2008 Las Vegas Sports Consultants Top 30, Week 4

The money boys are back with their top thirty, and there are a few head scratchers on the list.

Rank Team Rating Previous Notes
1 Southern Cal 115.2 1 Nations best team fresh for PAC 10 play.
2 Oklahoma 110.8 2 Can’t afford to take Horned Frogs lightly.
3 Florida 110.4 3 Any Volunteers to play this team?
4 Missouri 109.9 4 Pressed a bit by Buffalo. Bigger fish to fry.
5 Georgia 109.8 5 Played with a chip on their shoulder.
6 Texas 108.0 6 Had a hoot of a time over Rice.
7 Penn State 107.7 8 Paterno putting up points with “O”.
8 Ohio State 107.0 7 Pryor is now the man in Columbus…
9 Texas Tech 106.8 9 Red Raiders get a rest for conference play.
10 LSU 106.1 12 Staged nice rally and held on at Auburn.
11 Brigham Young 105.6 10 On cruise control. Disposed of Cowboys easily.
12 California 104.8 14 CSU could be tough test.
12 Kansas 104.8 15 Bye week, then off to Iowa State.
14 Wisconsin 104.2 16 Badgers pay a visit to the “Big House”.
15 Clemson 103.8 18 Host a Maryland team brimming with confidence.
15 Texas Christian 103.8 18 Big shot this week on a big stage.
17 South Florida 103.5 17 Visit upset-minded Wolfpack, who beat ECU.
17 Alabama 103.5 25 Ripped Razorbacks, turning some heads.
19 Oklahoma State 102.9 21 A pair of relatively easy games on tap.
20 Utah 102.8 23 Hard fought road win at Air Force.
21 Auburn 102.4 20 Tough pill to swallow against rival LSU.
22 West Virginia 102.1 12 Too many blunders to survive at Colorado.
23 Cincinnati 102.0 27 Impressive win over Red Hawks
24 Tennessee 101.9 21 Licking their wounds after being routed at home.
25 Arizona 101.0 NR Big road win at UCLA.
25 Virginia Tech 101.0 28 Hokies earn big victory at North Carolina.
27 Wake Forest 100.9 NR No touchdowns, 4-7 on FG’s in win over FSU.
28 South Carolina 100.8 24 Another cupcake should build confidence.
29 Nebraska 100.1 29 The Hokies invade Lincoln on a roll.
30 Michigan State 100.0 28 Continue to improve. Solid in win over ND.

LSU beats Auburn… and only moves up two spots to 10th?  Tough crowd.  Except these guys think Tennessee is the 24th best team in the country today.

But the weirdest thing on there is ranking Clemmins two spots ahead of ‘Bama.  Based on what?


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5 responses to “2008 Las Vegas Sports Consultants Top 30, Week 4

  1. They seem like they’re just going to be down on LSU the entire year. I know you don’t have a stud at QB, but sheesh- wins is wins, fellas.


  2. Chris

    By gaining one point in these ratings, we’d tie Oklahoma (to #2 from #5). By losing one point in these ratings, we’d still be 0.8 above Texas. Close.


  3. Even odder…..California and WVU are on this list….why?


  4. The Realist

    Kansas is five spots ahead of South Florida. South Carolina is 28th. Texas Tech ahead of LSU? Seriously? Cal is the 12th best team in the country? Didn’t they lose to Maryland? Oklahoma State at 19th. The Cowboys might be 3-0, but their opponents are a combined 0-6 vs. FBS teams.

    I know people like to put stock in the Vegas poll, but this is just stupid.


  5. 81Dog

    UGA is closer to Slowhio State than it is to USC? Huh?

    This is what happens when you let a bunch of actuaries with spreadsheets figure out who the best team is. I’m not impressed.