Wanna make the SEC yawn?

Bring up the “H” word.

“If I had the magic wand on changing rules, I would call holding much more effectively,” Miles said on Wednesday’s SEC coaches teleconference. “I think those guys that are pursuing the defense have to have their hands inside. … I think anytime an offensive lineman closes in around the defensive guy and he loads his body with greater weight, to me in play that is a much more significant problem than hurry-up.”

Not that you’re necessarily wrong, but good luck with that, Coach.


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30 responses to “Wanna make the SEC yawn?

  1. Gravidy

    I must be missing The Hat’s point here. Look…I certainly have noticed a precipitous drop in holding calls this year, and I wouldn’t mind seeing a few more calls. But how is that a safety issue, exactly?

  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    While not a safety issue holding remains against the rules and should be called when a violation occurs. I believe (conspiracy theorist that I am) that this is just another tool for SEC refs to use to control the outcomes of games. They won’t call it unless the team they want to lose does it on a big play–then they call it on that team. Video will confirm the call to be “right.” Gary Danielson will then launch into a soliloquy about how good the officiating is.

    • jryuuu

      you know, they’re wearing new microphones this year so that they can communicate (conspire) faster! what used to take 40 seconds now only takes 20!

      best officiating crew in the country!!

    • Bryant Denny


      Wouldn’t it make more sense for the SEC to want Georgia to do well because more eyeballs would watch TVs?

      I understand that Alabama, LSU and Florida are bigger national brands and have a bigger following that Georgia, but wouldn’t it be better for the league for UGA to beat USCe? How do you explain that?

      Thanks in advance,


      • Rhymer Dawg

        Because in an A** whooping there is no amount of holding calls that could change it.

      • X-Dawg

        I never thought of you as a troll before. Too bad I was wrong. And “no” I don’t think you’ll lose any sleep over this – you are what you are.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        I’m going to answer the question even though it was not asked seriously. The SEC is manipulating game outcomes to maximize the chances of getting a team in the BCSNCG because of the $$$$. The SEC doesn’t give a sh!t which team. If Ole Miss all of a sudden was a world beater then Ole Miss would get the favorable calls. Bama and LSU have been the beneficiaries of this in the last few years and Florida was before, because they had the best teams and were the most likely to make it all the way to the big game. Hell, Slive manipulated things so perfectly last year the he got 2 SEC members into both BCSNCG slots and the SEC got ALL the money from that game (which, BTW, is the real reason behind changing the selection process to a committee for the upcoming 4 team playoff–to keep that from happening again).That said, the UGA-SC game wasn’t fixed IMHO. There were just some bad calls that went against the Dawgs. Aside from being crooked the SEC Refs are incompetent as well.

  3. Mike

    Florida has been called for holding several times this year. But only WR holding on the edge of a running play. I do not recall one OL called for holding in in game Florida has played.

  4. AusDawg85

    More proof that Mark Richt should be fired, stoned in public, and required to repay the millions he’s earned to the Michael Adams Memorial Fund. He’s had 10 years to get the SEC to not call holding, but it took Spurrier, Saban, Meyer, Chizik and Miles to get it done. With all of the resources and great referees that come out of the state of Georgia, he should have accomplished this by now. We will have holding called on us in JAX, and in 4 – 5 more games every year if we keep Richt & Co. This is absolutely a proven fact by looking at a couple of select years in his record. You can use statistical analysis, principals of management and even investment advisory services to validate it.

    Mayor, Cosmic Dawg and others…you just don’t get it. You are so blind to how ineffective Richt is, you are just content to let Georgia be a middle-tier SEC team in holding calls in perpetuity. Please turn-in your Dawg tags.

    • ETennDawg

      perfect ending to my day. well played sir.

    • Charles

      Well played.

    • Bryant Denny

      I need to talk with Saban about lobbying to have the whole “block in the back on returns” thing ignored. That would really be a big help.

      • AusDawg85

        Already plotting how to get the next UGA coach fired. You bastard.

        Have a nice day.

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Pardon me, good sir, but if I may speak for Mr. BD, I don’t think he much give a fat rat’s ass (I doubt he would put it that way) who the coach at Georgia is, or is going to be. He’s a Bama fan, and if his coach is a good one all that other stuff will take care of its own self.

  5. Go Dawgs!

    I’ve noticed the lack of holding calls in the SEC, too. I was out west for several weeks dealing with a family emergency, so I figured I’d missed some edict from Slive’s office to de-emphasize the call or something. That’s how blatant it is. I watched the Mizzou game on TV and couldn’t believe the holds that the Tigers were getting away with… to say nothing of the holding that UGA was able to get away with. Then the Tennessee game, same deal, and every game since. Why won’t the refs call a hold anymore?

  6. 69Dawg

    This is not new it has merely been carried to the extreme this year. Steve Shaw has to have told the refs stop calling holding on a pass play. In the past most holding calls were called on WR and TE on running plays wide. I have a friend who is a Golden Domer fan and he has said for years that it amazes him the Oline holding that goes on in the SEC. The only way for a Olineman to get called is if he outright tackles the rusher and the body hits the Ref.

  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    Anybody know what has happened to our scotch-loving boy? Unless I have missed count somewhere he is AWOL from all this angry mess.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      The only smart guy in the group. A no-win argument and one to be avoided.

      • AusDawg85

        Rumor was he was last seen early Sunday morning emerging from an alley behind Murray’s house on a F’ing Scooter with a carton of eggs, a roll of tp and an old Luger under his seat. The young co-ed riding on the back had no comment.

  8. Fire Mark Richt. Get the best guy you can get. Gamble if you have to. Give him 3-5 years.

    5 other SEC teams have won national titles. We haven’t. So clearly we can do better. The coaches at those other 5 SEC schools won their first title in 4 years or less. Since 2000:

    2011: Alabama (5 years)
    2010: Auburn (2 years)
    2009: Alabama (3 years)
    2008: Florida (4 years)
    2007: LSU (3 years)
    2006: Florida (2 years)
    2005: Texas (8 years)
    2004: USC (4 years)
    2003: LSU (4 years)
    2002: Ohio State (2 years)
    2001: Miami (1 year)
    2000: Oklahoma (2 years)

    Average: 3.3 years
    Most Common: 2 years (4 times)
    Longest: 8 years
    Shortest: 1 year

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Muckie, apparently you don’t know that when you post stuff like this it appears to the naked eye to be sarcasm. What’s so pathetic is that you actually believe this sh!t.

      • Where’s the sarcasm? Its cold hard fact.

        How many national titles do you see there won by a coach in his 12th or 13th year?

        I see zero.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Muckie, the examples on your list are for the most part schools that were highly successful before and, in some cases, had won the MNC before the new coach arrived. The former successful HC had left, usually to take a HC job in the NFL. The team he left behind was loaded. All the succeeding coach had to do was show up and not screw the program up. For example, you have Miami 2001 on your list. Butch Davis left for the NFL and Larry Coker inherited a team that won all its games the first year he was there and all its regular season games the next, losing in the bowl to Ohio State which won the MNC that season. As each season passed, Miami got worse and worse under Coker until Miami finally fired him. Miami essentially has never recovered from the decline under Coker to this day. You also have LSU after Miles took over from Saban, who after winning the BCSNC went to the Dolphins. this is basically the same thing as the Miami situation except LSU is still good–for now. I could go on and on but…you get the picture.

  9. It’s not an SEC thing. If you want to see a fanbase upset about holding calls, check any FSU site, especially the game day threads. Their god-like defensive players cannot be blocked by mere humans, ergo holding on every play. In their case it is an ACC conspiracy, Tobacco Road holding down the football schools etc.

  10. 79Dawg

    The relaxed holding calls are just another effect of the pro-offensive bias that is infecting football at all levels right now (I am leaving out holding calls on returns). Five or ten years ago, it seems like there were at least 4-6 holding calls a game in an SEC game, if not more. From the games I’ve seen this year, the mean seems to have regressed to 1-2.