Two Kings crowned.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist using a header like that.

In addition to Caleb, Tavarres King also suffered a concussion in the LSU game, although no one knows when that happened.

Marlon Brown, come on down.


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  1. Dog in Fla

    The 2009 Pulitizer Prize Stalhelm awards for Best Three Word Captions [‘This is ridiculous.’ and ‘Two Kings crowned.’] and Best Four Word Caption [‘Two Kings with Concussions’] go respectively to Senator Blutarsky and David Hale for their shock absorbing, painstaking reports on closed head traumatic brain injuries featuring all the Kings men in The SEC elimination game series.


  2. Turd Ferguson

    Well, the stage is certainly set for Marlon Brown to have a breakout performance in the face of Lane Kiffin and the Tennessee Volunteers. Now all we need is an OC that can gameplan well enough to make that a reality.

    By the way, any chance that we’ve been intentionally keeping Brown out of games and really coaching him up … IN ORDER TO turn him loose against Tennessee? I just find it hard to believe that he’s really been unplayable for this long.

    Of course, if that’s the case, the Tavarres King concussion probably spoils the surprise factor, since it basically makes it a sure thing that we’ll see Brown this weekend …


  3. Oviedo Dawg

    Let’s get Marlon on the field and see what he can do. Look what AJ did last year and he admitted to not knowing exactly what he was supposed to be doing on every play. Let his physical skills take over. We might have another superstar sitting on the sidelines.
    If our offense was lighting it up, I would be hesitant. But that’s not the case at all.


  4. Hobnail_Boot

    WTBC… he may go.. he may go..


  5. Tebow surpasses Lucas Bly

    Tebow just passed the movie “Lucas” for the most watched concussion in football history.