Maybe a rematch is God’s will.

How else to explain this?


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  1. TennesseeDawg

    The Cyclones under Rhoads have been giant killers from time to time. OSU didn’t have the defense. Time for Pawl to plead Bama’s case again

    • TennesseeDawg

      Iowa State in the last 2 years has beaten OSU, Iowa, Nebraska, Texas, & Texas Tech. The SEC could have 3 BCS teams if Georgia can win the SECCG.

      • Bob

        That is right Tennessee Dawg. Most folks don’t know about that one caveat to the BCS rule of two teams per conference. IF, in the final BCS standings, a conference has the #1 and #2 teams AND neither has won their conference championship, that conference will have 3 teams in BCS bowls. LSU is unbeaten and loses a close one to UGA. Bama and LSU play in New Orleans a week after Georgia plays in the Sugar. How wierd…and frustrating will that be?

      • Scott W.

        Or if UGA loses today, a loss as unlikely as OkSt’s loss, they won’t go to the SECCG. All the game did last night was scare me. Ok St looked at the game as a formality which UGA has tended to do with UK. I just hope the Dawgs are all business just like last week.

        • Silver Creek Dawg

          I agree that Okie Lite took Iowa State lightly.

          Let me also add that the tragic plane crash earlier in the day that killed the women’s basketball coaching staff 10 years after the tragedy that killed much of the men’s program HAD to weigh heavily on the players’ minds as well. How much more should one athletic program endure?

      • Spence

        Chizik really built a program over there at Iowa St.

        Also, if there has to be a rematch, why shouldn’t it be Oregon/LSU? They at least won their conference. (The Senator may have made that point already).

  2. I wanna Red Cup

    All the so called experts are assuming lsU goes undefeated. What happens when the DAWGS beat them?

  3. Skeptic Dawg

    And the college football playoffs take care of yet another would-be contender. Does this have the smell of 2007 all over again or what?

  4. Brandon

    Somewhere Mike Slive is sitting behind a desk petting a cat and saying to Penn Wagers: “I want you to use all your powers, and your skills to insure that LSU does not lose.”

  5. Dawg Mike

    Seems I remember after the 2006-07 season they were saying Georgia couldn’t go to the National Championship game because ” they didn’t even play in the conference championship game!” Would this not also apply to Alabama or LSU???

    • Macallanlover

      Depends on which day you ask Gumby, I mean Herby. Actually, it isn’t which day, it is which teams are involved. What a crock the end of CFB has become. At least prior to the BCS everyone knew we had no NCs, now some think we have rectified it. Nay, nay, we have only put a little lipstick on that ugly pig and given the sheep a system to believe in and proclaim greatness if the computer geeks and talking heads annoit them.

  6. Turd Ferguson

    I can see it now … LSU-Alabama rematch for the BCS championship. Alabama wins by a field goal in overtime. LSU insists that they share the title. Nick Saban declares his undying love for NCAA overtime rules. Herbstreit assures us that he’s always believed the two best teams in the country should play for the national title, no matter if they won a conference title. And I drink, and I drink, and I drink.

    How awful. Just please, God, don’t let Georgia somehow get screwed by all of this.

    • Zdawg

      Turd, I’ll be pleased with an SEC championship. Bama and LSU can get voted into whatever title game they want.

      • Turd Ferguson

        Yeah, I’m in essentially the same boat. Just as long as this BCS madness doesn’t affect Georgia’s bowl berth in any kind of negative way. Granted, I don’t know nearly enough about the bowl selection process to have any clear ideas of how it could, but I can’t help but think that if there IS a way for Georgia to get screwed, it’ll happen.

  7. DB

    With all the bad things in college football off the field this year isn’t it something that the games may save the season. Wow!!

  8. dean

    This is exactly whay I hope Georgia comes out focused and takes care of buisness early. Who gave Iowa St. a chance in that game?

    • Macallanlover

      Not I, and I am a staunch believer in the “any given Saturday” philosophy. Didn’t see that coming, shame it was on a Friday night. Would have been much more drama with that score coming across PA systems and TV broadcasts across the country on Saturday.

  9. AusDawg85

    LSU, and the remaining 1 loss teams all have a potential loss in front of them. Let’s see how this plays out, let the Dawgs win out, and maybe, just maybe….

    • Armageddon is upon the BCS and Herbstreit. UGA will be part of the BCSCG, and Herbie cannot do anything about it except yak. I just wish this can happen. But a fan like me can be delusional. And it is actually a lot of fun to let your delusions run their coarse.

  10. God’s Will is for the DAWGS to play at the BCSCG.

  11. yurdle

    Beware the 28-point underdog.

    • The Lone Stranger

      As I watch now, and with IC shaky on the ankle & C.Thomas MIA & of course RSIV out you’ve said something there with gravitas.

  12. Bulldog Joe

    Can you imagine Georgia, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Alabama, and some pi$$ed off LSU fans all in New Orleans on the same week?