Is the OBC jumping the shark?

I’m beginning to wonder if Steve Spurrier is running his mouth just to play to his audience.  Yesterday, he pitched the idea, as he did last year, about pay to play.  But he’s upped the ante considerably.

At the top of that list is outspoken South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier, who again suggested the SEC’s 14 coaches could pay players—out of their own pockets—an annual stipend for expenses not covered by a scholarship.

A nice thought in theory, until you dig down and realize that the NCAA membership last year voted down a proposal that would give players an extra $2,000 per year to supplement full cost of attendance.

Spurrier wants to pay them $4,000.

Matt Hayes called him on his BS… and Spurrier folded.

So after he trotted out his idea, after he spoke at length about helping out players—after he said he got his first job at Duke in 1987 making $75,000 and players today get the same now as they did then while he and other coaches now make millions—I asked Spurrier if his plan to pay players included all 85 scholarship players.

“Well, that’s where it gets a little tricky,” he said.

No shit, Sherlock.


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19 responses to “Is the OBC jumping the shark?

  1. ScoutDawg

    “No shit Sherlock”, aaahhh, sweet-talk.


  2. sniffer

    It’s about building his legacy. He senses a day when players are compensated and he wants to be remembered as the coach who started the conversation. I’m guessing the thought came to him somewhere around Amen Corner, up by three with six to play…


    • The ATH

      I figured it was more of a recruiting ploy. “Well shucks, I’m on the record for saying you guys deserve more money. I’d give it to you out of my own pocket if I could.”


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    So it’s a good idea when it’s Lattimore and Clowney, but when it comes to Billy Benchsitter, let’s not get carried away here.


    • gastr1

      Of course. The real question is, do the OBC dogs, I mean QBs, get paid for playing and get nothing as soon as they are yanked out of a game in the second quarter? Does the fourth-stringer who gets a surprise start against Alcorn State because OBC has had it with his other two get a paycheck versus Alcorn State, then go back to nothing when Spurrier reverts to one of his top two whipping boys of the moment?

      Oh, OBC. You’re not a players’ coach, come on. Go back to swilling bad beer on your boat this time of year, you bullshitter.


  4. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    The Old BS Coach gives favortisim to his superstars. Nothing new here move along …


  5. 81Dog

    the OBC just wants to formalize the plan they’ve been using at Auburn since the Eisenhower administration.


  6. BulldogBen

    Spurrier is great for sound bites and quotes. Media loves him for it but I think he’s long since passed the point where people take him truly seriously. He’s entered into the “Oh that’s just ol Steve being Steve” realm.

    At this point he’s like a politician on the campaign trail; he just throws ideas against the wall and has no idea how to implement them.


  7. Spike

    Let’s ask what Terry Dean thinks about Spurrier.


  8. Gravidy

    I will never understand why some Georgia fans (or most anybody, really) continue to have a soft spot for VisorHole. We’ve all heard the comments like “he tells it like it is” or “the truth hurts” or “if you want to shut him up, beat him”. But all of that is beside the point. Is he one of the greatest college football coaches of all time? Abso-freakin’-lutely. Period. But is he also (unnecessarily) a huge, gaping, oozing opportunistic asshole who wouldn’t know “fairness” if it slapped him upside the head? Uhh…yep.


    • 81Dog

      I get the feeling you’re trying to tell us something here. Quit beating around the bush and just tell us what you really think about Spurrier. 😉


      • Gravidy

        It is true that sometimes I have trouble opening up and expressing my true feelings… 🙂


        • sniffer

          Have to admit my opinion changed a bit when it was reported that Spurrier and his wife traveled to Atlanta or Athens and visited Katherine Richt in the hospital when she was recuperating from surgery some time back. Now I just hate him as the coach of two of the worst programs in the South. He is still a Gator after all…


          • AusDawg85

            Yeah, but what you didn’t read is that he stole the flowers Mark had given her and bragged how he and the Mrs. have never had to have surgery while in the SEC.


  9. Boz

    I’d love to see Spurriers draft of the amendment to Title IX.


  10. AusDawg85

    $4k X 85 players = $340k or about $235,000 after taxes (assuming it would be treated as deductible “business” expenses).

    I think SOS could find that somewhere in his paycheck. What a prick to suddenly back-off from committing.