Package deal

With the news that Reuben Foster and his tat have decommitted from Auburn in the wake of Trooper being giving the heave-ho by Malzahn, I’m thinking this presents a golden opportunity for Bobby Petrino to hook up with Taylor and offer themselves to some desperate AD.  Think about what some lucky school would be getting in one fell swoop – one of the best offensive minds in college, cheaply, one of the best recruiters in the game who’s a style maven to boot and the best prep linebacker in this year’s class.  Boom goes the dynamite!


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  1. Rebar

    The young man has obvious talent, but all the grandstanding has gotten old. If he is a team player and “gets on the bus”, he will be a fine addition. But, if he is a Diva, he might be better off going elsewhere.

  2. Russ

    Steer well clear. I’m not sure we need this guy.

    • Go Dawgs!

      I always try not to judge a book by its cover, but this guy’s recruitment hasn’t really reminded me of a team-first kind of player. But the fact that Richt and his staff are in such hot pursuit tells me that they believe he can fit into the team concept at Georgia. I think they’ve learned a few lessons over the past few years about recruiting “big ME little team” guys. At least, I hope so. Either way, I’ll give the kid the benefit of the doubt.

      But the fact that he’s got Miami among his finalists is more troubling to me than the tattoo and recruiting grandstanding. All of that added in to the fact that he fancies himself as a “U” guy… well, it’s worrisome.

  3. OKDawg

    I think Alabama State would be a fine choice for all three gentlemen, particularly Trooper.

  4. Why do I feel like Auburn will somehow manage to wind up with all 3 still. I suppose the only puzzle they fit into looks like a War Tiger.

  5. Bright Idea

    I’m sure tired of seeing Foster and Nkimediche or whatever headlining AJC. Foster now likely packaging himself with Trooper you would think.

  6. Brian Dawg

    feels too much like the pursuit of one Mr. Crowell….

  7. Boz

    Not to be forgotten in the package deal: a seat at the lunch table with the NCAA… They will leasing space in whatever town this deal comes to

  8. jryuuu

    bryce brown 2.0

  9. Debby Balcer

    Foster wants a father figure badly. He left his high school because his coach was fired. Trooper filled that role at Auburn. I don’ t know about the character of the first coach but Trooper is someone I would not want anywhere near my son.

  10. jryuuu

    this guy is bryce brown 2.0. all that’s missing is a website w/ a monthly subscription.

  11. Mike Cooley

    I wish we would just leave this kid alone. He has bad juju written all over him. We seem to have purged all the problem children from the program and look where it got us. Yes hiring Grantham was big. Bobo going to the Gruden camp payed off. Getting Van Halenger out of the S&C program has been huge. Richt having the courage and humility to recognize what had worked before wasn’t working was tremendous. But I think our return to being a truly competive program is due in no small part to the ouster of guys like Washaun Ealy. Caleb King, Demetre Baker, Marcus Dowtin, Nick Williams, Carlton Thomas, etc. Crowell was a problem but he was a new problem. Those other guys were well established locker room cancers and malcontents. Look at all the talent that was kicked out of the program or encouraged to move on. You would think we would have sunk even lower with a loss of talent like that. Goes to show, it’s not just talent that’s important, but what kind of character do they have. Stay away from Reuben Foster.

    • Brian Dawg

      this +1000

    • I don’t think Caleb was a bad apple. Just my take.

      • jryuuu

        this is usually the story i hear as well. i heard he was an ok kid whose grades just kinda got off track before it was too late. although…… his recent vikings shenanigans suggest otherwise. i don’t know…

    • Jackie

      You’re throwing a lot of dirt on 19-year-old kids who probably have a very different background than yours. And I’m not buying your point. You think those 5 Miami national championships in the last 30 years were built on talent or character?

  12. DawgPhan

    I think that fans are probably worse in assessing the future of high school kids than they are at assessing coaching talent..

    No one has any idea what this kid is all about. The AJC has the #1 and #2 players in the country in the state, they are going to flog that pony until it is glue. He is in the AJC because the AJC needs him to be in the paper.

    I know everyone wants a team full of 3 star FBs turned AA DE, but those guys dont exist in the numbers we need. silly season came quick this year.

    • Silver Creek Dawg

      Rueben has dropped to #24 in the latest rankings. Tom Luginbill was asked about that on DawgNation and he said the kid’s production was way down this season.

    • ZeroPointZero

      This ^. He may be a bad egg but to just assume it bc of his relationship w TT is a reach.

  13. Mike, Not Gator Mike

    Couldn’t agree more, DawgPhan. We have no idea what this kid is about. The AJC is trying to sell papers and Carvell is trying to make a name for himself. So all the articles, info, pictures we see and read are driven by the Urinal Constipation, not necessarily by this kid. The articles are probably written out of context too. Give the kid a break and trust the coaches.

  14. Mike Cooley

    I wish we could sign 36 five star guys this Feb. I just wish we would be samrt about it. This is pretty obvious. He’s a highschool kid who transferred to another school because his coach was fired. He flips on Bama to their arch rival. Then he gets a tattoo of his new presumed school of choice’s logo. Then he flips on them. None of those decisions seems like much when taken on it’s on. Well maybe the tattoo, that shows a remarkable lack of foresight. But in totality, this kid at the very least has some really questionable judgement.

    • Go Dawgs!

      Yeah, when the kid got the tattoo, I don’t think there was any doubt in my mind that there would be some complication that led to him either not enrolling at Auburn or wishing that he hadn’t later on (ie, not getting playing time, etc). That’s the sort of thing that is too delicious for fate not to foul up.

    • Cojones

      You don’t think he is making these judgements on his own, do you? He didn’t transfer to Taylor’s son’s school, decommit from Bama and get an AU ownership tat in a vacuum. He may have already ruined a good career unless he can get things over into the correct lane in time, but all Taylor has given him is excess baggage and his mother a job in the area. Who exactly will help lead him from this point?

      I feel sad for him and the stain he already has been given by this greedy adult who doesn’t give a whack about him. What happened with the pledge between he and Matthews to go to the same school? Since Matthews has committed to UGA, Foster has committed and decommitted from two schools. At what point did he expect to carry through on his pledge to his friend? Did he expect Matthews to commit and decommit with him? Maybe he needs a mature buddy like Matthews around him, not some dickhead filling him full of character poison. Keep him the hell away from Nkemdiche as well. At this point I don’t want either one on our campus. If his production is down someone should start looking at his academic eligibility. I’m sure Taylor hasn’t told him that everything is ok if he just keeps his grades up. Sad, like a person grasping at slippery rocks while the current pulls him over the waterfall.

      I hope someday that Foster sues Taylor’s ass for screwing up his life. Don’t know why Taylor isn’t considered an agent at this point- and the NCAA should take a hand in the matter as well.

    • Jackie

      HE’S A FUCKING CHILD. He’s not a CEO or running for office. Jesus…

  15. Dawg19

    Once again, as far as the tattoo, Reuben just needs to get Early Cuyler tattooed above it and “sucks” below it. Problem solved…

  16. WarD Eagle

    You guys just offered Trooper’s son a scholarship. Maybe that’s the package deal.

    • stoopnagle

      Really? Had no idea we’d offer a 5’7″ wide out with only one offer from a Gus Malzahn. Guess that one ain’t carrying over from ASU, eh?

    • adam

      I haven’t seen that anywhere and can’t find it now. You got a source or are you just talking out of your ass?

      I have no idea why we would offer a less than mediocre, short DB/WR.

  17. Ty Webb

    At what point is Trooper Taylor acting as Foster’s agent?

  18. This player will never find a big enough helmet for his over sized head.

  19. stoopnagle

    I’m thinking Butch Jones may need to hire some SEC recruiting expertise. Trooper gonna be OK.

  20. Putting Foster in your locker room with other young men is lethal. He is selfish, undisciplined, and has Trooper’s smell all over him. He is a cancer for a team sport..Our coach may as well grab his 18v DeWalt and electively drill a 1/8″ hole in is first lower molar then eat a pound of taffy…he will be miserable for a long time….

    • rusty

      I knew someone who did that, minus the taffy. Bizarre but I was around so I know it’s a true story. But that’s for another blog, I suppose.

  21. Way too many NCAA investigators panting over that trifecta

  22. gastr1

    I’m amazed how many commenters know all about this 17-year-old kid’s personality, work ethic, preferences in breakfast fare, etc. Y’all are some big-eared, clairvoyant sumbitches.🙂

    • Jackie

      Wow, a voice of reason. How many of those people have even spoken one word him? I guess a 17 year-old kid can’t change the biggest decision in his life without being “selfish…a cancer”, “over sized head”, “over sized head”, etc. Those saying things like that have no perspective.

      • What’s the point of having a brain if you don’t use it? Even after talking with people no one really t knows what is in their heart, right? You can’t biopsy it for integrity, right? You can only observe their behavior. This guy’s behavior is selfish, undisciplined, irresponsible and unfocused. To ignore those symptoms and put him on a team sport means, to me, the coach isn’t using his brain.

        • Jackie

          How on earth is his behavior “selfish, undisciplined, irresponsible [or] unfocused?” And apparently Richt doesn’t have a brain, because this kid will be in Athens next summer.

  23. This guy is an Albert Haynesworth in training. Entitled, self-absorbed, emotionally immature, and is better off wherever his pimp finds a job.