Pass me that bottle.

One thing suddenly dawned on me after reading this quote from Mark Richt about how Orson Charles’ game developed this year in response to a certain mid-season development.

“I think A.J. showing up helped,” Richt said. “Any time you’re here and A.J.’s there, he’s going to get some attention and create more space down the middle of the zone where tight ends tend to work. But I think there came a time when he quit focusing on that part of the game and played hard and let the chips fall where they may. That seems to have worked out for him.”

The Liberty Bowl Drinking Game!

It’s easy.  Every time one of the announcers comments on how A.J. Green’s return to the lineup after four games positively benefited some aspect of Georgia’s offense, take a drink.  Every time the analyst mentions how A.J. forces the safeties to play differently, take a drink.  Every team either mouth intones about how a defensive coordinator has to account for A.J. on every single play, take a drink.

Luckily, Bob Davie isn’t part of the broadcast team.  You’d have to buy an extra case if he were and you wanted to play.


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16 responses to “Pass me that bottle.

  1. Dante

    My favorite bowl drinking game rule is to drink every time you hear “last game as a Bulldog.”


  2. Bulldog Bry

    Trying drinking every time Ware declares a player “special”.


  3. dboy

    I mute the commentators and drink when my wife askes me: “when is the game going to be over”


  4. Chuck

    If Bob Davie were a commentator and you wanted to play the drinking game, you would need more than an extra case – more like an extra liver. 😉


  5. Puffdawg

    I think one thing to consider is maybe Orson hasn’t pick up the playbook as fast as expected. Maybe he clicked midseason. Richt would never throw him inder the bus in public. Remember, Pope was a late bloomer. Also remember your post about the complexities of a college offense the other day. Maybe some guys just take a little longer than others. Orson will be fine next year. He is a hell of an athlete and a DGD. Looking forward to watching him and TK blossom next season.


  6. Purple Drank

    PAM WARD – AHHHHHHHH…Oh wait, she is doing the radio broadcast…Whew. Did you hear her butcher the Georgia Southern broadcast on Saturday? BTW, I don’t mind Andre Ware.


    • Russ


      I saw her name and almost crapped myself. We’re getting dangerously close to having her call our game on TV. As is, I can’t believe we’ve fallen so far to have her calling our radio games. Ugh!

      Man, we’ve GOT to improve, if for no other reason than to get better announcers. (Yes, I know all about that there intarweb radio thingy.)


  7. Greg

    I don’t think Orson Charles had any issue picking up the offense. This is his 2nd year in the system and he knows our qb better than anyone. Pope was an academic risk from the beginning and I don’t doubt that slow learning curve translated to the field. Don’t think that issue applies to Charles at all.


  8. Stoopnagle

    For what it’s worth, Five Points Bottle Shop is selling cases of Lone Star tall boys for cheap, cheap, cheap. Two of those should get you through Andre Ware’s insights.

    I typically mute the TV and put on Scott Howard. If anyone has time to draw up a drinking game for Scott and Eric (you know, like drink everytime Eric’s volume busts a speaker?) then I’m game.


  9. Umich

    how about drink whenever they mention any sort of “special high school connection” between murray and charles? Not as bad as the green-pollack comments from years back, but its still pretty annoying and repetitive.


  10. AlcoholicGenius

    Every time they snap the ball . . ..


  11. Cojones

    Thum seaple pink U’m inder the alcofluence of incohol. Starkle, starkle little twink.


  12. Wolfman

    Too bad Brent Musberger isn’t doing this game, as we could have two drinking games going at the same time.