Kiffin watch: same ol’ Junior

The Laner lies about his Coaches Poll vote, gets called out by USA Today for lying and offers the lamest excuse imaginable.

Kiffin told USA TODAY Sports by phone Thursday night that he didn’t think the quote misrepresented his vote. By saying what he did, Kiffin said he meant that he wouldn’t vote USC No. 1 if he were in the media or coaching another team. Because of NCAA-imposed scholarship restrictions, USC is operating with 75 scholarship players, 10 less than the regular maximum of 85.

“We have less players than everybody else,” Kiffin said. “So looking at it from the outside, I wouldn’t (vote USC No. 1). Did I? Yeah, I did. That’s not based off of 75 vs. 85. That’s based off of (USC players) Matt Barkley, T.J. McDonald and Robert Woods and Marqise Lee. When everybody has the same record, I can’t go into a meeting with our players and have them say, ‘You put that team and that team ahead of us.’ That’s why I did that.”

Yep.  He did it for the children.  Because he’s that kind of guy.

I hate to admit it, but I may have found the first opponent that’s going to make me root for Notre Dame in a game.


UPDATE:  Yeah, I’d say this classifies as chutzpah.


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22 responses to “Kiffin watch: same ol’ Junior

  1. King Jericho

    Because I know someone will go there:

    “We have less players than everybody else,” Kiffin said.


  2. And people believe this poll has ever been worth a shit?

    I can just imagine what the first meetings for the BCS were like. “Let’s give 33% of the formula to a group of people that will clearly be biased and don’t even watch the damn games. That’s a great idea!”

    • Macallanlover

      Ditto, as biased as many of the writers and computer programmers are, the Coach’s Poll is the silliest of all. Junior is horrible, as expected, but the history of the Coach’s Poll is littered with head scratching votes. In fairness, they have many other things on their mind during the season and are among the least qualified to vote on teams not on their schedule. And yes, the SID is no more qualified than the HC.

  3. Cojones

    After reading the Update, I respectfully submit a word for the Lexicon:

    Rebuttal: The ability of a coach to become a butt at USC after a career as a butt at Tenn.

  4. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Lane was caught in a lie and gets indignant about it? What a surprise.

    Can’t wait to see which game he finds a way to lose this year.

  5. AusDawg85

    Senator, unless before your time, I recall rooting for ND vs. Tech long ago in a land far, far away.

    And it worked!

    • Beer Money

      I also was a domer for the 1992 Sugar Bowl. I couldn’t take pulling for SOS at UF for anything. That was great seeing Jerome Bettis gash the Gator D over and over.

    • AusDawg85

      Wait…derp!…I think I got it backwards re: 1980. I’ll go run stadium steps as punishment (with those Mizzou coeds…heh, heh, heh…)

    • If you’re talking about 1980, I wasn’t rooting for ND or Tech. And I got the exact outcome I wished for.

    • Cojones

      Same here AusDawg. In ’81 (if my year memory is correct) I had the greatest fun in South Bend as one could have, cheering for ND with a heavy Southern Accent that was appreciated by the ND fans. The opposing team fans, upon exiting the stadium after ND’s victory, waved their little yellow pennants and proclaimed that they knew what school I was from and vowed revenge. Surrounding ND fans laughed their butts off at the two challenging accents that are usually not heard in that part of the country.

      Were we at the same game?

      • AusDawg85

        Well, my original post screwed-up the 1980 GT v ND game (which as the Senator points-out was a perfect outcome). ND punished Tech in ’81 the same day we were down in JAX. What the hell were you doing in Southbend on THAT day?

        • Cojones

          I lived and worked in Indianapolis at the time and attended a few ND and Purdue games in lieu of not making it back to Sanford. That’s sad, isn’t it? The G was recognized there and Herk’s name was on all lips even though they watched Bball most of the time (Knight and Indiana were at a high point). I had to get out and get pine under my butt to even know I was living. Converted a few to SEC Football while there, so it wasn’t all a downer.

  6. JasonC

    Maybe USA Today should remove him from their voters if they don’t like associating with a dishonest @$$hat.

  7. Dog in Fla

    Lane’s luck continues. Jim “Son of Playoffs Are You Kidding Me” Mora is now available to take some of the media heat. This promises to be an exciting season as Lane and Jim compete to be the center of attention

  8. Trbodawg

    “We have less players than everybody else,except Georgia ” Kiffin said. was what he meant to say…

  9. Hogbody Spradlin

    Lane Kiffin would rather climb a tree and tell a lie than stay on the ground and tell the truth. What a pathological liar.