Does Mark Emmert celebrate Festivus?

Matt Hinton’s list of the airing of grievances is here.

Mark May is offended enough to sympathize with the SEC.

All of which should make for a fun time on January 22nd.  If I’m Pat Haden, I know what defense I’m raising.


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5 responses to “Does Mark Emmert celebrate Festivus?

  1. Dawgy45

    It is an amazing feat of wrongness to have Mark May correctly calling BS on you.


  2. Ausdawg85

    Interesting reminder on how Dez Bryant really got screwed. Is not coming forward immediately not essentially the same as lying about a meeting that was perfectly legit?

    Rome is burning while the NCAA fiddles….


  3. almightytmc1

    Complete and utter bullshit. The rules should be enforced for everyone and not shaded to make for higher tv ratings.


  4. almightytmc1

    AKA ….fine we will takee our punishment. As long as everyone gets the same treatment across the board.


  5. Jim from Duluth

    Should Pat Haden be thinking merely of what defense(s) to raise, or of defenses that are also counter-attacks against the NCAA by citing sCam and the Buckeye tattoos as “precedents”?