It’s a good thing he wasn’t asked about the hookers.

Craig James gets caught in a lie about hiring a PR firm to combat Mike Leach and then defends himself by telling another lie about the timing of the hiring.

There’s really no way ESPN could bring James back after all of this, is there?



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12 responses to “It’s a good thing he wasn’t asked about the hookers.

  1. ScooBoo

    Surely you jest. Who do you think paid for the hookers? SMU was good programing back in the day.


  2. paul

    Sure, they’ll take him back. The most popular shows on television today are the shows about the biggest train wrecks. Reality programming they call it. Who’s a bigger train wreck than James? People will watch. That’s all ESPN cares about. If what he said actually mattered or if talent were a requirement he would have never been on air to begin with.


  3. Cojones

    All his opponents need to do (before sticking a fork in him) is have a pair of pants with James’s name on it and set them on fire on camera with his TV quotes as background.


    • Five Dead Hookers Speaking From The Grave

      “Get him!!!”


      • shane#1

        That should be alleged hookers from an alleged grave. Nothing has been proven about my client, I mean Craig James, killing alleged hookers in an alleged hotel room, allegedly!


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    I haven’t kept up with Leach’s legal suit against TT, James, etc. and don’t know if it’ll ever get to a courtroom. But if it’s proceeding I think it’s safe to say Leach can start looking at oceanfront property in Hawaii.


    • Cojones

      A lot of it if he gets into ESPN’s pockets. Their acting as cohorts with an employee to cost a D-1 Head Coach his job should be repudiated strongly by us all. Not only that, but an employee who worked the system illegally when he was a player which was before he became a public liar and politician. Sordid behavior by him and ESPN must not be allowed to go unpunished.