The root of all evil

In a post that may boast of having the longest header ever, Joe at Coaches Hot Seat Blog blames Tebow’s injury on… the BCS.


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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Joe raises a point that’s bugged me. Ever since Saturday there’s been a meme that Meyer is a bad man because (among oither things) he left Tebow in. Is it really true that Tebow shouldn’t have been in the game?

    It was 31-7 with about 4 minutes to go in the third qtr. Tebow wants his minutes & is probably pushier than most about staying in. There have been combacks from 24 points in one quarter.

    I’d like to hear from others. Believe me, Corch and I aren’t swapping Chriatmas cards, but my objective seat of the pants feeling is that most starting quarterbacks would have been in the game at 31-7.

    • Hindsight’s 20/20 and all that, but here’s some interesting stuff from ESPN’s Pat Forde:

      Urban Meyer (6) has suffered a measly 17 career defeats as a college head coach. None came after blowing a 24-point lead. Near as The Dash can find after looking at box scores going back to his first season at Bowling Green in 2001, Meyer has never lost a game after leading by more than 10 points. Give him a two-touchdown edge, and the man is money…

      … Last season against Kentucky, Tebow played until it was 56-3. In other games in 2008 and ’09, he played until the score was 49-3, 49-6, 42-0, 42-3 and 35-0 twice. Everything worked out great. National championship great in ’08.

      I’ll be surprised if Tebow doesn’t play against LSU, although I think his days of playing with 35-point leads are over.

    • Matt

      Maybe Tebow should’ve been out (running up the score, etc.), but not to avoid potential injury to a player. The fact is, taking starters out of the game does not prevent injuries; it merely prevents injuries to starters.

  2. OK, I’m as big a BCS hater as anyone out there, but that Hot Seat blog post was full of more baloney than the Oscar Mayer factory. The BCS has removed all of the computer polls that take margin of victory into account, so there was no benefit to keeping Tebow in just to run up the score, and Urban Meyer is smart enough to have known that. As for the poll component, Florida’s #1 ranking was still solid enough that they probably would’ve stayed #1 whether they beat Kentucky by one TD or five.

    As for whether Tebow still should’ve been in the game: Eh, probably not, but keeping the starters in when you’re up 31-7 hardly seems like the world’s most egregious sin to me. In our shellacking of Georgia Tech in 2002, Mark Richt didn’t pull David Greene until we were up 41-0 in the third, and I didn’t bat an eye over that one.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Part of the problem with the Hot Seat article is that he takes longer than necessary to make the point. It’s like he had to fill the word quota.

    • Unfortunately “style” points (or what I prefer to call in many cases poor sportsmanship) matters to the voters whether they will admit it or not. But I agree that keeping Tebow in wasn’t too ridiculous. If he’d left the game after that series without getting injured I doubt anyone would have said a thing.

  3. almightytmc1

    Bigger Stats = Heisman.

  4. I thought that post was a joke at first, but it just kept going on and on.

    The worst part of that post is the assertion that somehow Florida had to keep him in for style points to appeal to voters. Uhh…isn’t Florida ranked #1 by both boths used by the BCS? In fact, they’re far and ahead ranked #1. I don’t think the style points are necessary for Florida to earn the respect of voters.

    • Regardless of how well Tenn’s defense played them they were definitely starting to take some heat for not winning big. But it’s hard to say as the media does seem to love Florida.

  5. Dog in Fla

    It’s good to know that Joe made it through Rosh Hashanah without a safe falling on his head.

  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Aside from the crude and rude language (and as has been pointed out, too much language for the points made) Joe is right about 2 things. First, Division IA desperately needs a playoff, although I think it should be the top 16 teams based on power ratings, not based on who won what conference; and second, the BCS system encourages teams to run up the score, which in my view is unsportsmanlike. I am one of those who think that Tebow should have been out of the game, although I recognize that reasonable minds may differ on that point. I do believe, however, that fatigue caused by playing 3/4 of the game while sick with the flu at least contributed to Tebow’s injury and had Brantley been in the game he might have seen it coming fast enough to take some action to protect himself from injury (twisting, ducking, stepping forward,etc.) where even though he would be tackled he might not have been injured like Tebow was.

    • I know I’m hijacking my own post thread here, but Mayor, you’ve got to be pretty happy with Damon over the 2010 schedule.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Colorado is a potential trap game because Colorado has the week before off where UGA has 2 road games back to back, the 2nd being Colorado. Also, the CO game is the week before our game against UT. (See definition of “trap game” at Wikipedia). Plus, traveling across 2 time zones to Boulder, playing CO, having to return across 2 time zones and then play UT is problematic. That said, I don’t think CO is going to be any good so the Dawgs should be able to handle them.It could cause a fatigue problem for the Tennessee game, however.The real problem is Florida which, once again, has the week off before the UGA-FL game and UGA does not. That is the very problem that caused Florida’s win streak in the first place. I thought that problem had been corrected after literally hundreds of alumni complained about it but here we go again. I am deeply concerned that we are returning to the same type of scheduling mistakes of the Goff era that caused a decline in recruiting and, thereby, a decline in the program

        • Colorado as a “potential” trap game I can live with.

          Neither LSU nor Alabama is on the schedule next year. Florida faces both schools.

          Tennessee won’t be any better next year than this year, with the senior losses and Berry’s departure.

          That’s as friendly a schedule as you could hope for, if you’re a Georgia fan.

          Goff’s recruiting declined because of scheduling? I hadn’t heard that one before. I thought it started with that heralded class of offensive line recruits that completely washed out of the program in one form or fashion. Dooley handled the scheduling back then, and he wasn’t exactly known for chasing a challenge.

          Besides, what changed that allowed Donnan to recruit better when he came in?

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            The program declined because of losing games, particularly at the beginning of the season. There were actually columns written about it in the Atlanta Journal at the time. One year UGA opened up with UT and South Carolina back to back and lost both games. That let the air completely out of the season. 2 losses, both conference losses, season over. Donnan arrived and influenced the AD (Vince) to start scheduling at least 1 tuneup game again before starting the real season and things turned around. Do you remember the Donnan tirade at the press conference when he was asked about players cramping up. This was after the second game of his second season. He said,” Cramps? We just won our first 2 games for the first time in years and you are asking about cramps?” (He had a point.) By the way I don’t think Donnan gets the respect he should. He is the guy who really turned things around and laid the foundation for much of Coach Richt’s success–and Mark Richt is the first to say so.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              Also, I would like your thought on Florida once again getting 2 weeks to prepare for the UGA-FL game again after we thought that problem had been put to rest.

              • I don’t think Georgia has any control over Florida’s schedule, Mayor.

                What’s interesting to me is that the Kentucky game has moved back to its traditional October slot, which precludes an open date for Georgia before the WLOCP. I’m not sure whose choice that was.

                I did a post a couple of years ago about bye weeks. I was surprised to find that there isn’t much of an improvement in teams’ records when they play after those. And as we remember, Georgia went 1-1 last year after open weeks.

                Something creative I’d like to see Damon pursue on the scheduling front would be to forget about an open date before Georgia Tech and fill the slot with a 1-AA team that runs the triple option as a tune up game. I think that would be much more beneficial for Georgia’s preparation for Paul Johnson’s offense.

                • Mayor of Dawgtown

                  That’s a great idea as a “pre-Tech.” As to Florida’s schedule, apparently FL has control of the SEC (which sets the SEC schedule for all member schools) because Spurrier was able to get FL the week off before the UGA game for the whole time he was there and longer (and even said publicly what he was doing and why) and we seem to not be able to undo that. I guess some AD’s have more influence than others.

  7. If someone wants to blame 9-11 on the BCS, I’m almost ready to agree.