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Georgia vs. Boise State? That was so 2005.

Dawg fans, remember all the dire warnings we heard about Boise State going into the opener of the 2005 season?

Now it’s become a shining example of what the Broncos have risen above.


UPDATE: Seriously, if you’re looking for some analysis about what makes Chris Petersen’s offense go, this is pretty impressive.



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Next, they’ll be taking credit for Danny Weurffel’s Heisman.

Is there a fan base that lives more vicariously through another school’s accomplishments than South Carolina’s?  I mean, no knock on what I expect to be another tough game in Columbia this Saturday, but this is silly:

The Spurrier Factor. Steve Spurrier has been a burr in the sides of Bulldog players and fans for two decades. During the 1990s, Spurrier and the Gators tallied a ridiculous 11-1 record against Georgia – who suffered under two underwhelming head coaches.  After a brief trip to the NFL in 2001, Spurrier returned  to the SEC in 2005 to coach the Gamecocks. In 2007, South Carolina upset Georgia in Sanford Stadium winning 16-12 against a highly-rated Bulldog team. Think the Dawgs can win in Columbia?

Mark Richt has never lost in Columbia.

If I were Jeremy Foley, I’d be exploring the possibility of charging royalties.


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In the pros, it’s a job. In college, it’s a passion.

God bless Alex Brown for saying this:

“That’s a rivalry you’re talking about right there with Georgia and Florida, ” Brown said, when asked about how the pregame feeling this week compares to “The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.” “Is the Saints and Minnesota a rivalry? It’s another game…”

And similar sentiments from a teammate:

… Saints fullback Heath Evans, whose Auburn résumé reflects participation in more than one Iron Bowl, said the upcoming aura is a very different animal.

“No comparison, and that’s just the honest truth, ” he said.

Preach on, gentlemen.  (h/t Marc Weiszer)


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SEC Power Poll, Week One

It’s way too early for this to be a meaningful exercise (it would probably be more informative to do a power poll of last week’s SEC opponents), but at least it’ll be fun.

  1. Alabama. They came; they saw; they kicked ass.
  2. South Carolina. I put ’em here because they combined an easy win with the toughest cupcake opponent of the weekend.  (I know that’s not saying much.)
  3. Georgia. Well, why not?
  4. LSU. Extenuating circumstances no doubt, but it was still a win over a ranked BCS-conference school.   The Tigers epitomize the it’s-the-Jimmies-and-Joes-not-the-X’s-and-O’s approach to college football.
  5. Auburn. They played the exact game I expected to see them play.
  6. Mississippi State. Whipped up on a bad Memphis team.  That’s more than they could have done in years past.
  7. Arkansas. Before you get too excited, Hog fans, keep in mind that Willie Martinez shut out Tennessee Tech last year without breaking a sweat.
  8. Florida. It won’t last, but, damn, it feels good to rank the Gators here.  As bad as the offense was, though, don’t forget that the defense played quite well.
  9. Kentucky. Got by a bad Louisville team.
  10. Tennessee. Somehow, I don’t think the Vols will be leading the country in scoring defense after the Oregon game.
  11. Vanderbilt. Thanks, Ole Miss.
  12. Mississippi. You lose to a 1-AA school, this is where you belong, at least for a week.


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New Lexicon entry?

Ed Orgeron probably knows how to pronounce this.  Now if I could only figure out what it means…


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Savor the moment.

From the Department of Early Season Statistics Can Be Fun:  Georgia ranks in the top ten nationally in six statistical categories, including rushing defense, passing efficiency defense, total defense… and turnover margin (yay!).

True, it may not last, but it’s not like the Dawgs were the only bunch to play a cupcake last week, either.


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