Game day thread, Auburn edition


Because Russ wants you to comment.



November 12, 2011 · 11:02 AM

64 responses to “Game day thread, Auburn edition

  1. BeardDawg

    Patin beat me to it, but just to reiterate….. GATA!


  2. KornDawg

    Tailgating in the East Campus lot right now. Go Dawgs!


  3. Dawg Vent

    Here are your long-awaited, Dawg Vent Predictions:

    Jarvis Jones: 2 sacks
    Baccari Rambo: 1 interception
    Isaiah Crowell: 170 yards rushing, 2 touchdowns
    Aaron Murray: 250 yards passing, 27 yards rushing, 2 touchdowns
    Brandon Boykin: 98 yard KO return for TD
    Blair Walsh: 2/2 FG

    Final Score: UGA 41, Auburn 17

    Mark Richt: Fired after the game

    FIRE MARK RICHT!!!!!!!1!


  4. H-Town Dawg

    Goooooooooooooooooooooo DAWGS! SIC ‘EM! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!


  5. Martin Kopp

    My prediction? Pain.

    Mr. T


  6. Mg4life0331

    Looking for the Tri-fecta vs. Orange colored jerseys this year.


  7. NRBQ

    If Brandon and Branden each make 50-yard plays again, the Dawgs will be golden.


  8. Zdawg

    What was Bobo thinking on that play/series/ fumble? Ok got that out of the way. Wait this is the dawgvent isn’t it?


  9. Anybody know of an Android app the streams the UGA radio broadcast. F’ing wedding at 4:30 today. Help!


  10. Dokes

    You need to fire your friend/family member…


  11. Skeptic Dawg

    Tailgating on campus enjoying family and friends makes all of the skeptism disappear! Hunker Down Dawgs!


  12. timphd

    This is hard. Of course a Cock loss is best for the Dawgs, but the angst in Gator land is too sweet to not enjoy. What to root for? I’m perplexed.


  13. Carolinadawg

    Gators aren’t doing us any favors so far…


  14. Yesterday I was confident about a Dawg Win. Today, Not So Much. GATA.


  15. What fresh hell is this?

    First Danielson says Bennett’s catch hit the ground and now he wants helmet to helmet contact on the Auburn kick-off return.

    Fuck Gary Danielson and the Barn


    • adam

      He’s also the one who called Cam Newton’s punch to Rambo’s face a “stiff arm” and called the Auburn fans “sophisticated” for booing one of our injured players.

      Oh, and he also said that Cam Newton was a “great story” and that they didn’t want the NCAA to ruin their season.


  16. The other Doug

    I loved that pass to Figgins.


  17. CCC

    I’m in Paris and unfortunately my only means of listening to the game is the Auburn broadcast and a slow ESPN Gamecast. But I’m am enjoying the hell out of myself. Keep the comments coming!


  18. HVL Dawg

    I want 70!!!


  19. Turd Ferguson

    Certainly like what I see so far. I was worried that Malzahn might come up with some stuff during their bye week to offset our defensive strength, but aside from a trick play or two (sounds familiar …), that doesn’t appear to be the case.

    Is Crowell just really unlucky? Or does he have serious durability issues?


  20. We cannot let up on the gas; 1. because we did it last year and they came back (of course they had Cam Newton which helped a lot); 2. when we let up it’s boring as hell to watch and 3. because I want to drop 70 on them. Yes 70, just like HVL Dawg said. GO DAWGS!


  21. NRBQ

    Halftime stats:

    1st downs – UGA17 / AU4
    Yards – 325 / 89
    TOP – 19:07 / 10:53
    AU rush – minus 12 yards.



  22. Damn Bobo. He continues to let Thomas run the ball & we all know from previous comments, from last year too, that he doesn’t even deserve to have a scholarship. IT IS BOBO’S Fault.


  23. StirBaby's Hotrod

    Can’t let up on the Barn. After last hear’s Bama game, I won’t believe they’re done until the clock hits 0:00.


  24. BMan

    The only thing that would make this better is if they held Trooper Taylor’s punk ass down and beat him with socks full of soap bars.


  25. Carolinadawg

    It’s time to pull the starters before somebody gets hurt.


  26. Russ

    Gotta love that last scoring drive. Just grind the Cheat-ziks down with run after run. We didn’t even try to mix it up. A thing of beauty.

    This Georgia team is pretty good. Though I’m sure people will bitch about it somehow.


  27. Russ

    Oh, and defense solves a lot of problems.


  28. Russ

    Finally, I blame Bobo.


  29. wilcodawg

    Cold, calculated. No need for fights. Just beat them silly.

    Go Dawgs.


  30. PatinDC

    Russ was looking pretty fine on the field.

    A great game by the Dogs! In for the win.


  31. BigEZ

    Well Aaron “Conehead” Taylor just confirmed it on the CBS Sports after-show, Mark Richt is officially off the hot seat!


  32. Cosmic Dawg

    Hmmmm…say, where is everybody?
    What’s that?
    You say you’re all DRUNK?!
    Well, allrighty then!
    Goooooooo Daaaaawwwwwgs!!!


    • Cojones

      Gaggles of them are still walking down Lumpkin cheering, “Thomas!, Thomas!, Thomas!”. Others are layin in the bushes going,”Some theople pink I’m under the alcofluence of incohol.”


  33. Mayor of Dawgtown

    The best revenge……..


  34. W Cobb Dawg

    The Dawgs are terrific when they fire on all cylinders! It was beautiful to watch.


  35. ugafidelis

    That WAS beautiful. Just damn beautiful!


  36. Cojones

    I haven’t seen shit from Bama or LSU that leads me to believe we can’t beat either one.

    Murray is The Chosen One. And the toughest Dawg.

    Thomas up the middle for 127. Will Bobo ever come up with anything imaginative? And Richt just walks the sideline talking into the mike. No passion. Just kicks their ass. He’s too passive. Grantham is secretly running the team. Where does he find the time while holding the Barners down and throttling the hell out of them? There have to be some negative stats here somewhere. I’ll be up all night searching. The refs gave it to us.


    • Cojones: You are spot on. Why run Thomas up the middle when he only gets an 8plus YPC out of it, Maybe it is execution & not play calling ?. The O under Bobo has not been the problem in the past. It has been the D. Now the Dawgs have the D to win a SECCG. I Blame Bobo. GATA.


  37. ugafidelis

    Cojones, I know that’s a joke, so as a quasi-superstitious pessimist/realist I’ll hold my coaching vs. execution comments until after the first weekend in December.


  38. ugafidelis

    But your first sentence is spot on.


    • Cojones

      So were the first two paragraphs. You aren’t one of those Buttheads are you? Suspect your fidelis is military linked. If so, I hope your Veterans Day was as meaningful as mine. If not, sounds like you ought to take the uga off until after first week in December.


  39. James Stephenson

    You know, watching the second half of that game and I saw Auburn just flat out Quit. How many times, have you seen GA quit under Richt. Even when they got blown out early against Alabama, GA came back in the second half. But that Auburn team yesterday, flat out quit. I mean 8-9 peeps in the box and you can not stop i-formation rushing, QUIT.

    I am happy about it, but also a little surprised.


  40. Lrgk9

    Who is that Will Friend guy?


  41. ugafidelis

    Cojones, I was hoping to get to a computer to reply to avoid wasting more space, but no joy.

    No, I don’t consider myself a butthead, and no I’m not holding my opinions where you imply.

    I’m just one of those guys that came of age a Dawg fan in the 90s in Indian Country. I LOVE more than anything the path that we are currently on; but, after all these years I can’t help but look back on recent history (most recently 2008-2010).

    I HOPE with all my being that the course has reversed and the ship is now sailing in the right direction. I would love more than anything to see us go to The Dome and do to whoever we play what we did to LSU in 05. SEC in the BCSCG be damned.

    All I’m syaing is I’m going to wait to hold my coaching vs. execution comments until after that game. Maybe even until after the season. Yes, we are looking very good. And yes, after the shalacking(sp?) we gave Auburn last week it seems things are back on the right track.

    I’ve never been a “fire Richt” guy. Bobo maybe, but the past 8 weeks have swayed my opinion on him. Then again I’ve never been a stats or an Xs and Os guy. I’m a W and L guy.

    I see things how I see them and I’ve always been and always will be a faithful Dawg.

    All I know is after last season and the first two games of this year something needed to change. On the surface it appears it has. I hope so. I truly do.

    And yes… I agree with you about Murray. But no, I will NEVER take the UGA off my handle.