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When you don’t feel like mincing words

I get the impression that Mike Leach was disappointed in his team’s whipping by Utah last night.


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Quid pro quo, bitchez.

Mike Leach, saying the quiet part out loud:

His deposition in the next antitrust suit ought to be epic.


UPDATE:  In case you missed it, Danny Kanell is a moron.

I mean, unless you really think it’s the official position of the NCAA that players have jobs, that is… nah, he’s a moron.


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A pay for play buffet

A few morsels rounded up for your reading pleasure:

  • A reminder about the value of that free education the NCAA touts:  “According to 2018 report from USC’s Race and Equity Center, just 55% of black athletes from the Power Five conferences, which include college sports’ most profitable programs, graduate in six years as compared to 69.3% of all student-athletes.”
  • This is a detailed breakdown of how we got to California’s Fair Pay to Play Act, as well as what we might expect to see if there’s a court challenge (assuming it passes, of course).
  • Scratch Mike Leach on the subject of paying players and he sounds a lot more like Dabo than Mike Leach.
  • For those of you who don’t get how antitrust law and cartels work, remember that you don’t have to buy tuna fish.


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“How is this guy gonna work out in West Texas?”

Bruce Feldman’s oral history of Mike Leach’s first staff and team at Texas Tech ($$) is a must read.

Amazing factoid:  “Combined with the Red Raider players on that squad, eight people from that team are or were head coaches of FBS programs, eight more have been coordinators at the FBS level, and in all, 23 have been college or NFL coaches.”

Whether or not you’re impressed with Leach’s record, you can’t deny his impact on the game of football.


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Style tips from Mike Leach

And, I ask you, who among us hasn’t been there?


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From John Currie to Phil Fulmer, a play in three acts

This quote from Mike Leach about the circumstances around Tennessee looking to hire him in 2017 is something else:

“Shortly after that, there was a coup d’etat at the University of Tennessee, and it was,” Leach said. “It was a coup d’etat. You can call it what you want, and I hope I don’t hurt anybody’s feelings at Tennessee, but it’s a fact. It was like something out of Shakespeare. All the sudden, they call home the AD, and en route they off him. Then the king, or the chancellor, who orders the offing of the AD because the guards are around him demanding that it be done in order to secure a position. Shortly after that, they off the president. Then the off the very chancellor who set it all in motion, allegedly. There was a whole power shift. Anyway, hopefully the ground for the good people at Tennessee is more stable now.”

Shakespeare wrote both tragedies and farces.  I wonder which category Leach believes applies.


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Meanwhile, on the other side of the continent…

Mike Leach apparently isn’t a morning person.

I wonder if anyone has considered that he might make a better conference commissioner than Larry Scott.


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