This is your Tech on drugs.

What is it with Georgia Tech and coach-philosophers?

First we had the Chanster getting all Zen on us after he lost Reggie Ball and had to start Taylor Bennett in a bowl game (“Those are things we know about, but we don’t know about”? WTF?)

Now we get this from Paul Johnson:  “… The ball is going to take you where it is going.” That’s some heavy shit, man.  Could you pass the bong, please?



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13 responses to “This is your Tech on drugs.

  1. RedCrake

    I was always under the impression that the running back was supposed to take the ball where it was going.

    Maybe that’s why they had such problems against Miami this year and LSU last December… the ball wanted to go into the ground.


  2. Maybe they should bring in Dan Hawkins after UC fires him to really up the ante on nonsensical coach blabber that stupid reporters gobble up like coffee klatchers on a Nietzsche diet.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    “Could you pass the bong, please?” Huh!? Nobody says “Could you pass the bong, please?” unless it’s at the Baptist Student Union! You’re not asking for more mashed potatoes.

    Of course this comment is not from first hand experience.


  4. 81Dog

    Paul Johnson scoffs at your interpretation of his philosophizing. He’s philosophized at every level, and he’s been the smartest guy in the room at every level (just ask him). However you try to adjust to his philosophy, he’s seen it and he has the ideal quote to handle your adjustment. Paul Johnson scoffs at your puny attempts at linear thought. Just because the rest of the lemmings think the offense takes the ball where it’s going, it doesn’t mean the ball won’t take him where it’s going.

    Of course, it could be he was making an ironic comment on Josh Nesbitt’s predecessor. Reggie BaLLLL certainly took the Techsters where he was going. Which, as it appears, was nowhere. Paul Johnson is nothing if not more subtle than you.


  5. dean

    Just when I thought Jack Handey was the best philosophers of our time CPJ totally proves me wrong.


  6. And I thought the APD had really cleaned up the North Avenue drug traffic…


  7. HamDawg11

    Maybe he meant to say “balls”, then it would make sense!