.


  7. peacedog

    The whole Tyrod Tailor affair has been bizzare since the shirt was announced.