What in the hell just happened?

Did New Mexico State return to play today?

And what do you call that thing where the offense groups together before running a play?


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  1. Zdawg

    What just happened? Auburn got theirs. Go dawgs! Feels good. REAL good.

  2. TennesseeDawg

    Payback’s a bitch.

  3. TennesseeDawg

    We had more rushing plays (56) than the Barners had rushing yards (51). Total ass kicking damned if Grantham isn’t worth every penny.

  4. Scott

    enjoying the Fire Chizik posts on the AU boards. most just want Roof fired immediately and denied transportation home. “what have you done for me lately” comes to mind.

    • Keese

      What has Chizeck ever done? Malzahn, Fairley and Newton were the drivers for them last year

      • Scott

        And don’t forget the boosters all that cash paid to get them. Your sentiment was expressed by some AU fans. Some think last year was a fluke bc of the additions of Newton and Fairley, and that such a year is likely never to happen again.

        But, to be fair, you have to give Chizik credit winning the title. That high tempo offense really wore down teams and won them so many games in the 4th quarter. They just lost a lot of players to graduation.

        • Brandon

          They got lucky in a lot of close games last year too, sometimes that happens, you have to give them credit for making the most of it. With that said though, they also picked a good year in the sec in that, there were no great defenses in conference last year. This year’s bama, lsu, uga, and usce defenses are all better than any defense we had in the conference last year.

        • TrboDawg

          I wouldn’t say they lost them to “Graduation” per se…

  5. Scott

    When you have a good defense, good things can happen offensively, e.g. short fields, just less pressure mentally on the skill players. But I guess the big difference today was that Murray was on target today as compared to some less accurate games and we played better on special teams.

    • Ben

      Danielson pointed out that we had more starters on KO Coverage. I couldn’t really tell because I was watching at home w/ the kiddos, but I guess that’s true.

      Great beating today, though.

      • Scott

        When I was a kid, my Dad would tell me to sit down, shut up and not to move or speak without permission. Being terrified of him, that worked. But I guess parents these days can’t really get away with that approach.

        We did have new personnel on the kick coverage. Sailors made a great tackle on a kick return, and previously, Sailors was only on the punt teams. Quintavious Harrow was out there and made a great play. Bogatay had a couple of touchbacks.

        • gastr1

          Not that I want to dwell on this after such a fantastic day, but in what in hell is up with Drew Butler?

          • Scott

            Well it was just one punt, but coming off that poor UF game, it stands out. He is a Ray Guy award winner, so I am hoping its just a bump in the road.

            • No One Knows You're a Dawg

              I watched him warming up before the start of the second half and he doesn’t appear to have any physical promblem. He was consistently booming the ball 40-50 yards with good hang time.

          • Cojones

            He punted immediately after they announced his Dad was in the stands watching. Into each life……….We all have had those moments. His was today with the whole friggin world watching. He probably just needs a drink to steady up like Lee Marvin in “Cat Bellou”.

  6. BeardDawg

    I’ll be the first to say it here. I blame Bobo. Good job Dawgs. Ring that chapel bell once for me guys!

  7. NRBQ

    Well I’m just sayin’ that I been sayin’ for weeks that Crowell needs to run as the tailback in an I formation. And all of his second-half carries came lined up deep.
    (Disclaimer: never been in the arena.)

    An ass-kicking of Hawaii proportions!

    • PhillyDawg

      Its been several years since I enjoyed Georgia football like I did today. Welcome back old friend.

      • gastr1

        I just watched a youtube clip of Alabama ’08. It’s funny how at the end of that game they weer saying that Alabama was back. I’m beginning to think maybe we are finally back after three years wandering the barren plain.

        • Cojones

          Think now it will be called “the barren Plainesmen”.

          Know how to get a one-armed Barner out of a tree?
          Just wave at him.

    • Cojones

      NRBQ- The play is now called “#22 straight downhill” in honor of Samuel IV.

  8. AthensHomerDawg

    Sausage anyone…. anyone?

  9. Matt R

    I blame Bobo, too! And that hit on the kick off return!!! Man what a slammer! Great to be a Dawg!!! Reminds of a certain game back in 2007. What a time to gel!!! Its great to be a bulldog!

  10. BMan

    The defense dictated the game. Auburn’s offense was off the field quickly and that allowed the Georgia offense to stay in a rhythm, and eventually the Barners D was worn out. And kudos to Bobo, Murray, Richt, and the whole gang for going for the throat. That’s what we’ve all been screaming for.

  11. Brandon

    For those of us who have who have begged and pleaded with others for 5 years that our main problem was defense: I declare victory. What you just saw is one of those shootout games we have either won or loss narrowly the last 5 years except this time we could play defense. God bless Mike Bobo. God bless Todd Grantham. God bless Mark Richt and God bless America, GO DAWGS!

    • Russ

      I’ve said it for several years. A great defense fixes a lot of problems. I have complete confidence in our defense this year. Yes, we’ll get scored on in the first half, but come second half, it’s lights out, baby!

      • Brandon

        Yes you have definately been a fellow laborer, reminded me of Tech 02 today. As long as we play defense like that the happy days are here again. Let us never forget again that in the SEC if you want to win consistently having a great defense is not optional.

        • Scott

          How will our defense /scheme play against Tech’s offense?

          • AusDawg85

            We have size in the middle, speed on the corners. Our DB’s can play man, especially against the weak throwing Washington. We can only beat ourselves vs. the gnats. Bet the line is 14 pts or more for us.

            But we MUST beat the Cats first!

    • Cojones

      Dang! Feels like I’m in a tent revival and everybody walked down front. Hallelujah!!

  12. CrawforDawg

    My spouse and I just decided tonight’s game was the most complete effort by a Dawg team since the Greene-Pollack days. We will indeed give the west champs a run for their money. Go Dawgs!

    • Scott

      Besides when we whooped #5 ranked Auburn 37-15 in 2006, I would have to agree with you. Its crazy how those Vegas gamblers know what they are doing. I heard there were far more bets on Auburn this week, but the big money bets were on Georgia causing the spread to actually increase to 13.5 at game time.

      • GShock

        I would say it’s the best performance since UGA vs. Hawaii in Sugar Bowl 2007 for sure!

        • Mike

          Was thinking the exact same thing.

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Nope…Arkansas in the SEC Championship

          • Sanford222view

            An Arky win doesn’t mean they will play in the SECCG. I bet if they upset LSU in a close one that it will still come down to LSU and Bama to go to Atlanta. LSU likely won’t drop outside 5 spots from Bama in the BCS so they would still go over Bama having the head-to-head tiebreaker. Of course that is assuming Arky is still third of those three in the BCS.

            • Ty Webb

              If Arky passes LSU in the BCS standings (and Bama doesn’t lose), that is incorrect reading of the tiebreaker. Would come down to head-to-head between Bama and Arky, so Bama would go.

      • adam

        I thought we were much more dominating tonight than the 2006 Auburn game. That game was impressive, but the numbers tonight are borderline insanity.

  13. Keese

    If the Dawgs play like that again there’s not many teams that can beat them.

    Senator…now this is how I envisioned Murray playing to his capability.

  14. baltimore dawg

    give grantham whatever it takes to keep him in athens as long as possible.

  15. buzzDawg

    It’s a great win for the Dawgs over a ranked team. I was worried about playing LSU in the championship game but now I say bring on LSU. Dome to Dome Dawgs!

  16. The other Doug

    Carlton Thomas is a stud.

    Please disregard all previous posts from me on this subject.

    • Joe

      GET him OUTSIDE, that’s been and remains the key.

      • Cosmic Dawg

        He had great runs up the middle tonight, too – I’d bet most of his best runs were up the middle. I used to agree with you, but if you don’t run him straight you don’t keep ’em honest. CT used to get so much grief for simply being small (well before the suspensions) – as if he could help that -that I’m really glad he’s had some success this year.

        • Cojones

          Give that guy a doobie and ask him to be tested early this week so the results will be back before the Kentu……..Never mind. That would be three strikes. On second thought, put him and Crowell and Boo back to pulling sleds. Seems to have done them a lot of good.

        • Kevin

          all the credit goes to the line for that

    • Russ

      Agreed. Thomas played big, plus I loved his blitz pickup on the TD pass to Bennett in the 1st quarter.

    • Scott

      Samuels looked great against UF, and Thomas picked up where Samuels left off. Suddenly, our RB’s know how to hit a hole and run with authority. They didn’t run like that early on in the season.

      • NRBQ

        It’s pretty simple, Scott. UGA ran primarily from the shotgun the first half of the season (back beside the QB and no fullback).

        Since they reverted to the I formation (against UF late with Samuel and for the entire second half tonight) the tailbacks have been way more efficient.

        If they run this against Tek, I expect IC will have 200 yards.

        • Scott

          Thanks for the insight. I wasn’t aware of the switch but now it seems obvious. A huge difference. What have run in past years? Is this I formation new for Bobo/ Richt?

        • Dawgfan Will

          Not that I don’t agree with you about the running out of the I, but a lot of Thomas’s runs, especially in the first half, were out of the shotgun.

          • Cojones

            Second half saw Thomas and Crowell both run from the I formation. Gary Danielson told the world so it must be true. By the way, Both Gary and Verne said that they loved UGA, the fans and Athens and wanted to be back often. Those boys know when they see a good thing all the way through next year. Those boys were condemned to shit duty at Georgia and came up smelling like roses this week. Guess we are gonna be stuck with’um. No more hate mail for them because they will now be the xspurts on the Dawgs. That goes for you too, Turd.

      • Sanford222view

        It is SAMUEL not Samuels. Richard Samuel IV. DGD!

  17. Russ

    F’n WWL can’t stop talking about PSU to actually cover any football highlights. One of our most complete performances in several years, and nary a mention on the “highlights”. Pee on ESPN.

    I blame Bobo.

    • gastr1

      Yeah, after their lazy pathetic excuses for journalists didn’t even notice what was going on until several small-town Pa newspapers went after it.

      WWL. What a sad joke they are. Pretty hard to give sports journalism a bad name, but they accomplish it fantastically.

      • BMan

        Things happening while ESPN is considering a story on what the Paterno family will serve for breakfast tomorrow:

        1. Boise State leaves the discussion
        2. Stanford appears to want to join them for a smoke break
        3. Andrew Luck misplaced a Heisman trophy
        4. The Dogs kicked some ass
        5. The Gators season didn’t just go down the toilet, the toilet was clogged and their shitty season has spilled all over everything.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        The small town papers have been all over PSU since APRIL……no national coverage, none, nada, no siento.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      Even our local sports radio couldn’t give it a rest this week – it was like sports TMG radio. And now that the scandal has been thoroughly talked into the ground, during the UGA – AU halftime report we got a preview of what we can look forward to for the next three weeks: the “healing” stories – how Penn State is valiantly, courageously rebuilding after their time of darkness. So wrong.

      The “win one for the guy who didn’t report the child molester to the police” Penn State motif today was 100% f***ing ridiculous. Screw Penn State – they have a pretty twisted sense of loyalty.

  18. JaxDawg

    “I believe we’re overthinking AU. We’re the better team and have played like it. Our D is much, much better than theirs (which is why we will win decisively), and our O is more productive than theirs.

    We’ll win today and wonder why we all fretted so much over the outcome. It indicative of a confidence issue – the fans are not yet confident that we can win these game. I guess I can’t blame them. I don’t think the team feels that way though.”

    I love it when I’m right.

  19. Bryant Denny

    Great job, Dawgs!

    • gastr1

      We’ll be checking to see if you can whup ’em that hard too!🙂

    • Cojones

      Thanks for the ammo BD. I think the Sabin rant is over now and you can tippy-toe back on here. But I’ll warn you, second only to Auburn’s travesty last year is the night whuppin that Bama put on us. While I believe Sabin respects Georgia’s might and was as surprised as we were that the first half was so easy and warned your troops about a second half comeback by the Dawgs, there are those among us who don’t see the benevolent way that Richt and I do. Many say “Efstars forgiveness” and hold bad feelings until we meet again. Jus’ sayin’ and thanks again.

  20. Russ

    The only thing that would make today better would be if the clowns at the NCAA came out and said they found the smoking gun on Auburn paying sCam Newton,

  21. I don’t know what happened but whatever it was, I Blame Bobo.

  22. NRBQ

    AM#11 with 9 TD throws in three quarters leading up to halftime.

  23. Scott

    Is it just me or does it appear that Murray throws better when Crowell is not pass protecting?

    • Cosmic Dawg

      I sometimes feel bad for IC pass protecting, because he’s just sort of hanging out there in space, looking for somebody and not finding them. But I do give him credit – I think he really is looking for somebody to block.

  24. Skeeter

    To the tune of The Roof Is on Fire” from Rock Master Scott & the Dynamic Three:
    “Da Roof, da Roof, Ted Roof is on fire!
    We don’t need no water, let da Barn burn!
    Burn Awww-burnnn!”

    Oh, if LSUFreek would do something with this!

  25. Turd Ferguson

    Keep it down, guys. My wife went to Auburn, and the perma-grin I’m currently sporting is about all she can tolerate at this point.

    • NRBQ

      C’mon, Turd. Giving her the a small measure of the Soulja Dance will be worth 2-3 weeks in the doghouse!

      • Cojones

        Might be a good idea to put a wine cellar in that doghouse. Works for me. And dog biscuits ain’t bad with a good port. Of course you could do what I do with the ‘Nesian and tell her the Dawgs have a game every weekend,52 in all. Can’t make every game, but sure is a builtin way to get outta town when need be.

  26. Now my biggest hope is that everyone who reads Sports & Grits now knows that they (S&G) are full of something that rhymes with grits.

  27. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I just opened up a bottle of Macallan 12 yr old to celebrate.

      • Macallanlover

        Beat you to it Mayor, started a little while ago (actually poured a little 18 year in honor of the occasion.) A most enjoyable win today, total domination. We sat on the lead and still dominated the 2nd Half. Even when they knew we were running the clock out and stacked the box we blew them off the ball. Murray could have broken the TD record today (single game) but we chose to gash them for over 300 yards. Has to feel good for Aaron after the sleazy game AU played last year. The sweet taste of revenge competes favorably with The Macallan. Good evening all.

        • adam

          After the shit they pulled last year, I wanted Aaron to throw for 10 against them. He may have if we had let him.

          • Russ

            Nah, it was great running 15 consecutive running plays between the tackles and having them helpless to stop it. If not for IC’s second fumble, we would’ve had two grind-it-out TDs against them. Those types of drives are soul-crushing. I loved it.

  28. Scott

    I will cross my fingers and hope Grantham’s temper/ demeanor keeps him at UGA for a few years and prevents him from getting a head coaching job.

    • gastr1

      Dude is not really the HC type,though, I think that’s kind of obvious. He’s a specialist, a techie, a hard-core strategy geek. HC has to be a people manager more than a coordinator does, gives up a lot of the intricacies of the playbook. I don’t see Grantham going that direction.

      It’s the NFL I’d be worried about.

      • James Stephenson

        Doesn’t he have a lake house at Burton though? Pay him well, you don’t work nearly as hard in college as in the pros. Plus you get to teach kids who respect you and want to play hard for you. Unless he wants a HC job, like BVG than he may be willing to stay DC at GA for a good while.

  29. Irishdawg

    How’s that for a win against a ranked team? That was as thorough a curb stomping as I’ve seen the Dawgs lay on a decent team in quite a while. AU’s offense didn’t know whether to shit or go blind and their defense was getting toyed with.

    • AusDawg85

      No, no, no. Auburn will be unranked and we will be Dawgpolled down come Sunday night.

      • Macallanlover

        Exactly. Many of those teams without winning records would have had one had we not played them and won. Who cares? It’s all about the SEC titles, and we look to get a shot at one next month. Tough road, but these are rare opportunities, all you can ask for is a shot.

      • Cojones

        Yeah, but with one “l”.

  30. Zdawg

    From a email thread with an auburn fan before the game:

    But I think the extra week off could help Moseley immeasurably. If AU could nullify Lattimore way back on October 1st, I feel good about an improved front seven stopping Crowell.
    ….the writers have bought into UGA but dissed AU.

    And UGA has not beaten anyone. AU held Lattimore to 32 yds and he shredded you guys

    I m pleased with the improvement and think that Benson or especially Reed is ready to break out.

  31. Scott

    BAMA is 0-2 in fg attempts in the first half tonight. Their problems continue.

  32. Skeptic Dawg

    As many on this site know, I have been banging the “CMR IS DONE” drum for sometime now. I was not a believer. Until today. I was wrong. To CMR and to all that stood by him, I apologize. Great win for the Dawgs and the Dawg Nation. I will not doubt him again.
    Skeptic Dawg
    In Search Of A New Handle

  33. heyberto


  34. BMan

    The front seven on D have really started to assert themselves. I’m enjoying the times when either Jarvis Jones or Ogletree take the wide rush and the QB naturally steps up…except he steps up into a collapsing pocket where someone like Abry Jones has pushed forward, or Christian Robinson has come up the middle. It’s not auite a Jailbreak, but it’s pretty damn close.

  35. Melody

    The final score is dedicated to last year’s Dirtiest Player of the Game Award winner, Nick Fairley. Karma is a boomerang🙂

  36. Stoopnagle

    …like a rented mule.

    I like to ride in my truck…

  37. Mike

    Not a lot has been said about Tereshinski, but man, it’s so nice to see us actually finish a game and look like the stronger of the two teams.

    Go Dawgs, Go CMR, Go CTG and Go Coach T!!!

  38. Normaltown Mike

    Was Auburn 2010 just as avg as the 2011 team but they had 2 once in a generation players in Cam & Fairley?

    I hope they are about to fall on hard times.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      They will undoubtedly beat Samford next game but most likely lose to Bama the next. That would give them a 7-5 regular season record with the bowl still to come. A bowl loss would get them to 7-6. One can only hope.

    • Cojones

      Hell, they were easy pickins year before last. We beat some of these same people before.

  39. Cosmic Dawg

    I am super pumped about this totally sweet and awesome win, and I think our team, especially this year, plays pretty clean football. For the most part, they conduct themselves with a lot more discipline and show better character than I did at their age.

    However – I’d be interested to know which one of our players was poking the Auburn player in the eyes during one of the pile-ups – believe it may have been following an IC fumble in the 3rd quarter? He didn’t look like he was seriously trying to injure the other guy, and may have just been trying to motivate the Auburn player to get off IC – it looked more like poking and less like gouging.

    But if I’m going to cry foul over the behavior of last year’s Auburn squad, it is only fair that we acknowledge our own dirtbaggery when we see it. This may actually be what separates us from the Auburns of the world when it’s all said and done.

    That and stomping them tonight. And foxier women. And a better town. And only having one mascot. And all that CMR love….

  40. Nate

    How come nobody has mentioned Q’s ridiculous hit on the first-half kick off? Best moment of the afternoon. I knew right then it was over.

  41. Lrgk9

    Ahh; and that Will Friend guy.