A.J. Green wants to let us in on a little secret.

Receiver A.J. Green expects a huge sophomore season from quarterback Aaron Murray.

How big?

“He’s going to be something special,” Green said. “He’s probably going to be up for the Heisman next year.”

I know what would help there, A.J.


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  1. King Jericho

    From Emerson’s Blog:

    A wise reporter (clearly, not me) followed up by pointing out to Green that Georgia would have to do better than 6-6.

    “Yeah, we’re gonna do that,” Green said. “We’re gonna do that.”

    Could AJ be trying to tell us something?


  2. Benjamin

    Go pro and get paid AJ.


  3. Bad M

    Hush up. Stay AJ!
    Sorry I want to be selfish. Do what your heart tells you. We appreciate everything you’ve done for the team. (Stay, stay–AJ’s heart)


  4. Just pointing out

    Before all this Heisman talk gets going I would just like to point out that Murray has not even beaten a team that finished with a WINNING RECORD yet. UCF would be a nice place to start…


    • JK

      You seem to imply that those losses were somehow Murray’s fault or that some better QB could have changed the outcome. Thats obviously not the case. If Murray keeps on doing what he’s doing with some mild year to year improvement, whether or not he wins the heisman is entirely on his defense and backs.


  5. Bryant Denny

    Maybe Coach Richt should see what Auburn did in 2004 to keep their four future first round draft picks? Hmmm…


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    I’m not runnin to Vegas just yet. Let’s just win the Liberty Bowl before going nuts about next year.


  7. Brandon

    Gentlemen…gentlemen, it does not matter how good Murray becomes if our defense does not get better it will be all for naught.