“Fan” is short for…

Interesting set of priorities, to say the least:

The Dave & Buster’s College Football Survey also revealed that:

  • In order to watch every game without hassle from friends and family, more than half of people would sacrifice their morning joe.
  • Even more surprising, nearly one out of three people would deny themselves beer.

Giving up coffee? Sure.  Skip a birthday party?  I get that.  A wedding?  If you live in the South and schedule a fall wedding, some collateral damage comes with the territory.

But giving up beer?   What’s your point?



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10 responses to ““Fan” is short for…

  1. kckd

    Exactly Senator. Sorta like giving up sex to lose weight.

    I found an interesting stat that you might want to comment on next week if you go back to that regression to the mean.

    Arkansas actually had the highest turnover ratio in SEC only games last year. Yet their record was 3-5 in conference. When is the last time a team led the conference in turnover ratio and didn’t have a winning record? Especially with one as high as Arkie who averaged +1.5 turnovers a game in SEC play.


  2. 202Dawg

    It’s un-Christian. It’s the Sarah Palin of sacrifices; no matter how good of a decision you think it is, it will ALWAYS look worse on the replay…


  3. Brandon

    People who give up their coffee are really putting themselves out, (sarcasm) I wonder how many in our metrosexual culture would give up a trip to the tanning bed, now that’s real fandom.


  4. There are two things I can’t do without a beer in hand. Light my grill and watch a Georgia game.


  5. Bulldog Bry

    I’ve explained to my daughter that I may have to leave in the middle of her soccer game tomorrow. She said she completely understands. GOD, how I love my kids.

    (Relax, she’s got one Sunday and 9 more this fall).

    One third would give up beer? That’s insane. Beer is what keeps some fans (read: ND, Kentucky, Wisconsin, VT, etc) from wrecking their house or getting into fights.


  6. Cynical in Athens

    That survey only serves to reinforce what I already knew about Dave and Buster’s clientele.


  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    I was always simply stupified at the people who drank during football games inside the stadium.

    Would you drink in church?