Morbid thought at 24-10.

We’d better hope Bill Young is a defensive genius, or this has the makings of a long year.


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  1. drdawg76

    joe cox tereshinski the sequel. but not really his fault. defense looked pretty good. gameplan quite vanilla after the first drive.

    glad i didn’t get too hyped about the season. outback bowl here we come. yay. at least they got this outta the way before we got too emotionally involved.

  2. RaleighDawg

    My thoughts exactly. Does anyone else have the feeling that this could be ’06 all over again?

    Couple of questions:

    Anything positive we can take about our kick off covereage?

    I thought people kept saying that Cox was more like Shockley instead of JT3. Was I wrong? It seems like he doesn’t have the same knowledge that Shockley had.

    I think any mystique that we had about our program under CMR has been seriously hurt. Ever since the 06 Sugar Bowl, it seems like our team hasn’t had the same feeling or character, with the end of the 07 season as an exception. Am I wrong in this?

    I agree with you wholeheartedly senator; I have a bad feeling this is going to be a long year.

  3. JaxJay

    Let’s see Aaron Murray, I don’t think Cox threw a complete pass over 10 yards today. His receivers got YAC for over 10 a few times though. Couldn’t have hit a receiver in stride but a few times, this one’s on Bobo and Cox, the D holding one of the best offenses in the nation to 24 is fine. I’m thinking our game against SC next week will be a close one, 3-0 us, better kicker.

    • RaleighDawg

      Don’t forget about the special teams. Outside of Butler and Walsh’s freak legs, there isn’t much positive to say about the special teams. We shouldn’t be running kick offs out of our endzone when we catch it 8 yards deep.

      • Ben Rockwell

        No kidding. Anyone NOT worked up about the special teams didn’t watch the same game I did. Fabris is a bigger problem than Martinez (D was aggressive AND gang tackling), but Fabris’s insubordination in the pre-season looks like a bigger deal in light of the poor kick coverage today.

  4. DawgBiscuit

    Now I know how the OBC feels. The first drive aside, our offense was unimpressive at best.

    On another note, I shall henceforth be cheering against any team, college or pro, that plays against Dez Bryant.

    • RaleighDawg

      I don’t see that poor of an offensive showing beating Texas or Oklahoma this year. Their D was better than expected, but I can’t see either of those 2 offenses not going over 30 on them without breaking a sweat, but we shall see. 168 hours until South Carolina.

      • hartwelldawg

        If you think that their defense was the story, you were watching a different game.

      • DawgBiscuit

        I think it was more that our offense struggled than their defense was good. Not taking away anything from Oklahoma State, because they did beat us, but McCoy and Bradford will shred that D (again).

    • DawgBiscuit

      FOR any team, college or pro, that plays against Dez Bryant. Sorry.

  5. jtw

    Well, this isn’t the end of the world that everyone is seeming to make it out to be. You have a fifth year senior starting his second game ever, while being sick. He didn’t play a horrible game that some seem to suggest, just about average. We will know more once he is 100% hopefully next week. The receivers did him very little favors this game, as there were several catchable balls.

    The bottom line is, its not the time to throw in the towel. It is one game that means nothing in the long term as UGA is still tied for first place in the SEC east. The turnovers is what killed this game, and the untimely penalties. Take away the turnovers and it is a tied game. The defense I thought was stellar, save for a few missed interceptions.

    The team is still capable of winning 10 games. UGA is miles ahead of where it was in 2006.

  6. hartwelldawg

    Did anyone notice how Joe could not throw more than 15 yards down the field. You can talk about special teams all you want but that is not what lost us the game. Joe Cox (5th year senior) is the one who couldn’t do anything. I don’t know how much of that was the flu but it didn’t look like that was bothering him. I thought the defense played great. If everyone believed in Joe before this game then it is a different story now. I saw AJ a few times throw his hands up (at frustration at Joe).

    • Connor

      I was dissapointed that Joe Cox didn’t show more accuracy. the first throw to AJ was great, but after that it seemed that receivers were constantly leaping at balls thrown behind them or stretching for balls out of reach. I think there was one that hit Charles in the face mask that should have been caught, but otherwise, the receivers were working just to bring them in, there was rarely even a chance at any yards after the catch. I hope it was the flu, and I think he should start next week, but if JC isn’t going to throw accurately on short and intermediate routes, we are in trouble. That should be his bread and butter.

    • LOBO

      Why must CWM catch all these snide comments ? UGA looked like 8th graders on special teams.CMB should give up his play – calling duties .btw cox had no time to throw 15 yards , nor another reciever CMB would use.3 turnovers , bad playcalling,awful special teams,what has changed ?

  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    Nice, LEGAL, stick Reshad. Do it again.

  8. Frank M. Davis, Jr.

    Much to improve on. Much hope, though.

  9. mattr

    I didn’t see any pressure at all from our defensive ends, … again. It seems like we lost imagination in our offense after the first drive…. again.

    If Joe Cox is the quarterback, then we don’t have one.

    I agree with Ben R. This is beyond ridiculous, it is stupid. I am beginning to believe we are stupid. I am glad I didn’t renew those season tickets. I am not sold on the bulldawgs and their coaching. They are going to have to win me back, because frankly, I don’t believe in them anymore.

  10. Sparrow

    I’m sick to my stomach right now and have a million questions. Why were they able to penetrate up the middle with such impunity against our veteran tackles? Why didn’t we give any reps to Logan? What happened on special teams? This is going to be ugly.

  11. donkeydawg

    I’m totally with the Senator here. Our D played well. After the first drive, our offense played poorly (with responsibility to be divided between the QB, the receivers, and in a new crucial situations, the O-Line). If we can’t move the ball against the Okie State defense, then we will have problems against the better defenses we will soon face, beginning next week.

    On the other hand, I expect our very aggressive D to have some vengeful fun against Steven Garcia next week.

  12. jim Taylor

    Kickoffs hurt us again. Where is Bogotay? I thought he could kick through the stadium. Way after the season, Fabris convinced the coaching staff he was worth a scholarship based on one tape that Bogotay submitted. Did we waste a scholarship on a virtually unknown kicker when we had several people willing and waiting to walk on who are now gone? Fabris is also responsible for the poor return coverage today as well as the poor decisions to run the ball out from 8 yards deep. I hope this part of our team is thoroughly evaluated. Fabris has been a good coach and I want him to succeed. However, our coverage has been awful and our kickoffs seem to be the worst in the nation.

    On another note, defense played very well. However, OSU looked very overrated — so what does our performance say about us. It did not look very good today but we can turn it around. A win against SC will help a bit. Go Dogs.

    • kevinsauer

      Fabris didn’t run the ball out from 8 deep… kids will be dumb.. especially freshman who think this is just like HS where they can run all over the field and break tackles… welcome to the SEC son, you take it out from 3 deep and you will pay

  13. NebraskaDawg

    Cox just doesn’t have the arm strength for SEC football. Otherwise he’s a good kid and wants badly to win. I said before the season I really think Logan Gray gives us the best chance to win. Keep ya head up Dawgs. We opened against a Top 10 team on the road in a new stadium.

  14. sad dawg

    Does anyone else think Dez looks like total D-bag? Every time they put the camera on him he was jawing with one of our guys. To me, that’s what hurts the most about this loss… a missed opportunity to put some Big 12 showboats in their place. We owe the rest of the SEC an apology for our embarrassing performance.

    • blair

      You act like it was a one-sided conversation! If what hurts most about putting Dez in his place…you and your team are in for a long season. You’d be better served working on your next game.

  15. PNWDawg

    Why am I not surprised that after 1 poor showing the masses would come out and start bashing Cox. I had to search long and hard for anything negative on him in the pre-season. Now, we’re turning on him after 1 game? Terrible!

    And elsewhere I’m already seeing the anti-Richt talk. I’m sorry, Senator, while I agree he shouldn’t be on the hot seat I’m afraid he will be with a few more showings like this. But we love Willie now don’t we.

    • Doc

      Absolutely true….pathetic really.

      • Doc

        These are the same people that will go out and buy a Cox jersey when he has a 3 td game and claim to have ALWAYS supported Joe. He didn’t have a great game…..let it go and lay off him. When the unemployment rate goes down, hopefully some of these “fans” won’t have so much time on their hands.

      • hartwelldawg

        PNWDawg- What else do you have to go on when it concerns Cox? You can talk all that talk now now, but I believe that most fans were just being optimistic. Don’t say the Colorado game. That was a nobody game, and UGA shouldn’t have been in that situation to begin with. I don’t think that anybody had complete confidence in Cox. If you did, then your not watching the same game as I.

        • Doc

          So one game is what you judge Cox by? One game and you want to bench Cox? How about Richt….one game? How about Willie? What about Knowshon after GT, would you bench him then? The sky is not falling and I still support our team.

        • PNWDawg

          I never said Cox was great. Where do you see that in my statement? I’m just pointing out how fickle the Cox haters are. Like Doc said, it seems the haters are judging him on 1 game.

    • VancouverDawg

      This internet coaching staff needs to align with jerks like Spurrier and Meyer. True Dawg fans, while disappointed with the loss, have the ability to look at the game with a little objectivity. While it wasn’t a great game for Cox, let’s give him at least a couple more games before we burn him at the stake. The same internet coaching jerks who are fair-weather Dawg fans hated Willie last season. What gives?! Go Dawgs!!!

      • Doc

        Couldn’t agree with you more.

      • Doc

        After a loss shouldn’t we rally behind our team and not bitch and moan about how they suck? I am sure some “fans” will change their handle from “blank”dawg to “blank” tide or “blank”gator and go hang out on other websites until either one of those teams has a bad game. Then it’s off to the next team until they hit a rough patch.

  16. Doc

    Have we been invaded by the dawgvent posters? Cox is miles better than JT3 and those who do not think so need to lay off the estrogen. Most of this loss falls on the coaches, untimely turnovers and piss poor officiating.

    • Sparrow

      FWIW, I promise I won’t change my handle. Saying that Cox is miles ahead of JT3 isn’t really a way of saying that he’s good, just that he’s not as bad. And I don’t think that he should be benched after today, but I would like to see a little more long-term planning by our coaching staff. Cox is a 5th year senior, which means that everything that he learns now will only help us this season. Adding a little Logan to the mix would have been nice from a change of tempo perspective. But it also would have benefitted us in the long run, so that we don’t have to go through these growing pains next year when another senior takes the reins.

  17. NCT

    It was an early game. We’ve got new players (and players returning from extended absences) all over the place. The sky isn’t falling. Let’s see what happens after they study on this performance. Let’s see if Oklahoma State turns out to be strong against the rest of their competition.

    I’m a bit down about it, but nowhere near the ledge. Every lost game shows mistakes or disappointments. We are not going to win them all (except in a very special season, and I don’t know many who thought this was it).

    Let’s see if there’s improvement in special teams coverage an play-calling, etc., after this week before we start lighting each other’s torches.

    Of course, I suppose it’s easy for me to say, since I’m the kind of fan who’s been attending games on season tickets my entire life, and will do so until I die, regardless of what happens on the field. I confess that I don’t altogether understand what many of the rest of you are doing.

  18. S.E. Dawg

    Back in June I saw better execution and playmakers in the women’s football 101 class than some of what I saw today. It’s truly depressing to dish out the money we fans do in tickets, donations, hotel reservations and restaurants etc. and field a team that we had today. I’m usually not one to bitch and more of a positive type but if this is what we are bring to the track then it’s going to be a long season.

  19. Egatch

    Joe cox looked like a fucking dink. Fail in his throws, carrying, and decision making.

    As a fifth year senior, talent is the only variable, and Cox showed us how much of that he had.

    Flu or not, I am no longer a Joe Cox fan. This is going to be a long, long season.

    • SavDawg

      I read every comment, and couldn’t decide which one I wanted to reply to, until now.

      Joe Cox is NOT a fucking dink. Sorry you feel that way. I don’t think this loss is Joe’s fault. I was, and still am, on the Cox bandwagon.

      I would place this blame firmly on the coaching staff. From top to bottom. Here’s my opinion why;

      1) Kickoff coverage – at some point, a blind mice would see that ain’t working.

      2) How many times did we hear this preseason that the DBs were catching the ball in practice?

      3) The receivers still can’t catch the ball when it’s thrown to them? I thought that was because Stafford was throwing too hard.

      4) Did it seem to anybody else like Cox was “winding up” on some of his throws?

      5) If the biggest advantage Cox has over Stafford is his accuracy, and he’s not being accurate, umm, maybe the flu is affecting him. Perhaps, maybe, someone else could give it a try.

      6) Do we have a coach that can actually teach SOMEBODY to catch a ball?

      7) The O-line seemed to pass-protect pretty well the majority of the time, but damn, did we miss Knowshon today! Were they geared up to stop the run? If so, why didn’t we pass more? If it’s because you’re worried about the guy throwing the ball because he has THE FLU, you could play someone else. Just a thought.

      8) Is this all a by-product of buying into the hype about “leadership” and a different “commitment” this season, or is it possible we heard all the same stuff last year, and believed it would be different this year?

      This is the first time I’ve ever been embarrassed about a game, and I attended UGA when Goff was the coach. Maybe that’s my fault.

      This loss was not Joe Cox’ fault. It was whoever let him continue to play.

      This loss was not Blair Walsh’s fault. It was whoever continued to instruct him to kick the ball to the ’10’ on the field.

      This loss was not the kickoff coverage team’s fault. It just might be whoever told the kicker to kick to the ’10’ on the field. Did anyone else notice OSU’s first kickoff just about went through the uprights, and most of their kickoffs were deep in the endzone? Are they the ONLY team in Division 1-A football to have a kicker that can do that? Didn’t we just sign a guy that was supposed to be able to do that?

      Maybe I’m pissed that it was my 11 week old son’s first UGA game, and I’m glad he doesn’t know what’s going on yet, because I don’t know how to explain this effort. Maybe my expectations were too high. I coached high school football, and I’ve seen bad coaching. Usually it was me doing the bad coaching. If he was 4 or 5 and had a clue what was going on, how do I explain that I love everything about our head coach, but some of those things I love, might keep us from accomplishing everything that’s possible as a team?

      How do you explain to a kid that loyalty might keep you from being the best you can be? Will I have to have this conversation in 4 years?

      I am, and will be a Dawg for life. I hope and pray my son will be a Dawg for life.

      My wish right now, is that he doesn’t witness another performance like this.


  20. Egatch

    Awful special teams. No rush end. No blitz packages from Willie. Just like last year, except one thing:

    Add a stagnant offense to all of that.

  21. This isn’t a matter of dumping on a guy because we lost.

    Our offense did *NOTHING* after that first drive. And we were playing a crap defense. Maybe not as had as last year, but still bad.

    I’m not saying Cox should be benched, but considering it is well known he isn’t the “best” QB we have, there’s definitely a clock ticking. He’s in there because of experience, and a (legitimate) fear of starting freshmen at QB.

    Bobo: The utter lack of creativity on offense has been a problem for years. It happened to be particularly obvious today.

    Special Teams: It is utterly inexcusable that there is no evidence of improvement here.

    • SavDawg

      Just curious, but where are you getting your info about the “best” QB? Didn’t we start 2 different freshmen QBs in ’06? Isn’t there a Sophomore QB that didn’t play much today? Is he that bad, or is he the Freshman QB that much better?

      Not trying to be argumentative, you might have more info than me.

      Bobo: I was thinking the same, but is it his fault, or did this start before he became OC?

      Special Teams: At some point, someone has to step in and be the Boss.

      – Brian

      • Sorry, I don’t have any inside info. But I think its relatively well known that Joe Cox is not going to be a stud QB, whereas there is at least hope/indications that one or both of our freshmen QBs have that potential. That’s all I meant.

        Bobo: We are just people making guesses on a blog, so who knows. But since he calls the plays, he is generally the main guy responsible for what happens on the offense. Obviously Richt is ultimately responsible for everything, but since Bobo calls the plays and ostensibly comes up with the offensive game plan, it would appear to fall on his shoulders.

        Special Teams: Remember a few years ago when special teams was actually a strength? Remember Boss Bailey? Man, I miss those days.

        • SavDawg

          I see your point. I think we do have potential from our Freshman QBs, but don’t we also have potential from our Sophomore QB? I mentioned in an earlier post about being involved in “bad coaching”, and one thing that has always pissed me off about coaches (me included) is the tendency to ride your pick. By that I mean, sticking with your choice because they were a better practice player, they were a “nicer” kid, or they “deserved it” (not talking about Cox here). That might work at some high schools, but that doesn’t work if you making more than $500,000 a year. At that point, it’s not a beauty pageant.

          Seems to me like it’s getting close to making some crucial decisions. I hope it’s my guy making those decisions.

  22. Turd Ferguson

    1. I’m waiting until at least week 3 to jump off the Joe Cox bandwagon. I still love the guy’s attitude, passion, and leadership qualities. It is possible, though, that what Cox has as a leader he lacks as a quarterback. But like I said, I’ll wait a couple weeks to come to an opinion on that.

    2. I hope Branden Smith learned a lesson yesterday. This is not high school, young man. You will not return every kick-off for a touchdown. So if you catch a kick-off 5 yards deep, just take a freakin’ knee.

    3. I’ve never been sold on Richard Samuel, and I’m afraid I’m still not. Problem is: I’m not sold on Caleb King or any of the other RBs either. If we’re going to run the ball, just give it to Chapas or Munzenmaier. They’re better blockers, too.

    4. And again, like last year, it’s not necessarily the amount of penalties that bothers me … it’s the timing. What is it with this team and committing penalties at the absolute worst of times? (Or, in the case of Reshad Jones, getting penalized for a wonderful, legal hit … at the worst of times.)

  23. 69Dawg

    Mike Bobo stopped doing what got us the first TD. Mat Millen kept saying it over and over, pound their D and keep pounding it. We went to the air and they stopped us. When you play a D that plays in a passing conference their D is geared to stop the pass first and make you run. We played to their strength. If we couldn’t put but 10 on that D we are not going to score against anybody we play in the SEC so the best we can hope for is a 3-0 game with us on the 0 end.

  24. Tenn_Dawg

    I’m afraid if they give it a couple more games this ball team will be 0-3. I like Cox very much but I have not been impressed. I have seen Cox play four times. I think he is living off the two TD proformance in ’06. He stunk it up the following week at Ole Miss and he was less than impressive in the spring game. Now we have yesterdays performance. He has looked the same in his last three……very ordinary. Very division II-ish.

    The bottom line is we are not going to be up big in any games this year with this offensive output so that means unless there is a concerted effort to get Logan in the game he will not play much. That means Georgia will be in the same position next year since Cox will be gone. I say play Logan now and maybe by the fourth game of the year we can be good. The only reason I would play Cox is he was a special talent..ala Shock. IMO he is just ordinary so why waste a year on him. This feels like ’06 all over again.

    I thought CMR re-evaluated everything during the offseason? The KO and return unit is still the pits. Everything falls back on his shoulders..special teams, offense and defense. He needs to impose his will on his staff if they are not going about things the way he thinks they should…ie Fabris.

  25. Tenn_Dawg

    Senator…you or Paul Westerdawg did a piece on the timing of the penalties not the number of total penalites. It rang true again yesterday. UGA had fewer penalties but the block in the back on the punt and RJs questionable personal foul created a 14 point swing.

    • Hackerdog

      There was nothing questionable about the foul called on RJ. It was blatant incompetence by the refs. I want him to do the exact same thing every time he gets the opportunity.