See what he did there?

Tom Osborne invokes the one-size-fits-all defense to the NCAA.

… Osborne told The Associated Press on Thursday that “the arrangement was done before we even knew about Taylor Martinez or that we knew he was a football player.”

No word on whether Osborne was smirking when he spoke with the reporter.


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8 responses to “See what he did there?

  1. JBJ

    Wait wait wait. So they Nebraska signed a contract with Corn Fed one year before they offered the guy’s son a scholarship and Osborne says they didn’t know? Wow.

    Even if that were true, why is it appropriate to keep the relationship after you offer his son a scholarship?


  2. 69Dawg

    NCAA officially incorporates the Sgt Schultz defense into it’s rules “I (WE) KNOW NOTHINGGGGGGG!”


  3. Brandon

    This is hilarious. The NCAA has gotten themselves in the position our law enforcement authorities would be if Courts started accepting as a matter of law the “I found it or I don’t know how that got there” defense in petty drug cases.


    • gastr1

      The thing that worries me is, What is anyone going to do about the NCAA? Selective enforcement has been issue for them for a while now (anyone remember Duke forfeiting games after Core Maggette was found ineligible for signing with an agent? Riiiiiiight.)…Who’s going to get these arse-wipes to change their ways? I mean, public scrutiny/pressure has always worked so well with them.


  4. Russ The Temporary Mascot

    Just woke up…

    What am I doing in Memphis?


  5. Chris

    On this one I am actually kinda “meh?” ::shoulder shrug::

    If Nebraska was his first deal, or if he didnt have deals with other schools, then that makes me start to think a little more about it since that would be about the only way to establish quid pro quo which I assume to be the NCAA standard, oh wait, do they actually have standards?

    Though I do feel like a clothing line called “corn fed” should be doing a little better than just 5K in profit to the “Cornhusker” nation…