Cracking the case wide open

No doubt you’ve heard about certain enterprising Georgia fans getting caught bypassing the normal process for obtaining tickets to the October 2nd game against Colorado.

Note that I typed “enterprising”, not “bright”(h/t The Wiz of Odds)

Dave Plati, spokesman for the athletic department, said it was obvious that Georgia fans were the culprits in the ticket scam. The first giveaway: Some e-mail addresses used to buy tickets included terms like “UGA” or “Dogs.”

‘Ya think?


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25 responses to “Cracking the case wide open

  1. Ward Eagle

    I’m purty sher “not bright” is encapsulated by the werdz “Georgia fans”.


    I KILL ME!!!

    (apparently all of our worst and dimmest are…well…our worst and dimmest)

  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    What’s not “bright” is Colorado scheduling a football family alumni celebration for a game where the Buffs are going to get waxed by 50.

  3. X-Dawg

    I would have cheered for the 1990 MNC Buffalo team. Now there will be 20,000+ UGA fans booing them thanks to the dolts at the CU ticket office. They make the ticket peeps at GTU look like Mother Theresa.

  4. Normaltown Mike

    We need to be very respectful of the ’90 Buffs.

    If they had one more loss, Tech would’ve been the consensus NC. Oh the humanity.

    • X-Dawg

      1990 is the poster child for the “Mythical National Championship”

      • Wasn’t Tech’s only win over a ranked team that year against a UVA team that was #1 at the time they played, but finished 8-4?

        • X-Dawg

          You are correct about GTU beating the #1 ranked UVA. Also, CU was given a 5th down by the referees which helped them avoid a loss against Missouri. The contraversy surrounding the 1990 split MNC is given a lot of credit for eventually spawning the BCS.

    • Sanford222View

      CU also blew a 21 point second half lead to tie the eventual SEC Champ Vols in one of those Kickoff Classics in California that season. Though Eric Bienemy was out for that game and the Buffs used WR Mike Pritchard at TB instead. The Buffs’ loss was to the Big 10 Champ Fighting Illini. They also beat from the PAC 10 that year. Pretty solid schedule when you throw in beating a Holtz coached ND in the Orange Bowl along with Stanford, Washington and Texas as other out of conference wins that year.

      Tech also beat a ranked (I think) Nebraska team in the Citrus Bowl that CU beat earlier in the year. The only difference was CU won in Lincoln playing in 38 degree weather with pouring rain while Tech won a sunny, warm, neutral field in Florida. Tech also tied a 6-4-1 UNC team that year.

      I remember this all so well as it was my sophomore year in Boulder. Nothing worse than being raised a Dawg fan than to have to share a title with Tech.

    • Russ

      CU will always be the only 1990 MNC I recognize. I’ll applaud them loudly before the game, right before we smoke them.

      I suggest we have some shirts or signs congratulating the 1990 team as the true National Champions.

  5. anon

    What’s not bright is using such a simple code. It took literally 3 minutes to guess it.

  6. anon

    Oh, and they keep using the words “scam” and “fraudulent”

    There was nothing that said that these tickets were only for use by family of 1990 players.

    No scam, no fraud. Just a stupid ticket office.

  7. Macallanlover

    I am convinced you will not be happy with a schedule until we play Ga Southern, ULL, etc. for all 12 games……in Athens. You have whined about this game in Boulder, blamed the trips to ASU and Ok State for all losses afterward, and are convinced the location of the UGA/UF game is responsible for our recent trend (while ignoring our victories in that exact same location prior to that.) Do you really not think 19-21 year old, conditioned athletes cannot recover from a time zone change and 3-4 hour flight in 6+ days?

    I know you are a DGD, but why not just go buy a trophy and engrave SEC Champs on it? Some of us enjoy competitive games for the few weeks we get CFB, and new venues/experiences add to that. Clock is runnning out on some of us, let’s play 2! (Good’uns that is.)

    • Sanford222View

      Where did this come from? What about this post leads you to believe people are pissed we scheduled this game?

      • Macallan

        Pay him no mind. He just drank too much of me.

      • Macallanlover

        Sorry, I meant that as a reply to the Mayor (and that was before I dove into the lovely amber juice!)

        • Macallanlover

          And it was a late reply for the past posts about how dumb DE was scheduling the games I mentioned…..and of course the continual JAX discussion. Not disrespecting him, but stating the other side of the case, which I don’t do each time it comes up.

          In this case, the Mayor seems to feel the CU AD is drinking from the same cup of dumb arse as Damon. Perhaps they were toasting the home and home “fiasco”. For those that enjoyed Ralphie’s visit, and are looking forward to the game at Folsom, we think it was excellent scheduling.

  8. Mike

    If they mean, typing 1990 into a box is hacking the system…then call me guilty as charged.

  9. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    As a warning to Dawg fans, CU has already mailed tickets and reportedly voided those who purchased the 1990 ones. Makes you think there will be some voided tickets on the secondary market.

  10. BeerMoney

    So my question is this: if they don’t sell these tix through their 3-game pack (which no one will buy) and they don’t sell to their own fans (who apprently don’t care) and they don’t sell to 1990 team family members and friends (who there probably aren’t many of), what exactly happens to the tickets? Do they just go in the trash? It’s the same deal when we play at Tech. They’d rather have empty seats than UGA fans apparently.

    I sell tickets for a living and buy through all kinds of presales like this (although I bought these for personal use). Maybe once out of 1,000 times do tix get canceled like this. These people want to play ticket cop instead of going ahead, selling the tickets and making as much revenue as possible. Put it this way, I don’t have to sell Colorado tickets to stay in business. Colorado has to sell Colorado tickets to stay in business.

    And also, regardless of what the e-mail addreses were, I am guessing the other dead giveaway was that most of the addreses were from GA, which is kind of hard to get around, you know.

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  12. ColoradoDawg

    There are a couple of things about this whole situation that CU messed up on.
    1. As previously mentioned, it probably wasn’t the best idea to schedule this anniversary celebration on day when they will probably get beat (badly).
    2. As it is uncommon for them to sell out home games these days, making the purchase of any single game part of a 3 game package doesn’t make much sense…particularly when the visiting fans for this specific game are known to be good travelers.
    3. They compounded both of my first points by allotting UGA only 4000 tickets instead of the typical 15000. What this means is all the big-money-grey-haired-dogs who have had the time and money to donate over $38500 will be sitting in the 600 nosebleeds, and the rest of us diehards will be mixed is amongst them. I’m not going to be hard to sit by down in Sec 217, but I can’t say they for all the UGA folks forced to buy tickets to 3 games just to go to one. I just haven’t decided whether I will let my seats for the other two games remain empty or will I show up and cheer for the visitors. Either way, the CU ticket office has made a mess.