Upon further review…

I have to say that I was a little surprised, given the vehemence in much of the commenting that I’ve read here and elsewhere, that watching the broadcast yesterday didn’t drive me to new heights of despair.  Usually that’s not the case after I’ve witnessed a bad loss in person.

That’s not to say that it made me feel better – a loss is still a loss, and a game like that, where they scratch and claw their way back into having a chance to beat a team they should beat, only to let it slip away in the end, is painful any way you look at it.  But I think I’ve got more of a grasp of where the team’s problems are and I honestly think there’s much that’s fixable… if.

  • Special teams. I saw nothing on the broadcast that I didn’t see in person.  Basically anything involving Blair Walsh is under control.  Neither return team is bringing much to the table, though, and Butler lacks consistency.  That’s causing problems with field position for the offense – something that’s always problematic.
  • Defense. I’m inclined, more or less, to give Grantham the benefit of the doubt here.  We’ve all been screaming for a more aggressive defense and that’s what we’ve got – for the most part.  The decision to play soft cover-two at the end of each half was disastrous and cost Georgia big time in the end.  Grantham needs to realize that that’s the kind of stuff that got Martinez chased out of town.  Most of the spectacular lapses, though, were blown coverages by players who are still learning their way around.  It’s clear that Lakatos doesn’t have the kind of physical players in the secondary that he wants and that Georgia’s success in shutting down opponents’ passing attacks is going to be highly dependent on getting a consistent pass rush.  The pass rush on Saturday was better than many gave it credit for being, but it wasn’t consistent enough to get Mallett out of his comfort zone throughout the game.  On the other hand, the defense was much more physical in the run game than it showed in Columbia, so these kids do listen.
  • Offense. I need to refine my criticism of Mike Bobo.  It’s not so much that his playcalling is horrible throughout – for example, as they noted on the broadcast, he did take advantage in the second half of what the Arkansas secondary was giving him by dialing up several calls on the skinny post.  It’s more of a structural problem, as Ben Dukes writes about in this post.  Bobo isn’t doing a particularly good job of designing a game plan to fit his talent right now.  He’s got a line that isn’t run blocking consistently (although the broadcast indicated they were better in that department than I originally thought) and struggled with blitz pickup.  Yet he was reluctant to spread the defense out by going to a three-wideout set until mid-third quarter (Buck Belue overstates the case for Bobo, by the way).  His game plan isn’t taking into account his quarterback’s inexperience in knowing when to get rid of the ball – the coaches can blame Murray all they want for causing some of the sacks, but there were plays where having a hot route or a short option would have helped.  Play action was shown so much it became a meaningless threat (boy, compare that to how well Mallett deployed it!).  Searels deserves some heat here, too.  There’s no excuse for how much the line play has slipped so far this season.  That’s a good part of the reason that what Bobo’s drawn up for the first three games hasn’t clicked on all cylinders.
  • Third down and four. This deserves a special mention.  It’s not just that it was a poorly designed play – why would you expect Washaun Ealey to be able to hold off a defensive end on an obvious passing call for a sufficient time to complete a deep pass? – it’s that it didn’t take into account the situation or the success that Arkansas’ blitz packages had against Georgia’s line all day.  A dumb, dumb play call.  A Patrick Nix kind of play call.

It’s easy for this to get lost in the anger, panic and frustration, but it’s worth considering that a squad that looked frequently dysfunctional and was missing several key players who would have had an impact was a brain fart or two away from beating the twelfth ranked team in the country.  At the ten-minute mark in the fourth quarter, I doubt you would have gotten many takers for the proposition that Georgia would have the ball in its hands with two and a half minutes to go with the chance to win the game.  That they let the opportunity slip away is the reason for my hanging “if” above.

Fortunately for the Dawgs, they go into a stretch where they don’t see a dominant quarterback for a while and don’t see a top of the conference rushing attack, either (I like Tauren Poole a lot, but Tennessee’s offensive line has problems).  It’s an opportunity to get their sea legs under them and establish some traction.  That’s obviously not an automatic, though, as there have been stretches in the past two games that would get this team beat by any of its next five opponents.  Coaches need to coach and players need to play.  We’ll see this Saturday if they’re ready to do that.


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  1. DawgnAub

    An analysis I can concur with. I generally agree here with my two favorite posters, my scotch lovin friend and the mayor.

    As for the 3rd and four, I was furious…at both the play call and WE’s pass blocking, again that is a result of the play call bc he’d shown earlier in the game the complete probability that he’d whiff on the pass protection he was assigned, but the coaches asked it of him, not wise.

    However, Senator, I was wondering. Why was it an “obvious passing down”? To me, I’d have run WE on 3rd and 4 and again if there’d been a 4th down. Running on the 3rd down would’ve eaten time giving Arky less had we not made it on 4th AND, I thoroughly believe we’d have gotten 4 yards in two running plays. Is running on that down such a bad idea?

    I get though that our discussion on this is completely misplaced since none of us are “in the arena”.


    • Well, first off, Ealey didn’t completely whiff on that block. He did stall the DE, albeit briefly. It’s just that the play took too long to develop. That sack is on Bobo more than it is on Ealey, IMO.

      Third and four is a long way to go with a running game that was, to put it kindly, inconsistent all day. And even if you’re right about running the clock down – how many time outs did Arky have at that point in the game – you’re leaving them with a short field to set up a winning field goal if you don’t convert the fourth down call. Given Mallett’s prowess, I’m not sure that’s a risk worth taking.


      • Dave

        The Senator’s spot on here – Dumb call (yes a freshman QB held it slightly long, but his only option was to throw it away given the call). Epic fail here, both on the call and on the timout before-hand to give Arkansas too much time. NO reason for a timeout here when you have three left.


      • devildawg

        When I watched the replay, I focused in on that last drive (hard not to). When Murray takes that sack on 1st down from the Georgia 45, we see the blitz come unhindered off the shoulder of Orson. It was obvious that the Ark defender was coming, and you’ve gotta be able to hit Charles there, who was wide open, or have Charles make an effort to block him. Instead, he sprints down the seam. That can’t happen.

        Again, on 3rd and 4, you can Charles wide open in front of the pocket, but he’s shooting downfield again and isn’t looking back. Surely you’d put at least your TE on an underneath route of some sort, on 3rd and 4? And wouldn’t it be sensible to hit Ealey over the blitz? He’d have had a harder time picking up the first than Charles, but Murray should EASILY have had two excellent options to get the first down on that play. He didn’t. That’s Bobo’s fault, not his, though I wonder why, with all the checks he made during the game, he didn’t check someone onto a short route when he could see those blitzes coming.


  2. baltimore dawg

    here’s the kernel of what’s still got me angry: when coaches actually started coaching in the 4th quarter, the players responded with fierce intensity only to have it betrayed by a highly paid professional coach who shit the bed on 3rd-and-4. i see a group of players who are desperate for leadership from their coaches.

    murray absolutely left his guts out on the field. kid played his ass off. but bobo thinks its ok to criticize murray’s play to a reporter? he may have held the ball too long a couple of times, but that was only because bobo kept giving him plays that just weren’t there.


  3. keith

    Agree on the back to back runs on 3rd down and 4th if needed. But maybe a better option would possibly have been a QB roll out for Murray to do his thing.
    Belue doesn’t know what the heck he is talking about. I only saw 1 screen all day and he mentioned screens, plural. He said a couple of reverses and again, there was just one, an ill advised call from our own 10 yd line. CTG defense looks great actually. If not for some blown coverages we might have held them to 14 points.


    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      A roll out would have been perfect. Run a “Michael Vick Special”; have Murray roll out and drag a TE across the middle and a WR downfield. Force the defenders to choose between closing on Murray or covering the TE.


      • DWH

        EXACTLY….I was thinking the same thing at the time and of course I was not the least bit surprised that Bobo chose the play he did. Probably the most frustrated I’ve ever been watching a UGA game, and that is saying A LOT.


    • Hey, woah, you’re probably “… the insurance salesman, real estate broker, banker or landscape dude…” that needs to “Give it a rest.”
      After all, Buck’s a hurler of miracle passes, a top notch DJ and an expert Blawgger/analyst. You need to watch your mouth because you’ve, you know, never been in the arena.


    • HamDawg11

      Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I think the perfect call in that 3rd and 4 situation is a play-action qb rollout to the right/wide side of the field. Murray would’ve been outside of the pressure and had the opportunity to make a play with his feet. Send all receivers on long routes to open up that side of the field and have a TE drag across middle following Murray and giving him a check down. Instead, we just drop him straight back and send everybody long….great call!


  4. Fitzdawg

    I always appreciate your analysis. It’s the only thing I’ll read after a loss because I know I can count on it to be fair and balanced. I guess the hardest thing for me to understand is why the 4th quarter pep talk couldn’t have happened much earlier and really, why it was necessary at all. It sure seems like it was though.


  5. Spence

    Logic is for non-elite blogs. Fire the Senator.

    Seriously, you pretty much encapsulated every thought I have about the game. Add getting
    mad a bobo for play action on 3rd and 8 and get concerned about our d lines ability to stop the run and we become in sync like Elliot and E.T.


    • I thought the d-line didn’t do that bad a job with the run. Although I will again say that Geathers needs to see the field more.


      • Spence

        I was speaking from a season-wide perspective and agree with you that they did a better job against the run. We will struggle with more run-oriented teams (or will have to move safeties up) this year.


  6. The Realist

    1) It’s not that Bobo is Nixian the entirety of the game. It’s that he likes to dabble. For all the talk about game management, he’s managed the offense into two losses. To me, game management is taking care of the football and getting first downs. On 3rd and 4, you need 5 not 20. And, perhaps, Bobo should have told Murray that if it wasn’t there on a 2 count, to tuck it and run for it. No doubt he would have gotten it.

    2) There isn’t a sense of urgency on this team. They aren’t playing or coaching like their hair is on fire, and until they do, they will continue to be bogged down. Effort and intensity is seriously lacking from the opening snap, and that is the difference between the teams that win in the SEC and Georgia right now.


    • As to point #2, somebody needs to figure out who turned on the switch for that six and a half minute run in the fourth quarter and how he did it. Because that’s a team that could hang with almost any other school in the country.


      • DWH

        Well, I must admit that it was probably due to the fact that I quit watching it. I turned it back on during Georgia’s final drive. I apologize for jinxing the game. It’s not the first time that’s happened either.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Not according to Lou Holtz, Senator. When Reece Davis during a wrap-up program made a positive comment about UGA’s comeback Holtz said: “They didn’t really make a comeback. They just completed 2 long passes, is all.” The ESPN bias rears its ugly head again.


  7. Dave

    A great analysis Senator. I would also say there is some structural issues at the top as well. Logan Gray fielded the punt before our final drive on the 30 and promptly got tackled by the only guy around. He couldn’t make 1 guy miss with the whole field to help. Richt has failed to learn that he should NEVER field a punt – Cuff, Boykin, Wooten, T. King – take you pick since we couldn’t use Smith or Green. Also, we used to block punts all the time 2001-2004. We don’t anymore.

    Our offense doesn’t adjust as well as it should. We keep running between tackles for 2 games now despite obvious success outside and throwing. We finally aired it out but much too late. This is probably on Bobo but Richt used to run the offense and should see this, so I put it on him as well.

    I await the verdict on Grantham. I see a lot of people saying we’re better than last year, buy guys, it could not be worse than Crompton hanging nearly 50 on us. Seriously. I expect to give up some big plays when going aggressive with a new defense, but that 3rd and a foot was just bad fundamentally — like the tackling the week before. Good news is, we improved on that this week. I like what I see so far, but we still have not played anywhere close to a complete half on defense (ULL doesn’t count folks). I remain optimistic we will sometime this year, though.

    Good post, Senator.


    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      We’ve done a terrible job blocking the opponent’s gunners in all three games this year. I keep waiting for that to be corrected.


    • devildawg

      What was Logan supposed to do? He tried to make a move, and almost got out, but the gunner was on him immediately and made a very nice tackle. Did y’all forget he had a nice return earlier in the game? I really don’t think Logan is to blame there. 1) The gunner went almost completely unhindered at the line; he had to, in order to cover that distance and arrive right when the ball did. Even then, 2) he needed that extra time the punter took to gather himself and launch a punt twice his average distance. The punter had that time because 3) we weren’t bringing pressure.


  8. TennesseeDawg

    Grantham doesn’t have the players to pull off the 34 right now especially on the D-line. We have almost no pass rush and frankly our players still look confused. Some of this will get better as the players learn the system better.


  9. heyberto

    I’m not the best for analyzing the bits and pieces of a game, but I did think there was some overall improvement in many areas, but not a lot of. I guess I’m thinking more about 2006, and what’s critical is that the team doesn’t give up on the season… so even if we encounter a loss this weekend in Starkville, I’m more of the opinion that even if things get demonstrably worse in the short term, a strong finish to the season would redeem everyone. That’s saying a lot right now, and my irritation is not that they’re struggling, so much as the team seems so slow to catch on, particularly on offense. I’m just hopeful that the coaching staff can keep them focused, keep them from giving up. If they lose in Starkville, that does get much more difficult.


    • etenndawgfan

      I agree. I would have a much worse feeling if we ended the season with two losses rather than beginning the season 1-2. Provided of course these losses are not the trend. I still think UGA can beat the remaining teams on the schedule. Can anyone say, with some authority, how much influence CMR has on play calling? I would like to see more, but alas, we probably would never know.


  10. Dog in Fla

    Global War on Marks (GWOM), “Mark and New Athletic Director Prepare for Mississippi State” (extended version)

    Butts Mehre Defense Complex, Underground Bunker

    0911 hours, 20 September 2010

    Mark’s new ATT&T Apple iPhone4 rings. Mark takes off his Oakleys, looks for the phone, finds it and takes the incoming.

    Mark says, “Hello.”

    Greg says, “Mark?”

    Mark says, “What?”

    Greg replies, “Mark, what in the world is going on?”

    Mark says, “What?”

    Greg says, “How do you lose to South Carolina? Baseball maybe but not football. And Arkansas? Track maybe but not football.”

    Mark says, “We’re gonna continue to do what we do. There’s nothing else we can do.”


    Greg says, “What about try to get better?”

    Mark says, “Well, we lost to two pretty good teams.”

    Greg says, “But they had better coaching staffs.”

    Mark says, “What?”

    Greg says, “What’s up with the other Mark’s busted nose?”

    Mark says, “What?”

    Greg says, “Did Todd head butt Bobo?”

    Mark says, “Don’t know. I think Washaun head butted Bobo.”

    Greg says, “Who is in charge of teaching the running backs how to block?”

    Marks says, “Not me. I was a quarterback.”

    Greg says, “Are you ready to go to Starkville?”

    Mark says, “Where?”

    Greg says, “Your next SEC game.”

    Mark says, “Okay.”

    Greg says, “Mark, I know Dan Mullen and you’re no Dan Mullen.”

    Mark says, “What?”

    Greg says, “Do you remember Zook?”

    Mark says, “Sure. I was 1-2 against him.”

    Greg says, “Do you know what happened to Zook when he lost to Mississippi State?”

    Mark says, “He felt bad?”

    Greg says, “He got fired.”

    Mark says, “I thought that was because of the frat house fight.”

    Greg says, “That was mostly because Ron’s players were getting their asses beat by frat boys.”

    Mark says, “Oh.”

    Greg says, “You know how important it is to win in Starkville, right?”

    Mark says, “It’s a big game.”

    Greg says, “Mark?”

    Mark says, “What?”

    Greg says, “That’s what you said before the South Carolina game and the Arkansas game.”

    Mark says, “What?”

    Greg says, “Before both those games, you said they were big games.”

    Mark says, “They were.”

    Greg says, “You lost both games.”

    Mark says, “I never said we would win them. I just said they were big games.”

    Greg says, “Do you think you can win Mississippi State?”

    Mark says, “Maybe. Maybe not. SEC road games are tough.”

    Greg says, “Well, why did Arkansas win at our place?”

    Mark says, “They were better?”

    Greg says, “And what else?”

    Mark says, “Don’t know.”

    Greg says, “We covered it earlier. They were coached for more than seven minutes during the game.”

    Mark says, “Are you sure?”

    Greg says, “Yes, Mark, I’m sure.”

    Mark says, “Okay.”

    Greg says, “Mark, what did you tell the team when you huddled them up? That seemed to work for awhile.”

    Mark says, “I wanted to know if any of them had seen my other pair of Oakleys. I couldn’t find them.”

    Greg says, “Next Saturday night you’ve got to be ready because Mullen might bring in Cristopher Walken to get more cowbell.”

    Mark says, “Who?”

    Greg says, “Mark, do you know what you’ve got to do this year?”

    Mark says, “Be better than Houston Nutt?”

    Greg says, “No. You’ve got to be as good as Irwin and Nick.”

    Mark says, “No can do.”

    Greg says, “Why not?”

    Mark says, “Because they apparently know something that I don’t.”

    Greg says, “And what would that be?”

    Mark says, “Have no idea.”

    Greg says, “Mark?”

    Mark says, “What?”

    Greg says, “Good luck.”

    Mark says, “Can we wear black jerseys?”

    Greg says, “No.”

    Mark says, “Thanks for the luck. I think we’re going to need it.”

    Greg says, “Believe me, you will. And your quarterback needs it too.”

    Mark says, “Thanks Mr. McGarity, Sir.”

    Greg says, “You’re welcome. Goodbye.”

    Greg then puts on some sounds, wonders if he should have stayed in Hogtown longer, but then thinks that somebody’s got to play Trump in the Apprentice in Athens so it may as well be him.


  11. PatinDC

    1. Thanks for an blog with adult conversation about the games.
    2. IMHO Logan Gray fair catching=we don’t care enough to try
    3. After last years debacle with t/o’s. Murray seems to be playing scared to try.
    4. It is so nice to have a D that makes adjustments at the half that work. I have seen it at SC and this game. The offense needs to do the same!
    5. Sadly we will end up in another battle of our bowl is not as bad as Tech’s bowl, but as long as we can beat them at the end it won’t matter !


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  13. Normaltown Mike

    What happened to CMR’s wealth of experience in the 2 minute offense?

    I know he’s not the OC, but our final offensive series they seemed out of sorts. Shouldn’t the HMFIC step in to call a TO sooner just to settle the team down?

    Greene’s drive vs UT in ’01 seemed so well orchestrated. Saturday seemed no more planned out than a drive mid way through the 2nd qtr.

    FWIW, I think we can more accurately say that Cox had called for a toss sweep vs Kentucky last yr and Ealey didn’t know what the hell he was doing and thus expected a handoff (as I recall Cox fell on the sword).


    • adam

      i really would like coach richt to call the next few games. i feel like we have had more heartbreaking failures on offense than we ever did when he was calling the plays.

      and i was never one of the people calling for him to give up playcalling duties back in 06. spurrier is calling the plays again for south carolina because he’s better than his offensive coordinators were. that seems like the same logic that could apply here.

      though… i’d also be ok with us hiring an pro-style offensive genius.


  14. Will Trane

    Well it is good to see that Buck Belue, a great QB and a “winner / champion”, sees what we have said has been a problem with the offense since game one. It is a huge problem. We have no running backs. Go back and read our comments. Read what we said about WE last evening. Mindset is huge if you are TB. They have to understand their position is physical and it is not a contact but a collision position. They have to have a mindset to accept the hit and punish. They have to get in the running lanes quickly…first step. They have to have quick vision and quick feet.

    None have been productive. In the first game of the season we were very vocal about their poor play. There was some line penetration, but the RBs ran slow. Their blocking was not there and has not been there all season. Frankly as a group they have taken the season off. Have they not been challenged by their position coach [and this is the one position coach we have had issues for two years].

    Last season they played well in the last two games of the season. The other games…well their numbers and that of the offense says it all to us. Remember Samuels had to be the “guy”, and that is really not his position. Why? Why have we had RB issues for 2 years.

    O linesman are not going to give a 5×5 crease to get a TB’s slow butt into the lane. Granted there have been some issues with the line. When you have a young man like Sturdivant to come back like he has, we’d bust our ass to get production for him. Those young men on the O-line have not taken off for the season and have been hustling to get it done. They have had to take their share of criticism. In some cases unfairly. Why? Because they operate behind a young inexperienced QB that is finding his way on the field. This QB holds the ball just a little to long on pass plays. On three deep completions if the ball is out there a second quicker you see a TD. Go back and look at Mallet [ignore his throwing speed]. Plus it helps to have a QB 6′ 7″. That is why Bobo has tried to use the roll out for better vision. But the RBs have not stepped forward this year. Those things and the play of the RB have caused the O line to look bad in many plays. Also the sets Bobo has put them in.

    If there is a talented RB in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi (we have seen one there), and etc., that player would have a very good chance to start next year at Georgia.


  15. time for a w

    Giving CMB on the long pass on 3rd and a foot is very generous(if going on 4th was an option, i could see it but…).I agree with most of your post senator.It does raise a glaring question.what db ‘s coming in are different(saban wants big 6’2 or bigger) ours are undersized(good athletes)and at a big disadvantage ? The pass blocking wasn’t bad , minus the fact they were shoved in the qb’s face all day. My #1 question is css the right guy(i have alot more ammo ,he’s not)? btw Will your point is our kids are terrible , but coaching is good ?B.S. remember those coaches chose the players.


  16. William

    IMO, with the game on the line, you don’t rest it squarley on your RS Freshman QB’s shoulders. I know the run game was inconsistent, but common footbal logic states that you grind it out and take what is given. Even if you go nowhere you eat clock. We were on the 50 or so I believe with a minute left. That’s prime time for a running game to take over. Granted ours might not have (very likely), but it could have at least gotten the clock down farter. Hell, it may have even gotten us into fild goal range. Instead you tell your green QB to go and try to hit a HR with a line that was shaky all day, and recievers who dissappeared in coverage.


  17. Redcoat98

    While I’m certainly not defending the 3rd and 4 playcall, whether he chose to run or pass on that play is irrelevant.. Arkansas had all 3 timeouts left, and would have called one the instant the play was over.


  18. 69Dawg

    I’m still steamed by Bobo lack of professionalism. Coaches don’t lay the blame on a certain player. It’s an old rule of College coaching. Bobo showed himself to be just a bad coach looking to place the blame for his failure on the players. I felt the same last year when Mark called out Blair Walsh for his ko’s. Good coaches take the blame bad coaches point fingers.


  19. Cynical in Athens

    There is no bright side.

    I fear that this post may feed the delusion that’s currently brewing in the Dawg nation.

    The fact is, we’re not a good team, and we show no signs of getting better.

    The truth hurts.


    • Dog in Fla

      “There is no bright side.”

      That’s not what He said


    • hailtogeorgia

      The truth does hurt. This, however, isn’t the truth. We do show signs of getting better, we just show them while simultaneously showing new problems. I think you’re getting a little too bogged down in this to look at it objectively.


  20. Just a note that I agreed with what Buck Belue had to say in his last 2 posts. The dawgvent also put out an article I agreed with. Just my opinion.


  21. Will Trane

    Okay, we agree it is not good to call out a player(s).

    What is wrong with Georgia is its offense. It has one [the coaches call it a system …meaning we think we have something significant], but it is not good enough today with most of the DCs he schemes against. That is why we say Bobo is not productive against quality DCs.

    In other words it has an identity. We read Mr. Dukes article and we think he is sniffing [after all we are all Dawgs in this hunt] in the right direction. Without looking back we think he used or indicated an important factor. Personnel. For sure we have not had a full deck in three games. But what he says and so do we is Bobo is not using all his personnel.

    We ask what is the use of a full back in sets. Why not employee your TEs [ your somewhat blessed with some]. The TEs are huge in the spread formation. Unforturnately, Bobo is still stuck in the ’80s & ’90s with a standard set. Two backs…FB & TB. If Bobo would develop a set with an extra TE on the field. Line him up back of the line or put him in motion. Let see if the DC set a LB or CB over them.

    This weekend we compared baseball to football. We had a reason. No bites or replies. We said you made contact or made hits where they were not. Willie Keeler used the word “grass” or “hit’em where they ain’t”. Simple but subtle. Bobo never does that.

    He has the personnel to do that this year but he is not. Why not? Stuck in the past.

    Also we said stack 8 in the box. Go ahead. What matters is the point of attack and outnumbering the defense at that point. No DC can bring 8 to the point of attack. Out number them on the edge. Next get the angles there. You hear that more from the DC side. Why? Because the offense should set the angle or get outside the D.

    Now let’s discuss the play calling and offense. Where we begun. An offense is not a system or an identity, it is plays, play calling, or sets. This is where we take exception with Donnan and his former QB, Bobo. The root of the problem for Georgia, and perhaps this is where Bobo is going to. Chart the plays. He changed up the formations but his use of personnel never really did. Use what the D gives you against them. Be patient. Take the 4 to 6 yards per play. Run and sustain those for a quarter or two, and the opposing defense gets frustrated and cracks [forget bend]. Also pick up the speed and quickness of your offense. If you want to run a diesel formation use 3 RBs and 2 TEs.

    Most coaches have switced to the 3-3-5 and 3-4 to stop and slow the spread formation. And Georgia uses a pro style, I, or shotgun. Bobo has a great opportunity to incorporate a hybrid spread with his current personnel.


  22. shane#1

    I agree with the Senator. I am not going to panic. Well, I did Saturday, but I am over it now. I see signs of progress in this team. 1- If the run blocking wasn’t up to par, it didn’t suck either. Maybe that should be CMR’s new mantra. Instead of finish the drill, how about try not to suck. After all, this is a year of diminished expectations. 2- Ealey ran a little better but blocked lousy. Maybe now we see why he didn’t start last year. It’s a cliche but he might try running to daylight. I saw some holes that Ealey could have gained good yardage IF he had been more patient and had used his eyes. Hopefully King will be back next week and Thomas needs more snaps. He seems to improve the most given PT. Seems I heard that some where, that RBs improve with playing time. 3- The D is actually ahead of where I thought it would be after three games. They should be really good once CTG and company finish deWillieizing them. 4- Murray can run this offence but Bobo or CMR need to tweek it. Play action is okay, how about a little play action rollout? If a safety or linebacker is spying on Murray he ain’t spying on the RB! You can also run some real good misdirection off a rollout. I am not going to bash Bobo anymore this week, but the guy needs to step up that playcalling and for cripes sake use what Murray is good at!


  23. Will Trane

    We like to watch Boise State’s offense. They like for the scorboard to sound like a pinball machine. They light it up like one. You know why? You know why they get that high ranking?

    We do not care what VaTech did not do to them or against James Madison. VaTech had since the end of last year to prepare for Boise and they got their asses handed to them at the end. Boise is lethal on offense. Do you know why they get ranked high in spite of their schedule. Their plays. Watch the play of their O line, the QB, the TEs, and the lack of a FB. Look at their footwork and their sets. Look at the speed of their plays vs ours. Damn you’d think we were in slowmo. Look where and how they attack a D and how they spread the D.

    Carolina and Arkansas had all spring, summer, and fall to prepare for our D. Arkansas had the benefit of facing a 3-3-5 the previous week. Both are good, but whether they maintain that ranking at our expense…well, we are not sure about their Ds. But answers are around the corner. And we had the same amount of time for our O to prepare for their D. Our O has a point ceiling…avg of 15 points. For us to win TG has to coach almost a shutout.

    Crunch the numbers all you want, put them on a spreadsheet, compare them to the past, we lost to two teams that are up, and it goes on.

    What it gets down to is we do not have an offense because “most” have not seen one and when they do they do not recognize what they see. Sort of what people think when they see in a batter and his swing.


  24. Somebody who had to tape the game asked me what I thought. My answer was the special teams let us down, the DBs had a lot of broken coverages, the pass rush was not as good as I expected, & the Ol didn’t do much better in pass protection than they had been doing in run blocking. The O tried to take advantage of what was being given to them because their D was loading up the box & taking our TEs out & leaving our WR 1 0n 1. He finally said “Why don’t you tell me what you really Think?”. Then he left to watch the tape.


  25. Julep

    Senator: More sanity here in both your analysis and much of the commentary than I’ve seen ‘most anywhere else. Now I know where to come read after the games. There were mistakes in the Ark game; coulda/shoulda been better; but hardly unmitigated disaster, season’s-gone-to-Hell time. To the hand wringers screaming for Richt’s head and Bobo’s head and Murray’s head: I bet you’re the same ones who left or tuned out with a quarter to go. Now, I stayed til the clock ticked down in K’ville (of all places!) in both ’07 and ’09, so maybe I’m just a glutton for punishment, but it seems symptomatic to me of a certain type of Dawg fan that I wish wouldn’t validate the worst opinions of GT and UF fans (goes from “we’re gonna win the NC” to “tar and feather _____” in 2 weeks).


  26. shane#1

    Sorry about the defence. I am not the idiot at the Falcons game with the big D and the picket fence. I am the idiot at the UGA game in the red shirt. That should make it easy for the Techies to pick me out. I have yet to visit good ol’ Sanford this season. Might be a good year for TV.


  27. shane#1

    I just thought of something David Hale wrote concerning UGA’s off field problems. What he said, at least the way I interpeted it, was that the team seemed to lack senior leadership. Where are the on field leaders of this team? Is there a Trae Battle or Nando, or Thomas Brown out there? Right now I would settle for a Jeff Owens. Jones and Boling are the leaders of the O line and I saw Jones chewing some butt in the USCe game. We need some more of that fellas! Richt can’t make anyone a leader, neither can Bobo. Somebody has to take charge on O and D his team mate’s sake Who will step up? Untill some of the “old boys” take over the locker room and on the field the team will continue to drift.


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