While I’m generally not a fan of preseason polls…

I have to admit that if these guys have it right in their pre-preseason preview, I may have to make an exception in 2011.

Go, Gator!


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17 responses to “While I’m generally not a fan of preseason polls…

  1. Spike

    Meh. We will see. Why are we ranked so high when we will lose Houston, Green et al?


  2. Mike

    With the complete change over of coaches and an offense, I don’t doubt that Florida will struggle next year.

    Expectations will be a bit different in Gainesville for 2011 than they have been in years past


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      “Expectations will be a bit different in Gainesville for 2011 than they have been in years past”

      Unless you mean before Florida started playing football, in 1990, history seems to indicate expectations will continue to be pretty high.


    • 69Dawg

      Mike won’t the Gators also be changing their Defensive scheme to the Lil Nicky 3-4?? Seems they are in for a complete overhaul.


      • Mike

        I think Muschamp said he will go with a variation of 4-3 and 3-4, depending on the situation. That is basically what we ran last year, with some 5-2 shoved in there from time to time.

        In any case, since the coordinators will be different, even if Florida ran the same schemes as last year, there will still be a big adjustment


  3. Go Dawgs!

    They’d be ranked lower, but the pollster is probably banking on them beating Georgia.


  4. They were quite wrong in 2010.


    • Normaltown Mike

      Yeah, but wasn’t that before Auburn’s free agent signees reported to mini-camp, er I mean the student athletes had signed a letter of intent?


    • Paul

      Wrong in the sense that, like every other poll, they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about at the beginning of the season. But they don’t pretend to predict the end of year rankings, only the pre-season rankings. I don’t have the time this morning to compare to the AP or Coaches poll, but 2010’s seems right in line from what we saw at the beginning of this year.

      2010 version


  5. Toom

    The Auburn ranking alone discredits this list. Auburn goes right back to mediocrity after $cam leaves.


    • GreenDawg

      I wouldn’t say it discredits the list. The list is meant to predict what the preseason poll will look like. It doesn’t pretend to predict how good the actual teams will be, just where they will be ranked come August.


  6. AlcoholicGenius

    Like most pre-See pole, that thang plus $2.50 will get you one King Cobra 40.