You’re too good, you’re too good, you’re too good, baby, you’re too good.

Shorter Seth Emerson:  Jarvis, you’d be more important if you weren’t as great a player as you are.


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11 responses to “You’re too good, you’re too good, you’re too good, baby, you’re too good.

  1. StirBaby's ManPiece

    I miss David Hale

  2. Castleberry

    Quality depth behind Jarvis is the reason for this ranking. Theus should have been one. I’m betting Murray, Mitchell, and Marshall are in the top five. Curious to see who else he puts in.

    • Cojones

      Theus was one. Backtrack on Seth’s writeups and I think you will enjoy. Seth’s idea here is good and constitutes a way to not only view the player and what he is capable of, but also you see where that player’s role intermingles with each of the surrounding players according to their roles. It’s a refreshing way for getting to know the team and gets you setup for Fall.

  3. Shooter

    Take it for what it is – 10 articles that basically write themselves. A heck of an idea that allows for a semi-vacation for the writer during a dry time for bulldog football news.

  4. Whats up, Dawg?

    I would say at least 50 percent of what college football beat writers put out there are just re-hashing of the same overused comparisons, stats, so called “queston marks” and so on. Guys. if it wasn’t for recruiting, and the not-soon-enough death of the BCS, we would be in absolute football purgatory right now.

  5. Cojones

    He is not using athletic prowess ranking, only their value to the rest of the team. Seth acknowledges he is “the five best players on the team” while viewing the player in the scope of next year’s games.

    Essentially, I agree wholeheartedly with this type of ranking. It’s an objective method to really view your team as a group according to how they compliment each other. An example is of the planning teams will make to render Jarvis’s impact on their game as minimal as possible and how that opponent game planning will open up the game for Washington to be a star.

    The point about Jarvis being the object of some opponent’s O plan should give us more realistic views of his play potential. An expectation is that his sacks will be lower than this year’s total. They may call more plays up the gut, but we envision two stalwart immovable objects making the runner go between the tackle and guard so Washington and others get shots. It’s pretty exciting visualizing each of the D players and backups like Herrera and Gilliard getting in the mix as most needed players. Prediction: Quintavious Harrow will become known as a highly rated backup to these guys. Seth’s examination of each player in that cog role of other parts working well is a great way to field your expectations along with the team when you see the interdependency through each player’s eyes.

    Go back to previous weeks and especially see that a player who isn’t yet on campus was projected into this team by Seth using Richt’s words as conclusive. The writeup on Shawn Williams was the most specific info I’ve read in one place on that player. I don’t get the anti-Seth sentiment especially since it was David Hale who advocated him as replacement. I think anyone is missing it not to follow these player writeups. Until now, I only read Seth sporadically, but think I’ll seek him out more. I like to read where individual players are in their “quest”. Thank you, Senator.

  6. Lrgk9

    yeah, I approve of Seth Also.

  7. CowetaDawg

    WHY can I not read the Macon Telegraph or the Columbus Ledger online? I used to read Hale/Seth’s blog all the time until the switch. SOMEBODY help a brotha out!

    • Cojones

      Look on here (Dawgbone). If it’s not above center line, then go up to “links” in the heading.