You probably expected this.

From the Gainesville Sun:

ESPN’s College GameDay show will broadcast from Ben Hill Griffin Stadium this weekend, the site of the Florida-Miami game in The Swamp… Florida will be making its 28th appearance on GameDay, most in the nation.

Would you like to see the all time top 10 appearance list?  Here it is.

ESPN’s College GameDay

Appearances By School (after 8/30/08):
Rank School Shows
1. Florida 27
2. Ohio State 22
3. Florida State 21
Michigan 21
5. Notre Dame 18
Oklahoma 18
7. Tennessee 17
8. Miami (Fla.) 16
9. Nebraska 15
10. Southern Cal 14

As Coaches Hot Seat Blog notes, there are quite a few name programs missing there –  Washington, UCLA, Texas, Texas A&M, LSU, Georgia and Alabama.


UPDATE: Mr. Westerdawg e-mailed from the road to tell me that Coaches Hot Seat Blog was a little sloppy with its description.  From Wikipedia:

… Entering the 2008 season, Ohio State is the current leader for the most times actually hosting the broadcast on-site with 10 events (9-1 record; loss to Texas). Florida and Michigan (9) are currently tied for second, while Tennessee is third with 8 events. Although the Gators have appeared in the on-site game the most times (26). Ohio State (22) is second in on-site appearances. Florida vs Florida St has been the most covered matchup, being covered 8 times. 4 times in Gainesville, 3 in Tallahassee, and once in the Sugar Bowl…

For the record, Georgia has hosted College GameDay as many times as Williams.


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7 responses to “You probably expected this.

  1. Ally

    Interesting how the big, fat nbc contract doesn’t get in the way of notre dame showing up 5th.


  2. Hypothetical question, where would you put the Gameday set in Athens? The bridge would be awesome but a logistical nightmare.


  3. The last time they did it (1998) was on the bridge. It seemed to work out alright.


  4. Can’t say that I remember that Gameday. But according the Red & Black and other sources, they actually set up on top of the Tate Center.


  5. UgaMatt

    Yeah, totally not surprised and I don’t care if they ever come back. Besides the logical nightmare of trying to get it set up this time around, although I think somewhere in North Campus where the true beauty of the campus could be shown off would be best, I’ve had it with ESPN. The nonstop Florida love is sickening. I know UF is a PR machine, but they way they have ESPN by the balls is just ri-freaking-diculous.


  6. John

    Lets not forget that the original Gameday was #2 ND upseting #1 FSU @ ND back in ’93.

    what a circus its become since then!


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