That depends on your point of view.

That was then…

“It’s not like they’re some big, powerful team. After all they lost to Vanderbilt.”

… this is now.

“It’s not disgraceful to lose to Vanderbilt more than any of these other teams because Vanderbilt is a very good team.”



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7 responses to “That depends on your point of view.

  1. Senator, that needs to go up on the door of every locker in Georgia’s locker room this week. We need more than focus, we need more than determination, we need hate.


  2. Brad

    And Doug knows about hate…he’s a Democrat!

    J/K Doug. Love your blog!

    PS: I’m not really kidding, but I do love your blog, politics aside.


  3. I love your blog, including the politics.


  4. Hobnail_Boot

    I love both blogs, and I hate politics.


  5. Rusi

    Another reason to want a big win even more is that TWWL, according to the peeps I used to work with at 960 The Ref, is going to make UGA-Alabama the Gameday Game if both teams are undefeated that weekend….