Trash talk

In light of the unfortuate attention the post-game North Campus has received, I did want to take a second to mention an e-mail I was sent concerning a worthy effort by Alpha Kappa Psi to do something about garbage collection.

You can get the details by clicking here.



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2 responses to “Trash talk

  1. Frank

    A well deserved toast of Moet et Chandon to Alpha Kappa Psi. Kudos.

    Damn, what did I do with that bottle?


  2. heyberto

    Great Alpha Kappa Psi! Much appreciated.

    I do want to mention that the school has finally stepped up as well. After years of pushing parking farther and farther out, tailgating is so much more difficult than before with carrying all this stuff in (I don’t tailgate there or anything, just logic). It seems buildings that used to be open one year get closed the next, so restroom access is dwindling. Now, the school is being much more proactive with more trash recepticles and portajons. Thanks to the administration for that. They needed their own wake up call. All these tailgaters on campus generate a lot of revenue for the school while on campus, and while using the quads is a privilige, its about time the school started making it more convenient for its patrons. Hopefully, said patrons will respond just as proactively.