Bloggy gratitude moment

As good a month as August was at GTP in terms of viewership (in other words, best ever), September blew it out of the water with about a 20% bump.

Needless to say, I love you guys.  Thanks.


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17 responses to “Bloggy gratitude moment

  1. Patrick

    No, sir, thank you.

  2. Chuck

    More and more I find myself grazing at the buffet for anything worth reading that you didn’t write, and then enjoying what you did write. I also really llike the non-commercial nature of it. I am not sure how you do that, and I also realize it may not last forever, but for now, thanks.

    Plus, I dig the pic of Vince and TGOS.

  3. Prov

    I’d like to think my OCD has helped a lot.

  4. Frank

    GTP is Dawg Delphi.

    You are an oral-orafice-oracle, and second cousin to Harius Dawgus I am told.

    We keel before thy thone most insightful and hindsightful.

    We are amassed daily for you musings. We wait.

  5. Frank

    we kneel……….not keel………keel is bourban driven

  6. Frank


  7. UFTimmy

    It’s about time you appreciated me.

  8. BigMuddyDawg

    This is a great site that I visit daily. Thanks for all the work you guys do.


  9. Savannah_Mike

    Lovin’ it! I even have some Tennessee fans visiting from time to time.

  10. Brandon

    Best Dawg blog on the internet, with David Hale’s being a very close second. Been reading weekly if not daily for well over a year, keep up the good work.

  11. Hobnail_Boot

    Sorry Senator, my bad. Just realized there was a paperweight on my F5 button. Won’t happen again.

  12. Dog in Fla

    It’s got a good beat, it’s easy to dance to, don’t need a big brain to remember user ID’s or passwords in fact you need no brain and you can get the picture even though it sometimes looks like this

  13. Frank

    So, where are our door prizes?

  14. NRBQ

    You, as they say, da man.

  15. Congratulations, Senator!

  16. Wolfman

    Indeed. Well deserved Senator. Everything a displaced Dawg needs to feel at home.

  17. There’s only one thing left to do….ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!