Maybe there is something to work on.

A comment from David Hale this morning:

The Sporting News writes about the Bulldogs’ poor kickoffs. Interesting note about this: I tried to ask Blair Walsh what was wrong in the kicking game, and he said he was under direct orders not to talk about kickoffs. No kidding.

I don’t know about you, but to me, imposed silence usually isn’t a good sign that everything is cool.



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  1. The directional kicks. Must. Stop. Now.

    I’d just assume not give Florida the ball at the 40 on every possession. Agreed?

    IIRC, Walsh kicked it right through the endzone on his first kickoff of the year. If he’s being instructed to do what he’s doing now, I’d like to know what the coaches see that we don’t.


  2. Jim

    Look at the bright side, teams are not doing fake punts on us any more. At some point the coaches will get it.


  3. Im glad someone else is picking up on that…he has this wicked leg capable of through the end zone kicks yet now he’s kicking short? I dont get it

    Maybe he can really slam it to them or have good accuracy for 60 yards or so but cant do both yeet…he is young…maybe these short kicks are just his attempts to get the ball to the 1 yard line

    atleast he’s learning against teams we can afford to learn against if thats the case…

    if he can go through the end zone consistantly though this level of development cant be far off


  4. Kit

    Richt said after the GSU game that Blair was given the green light to kick it deep as he could, but he kept missing the sweet spot on the ball.

    I’d venture to say that Walsh is just not hitting it right when he kicks off. He’s probably trying to do a little directional kick, while kicking it only 2-3 yards deep. I’m a little worried myself, but I think this week they’ll probably just simplify the whole process for him and not ask him to do anything but kick it as far as he can.


  5. BCDawg97

    I’m of the opinion that this is an instance where Richt needs to step in as head coach, make an executive decision and override Coach Fab (who I think is a great overall assistant) but say just kick it deep and let’s GATA. It’s gotta at least make it to the 5 doesn’t it?


  6. BCD

    If he’s not hitting the sweet spot, even if he kicks the crap out of it and gets it to the 5, he’ll out kick our coverage because to get it there he has to kick it on a rope, not a high hanging kick. If he can’t get a high hanger to the 5, or into the end zone, he should high kick it to the 20-25 and have us there to basically stop them as soon as they catch the ball. This is tough, with the runners that are out there and the extra 5 yards, it is just tough on a young kicker.


  7. Shenanigans

    I know I’m a hopeless optimist, but maybe CMR is doing this to toy with Spurrier’s special teams game plan. Brian Mimbs did a helluva job on kickoffs last year when Coutu went down, but we’ve yet to see him kickoff this year. While the head Cock is trying to figure out a way to take advantage of Walsh’s sub par kickoffs, we’re planning on letting Mimbs take over this weekend. That would explain Walsh’s statement refusing to talk about kickoffs.


  8. 69Dawg

    Why? CSS doesn’t let his Freshman speak to the media period. Screw the media all they do is screw us.


  9. peacedog

    DN, Richt said Walsh had the green-light to kick for the endzone 3 times against GSU, and he only made it once.