From afterthought to lynchpin

On a scale of “it never hurts to ask” to “total delusions of grandeur”, I’m not sure where Boise State’s power play of trying to get the Big East and Mountain West to allow the Broncos to keep their home television rights as a deal maker for its membership fits, but I can’t say I disagree with this sentiment:

“Boise reminds me of the teenage recruit who is starting to believe he’s the biggest star in town,” a source said. “It might be a pretty big letdown when all is said and done. Actually the sentiment of ‘who do they think they are’ is starting to seep into conversations with folks across college football.

“Let’s remember this isn’t Alabama, or even Texas Tech, we’re talking about. This sorry episode is starting to make it seem like Boise is one of the power assets in college football. In reality their value is relative to the conference they belong to.”

But it’s on the table.  And that in and of itself should tell you how much things keep shifting under college football’s feet these days.

One industry source believes Boise State is the “lynchpin” in whether the Big East or MWC survives. Another source said “it’s pathetic it has come to this — Boise State shopping itself to get the best deal. It’s not like they’re Alabama. These guys were a side show until 10 years ago.”

If either conference caves and gives them what they want, if you’re Houston or Cincinnati, both of which sit in much, much larger home TV markets than Boise State does, are you not going to be asking for the very same treatment five seconds afterwards?  And if you get it, too, what’s left for the rest of the conference that does it?

Weird times.


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7 responses to “From afterthought to lynchpin

  1. Lrgk9

    Boise State, Oklahoma State, Michigan State – these schools smell the same under any other name.


    • Lrgk9

      All Time AP Rankings
      19 Michigan State
      51 Oklahoma State
      53 Boise State

      So here we go – here are the greatest college football programs since 1936 according to the AP rankings.

      1 Oklahoma 946.5
      2 Michigan 919
      3 Ohio State 908
      4 Alabama 874
      5 Notre Dame 872.5
      6 USC 757
      7 Texas 750.5
      8 Nebraska 701
      9 Tennessee 678
      10 Penn State 645
      11 LSU 530
      12 Auburn 517
      13 Georgia 517
      14 Miami 511
      15 UCLA 503
      16 Florida 469
      17 Florida State 446
      18 Arkansas 414
      19 Michigan State 364
      20 Texas A&M 337
      21 Washington 330
      22 Georgia Tech 317.5
      23 Wisconsin 305
      24 Pittsburgh 293
      25 Iowa 291
      26 Ole Miss 284.5
      27 Clemson 284
      28 Colorado 258
      29 Army 239
      30 TCU 230
      31 Minnesota 229
      32 Maryland 225.5
      33 Arizona State 223
      34 Virginia Tech 222
      35 Missouri 217.5
      36 Duke 210
      37 Navy 207.5
      38 California 207
      39 North Carolina 198
      40 Purdue 195.5
      41 Syracuse 190.5
      42 West Virginia 194
      43 Stanford 186
      44 BYU 180
      45 Illinois 177
      46 SMU 168
      47 Oregon 185
      48 Houston 164
      49 Boston College 150
      50 Kansas State 154
      51 Oklahoma State 137
      52 Baylor 131.5
      53 Boise State 128
      54 Northwestern 127
      55 Oregon State 124
      56 Washington State 123
      57 Mississippi State 105
      58 Texas Tech 104
      59 Kansas 96
      60 Penn 95
      T61 Fordham 88
      T61 Kentucky 88
      T61 Rice 88
      64 Santa Clara 85.5
      65 NC State 85
      66 Tulane 80.5
      67 Tulsa 79
      68 Louisville 78
      69 Arizona 76
      T70 Air Force 75
      T70 Utah 75
      72 Cornell 68
      73 Nevada 66
      74 Indiana 63
      75 Dartmouth 60
      T76 Miami, Ohio 57
      T76 South Carolina 57
      78 Virginia 56
      79 Princeton 55
      80 Yale 54
      81 Holy Cross 49.8
      T82 Wyoming 48
      T82 Duquesne 46
      84 Iowa Pre-Flight 45
      85 Villanova 41
      86 Rutgers 38
      87 Cincinnati 37
      88 William & Mary 33
      T89 Colorado State 31
      T89 Toledo 31
      T91 Bainbridge NTS 30
      T91 Great Lakes 30
      93 Wake Forest 24
      T94 East Carolina 23
      T94 Pacific 23
      T94 Randolph Field 23
      97 Carnegie-Mellon 20
      98 Southern Miss 19
      T99 Del Monte PF 18
      T99 Marshall 18
      101 Utah State 16
      T102 Saint Mary’s (Cal.) 14
      T102 Vanderbilt 14
      T104 Georgetown 13
      T104 Hawaii 13
      106 Norman Pre-Flight 12.5
      107 Columbia 12
      T108 El Toro Marines 10
      T108 San Diego State 10
      T110 Fresno State 9
      T110 Hardin-Simmons 9
      T110 Iowa State 9
      T110 New Mexico St 9
      T110 Temple 9
      T115 Colorado College 8
      T115 Fort Pierce 8
      T117 Delaware 7
      T117 Lafayette 7
      T119 2nd Air Force 6
      T119 Marquette 6
      T119 Ohio 6
      122 UCF 5
      T123 Bowling Green 3
      T123 Central Michigan 3
      125 Saint Mary’s PF 2


      • Macallanlover

        Thanks. Clearly Boise is getting a lot of mileage from a brief period of success, and they don’t bring many TV sets to the table, but you cannot ignore that is TV’s golden era they have been very relevant and a part of many conversations. In a world where one bad season can cause your reputation to sink like a stone, they have have spent the last decade being more relevant than Notre Dame or TN. In fact, they are ahead of a few SEC programs and this counts points back to 1936. Boise may be a recent addition, but they have certainly earned a seat at the table…..just not enough to be a powerbroker.

        On the other hand, how do you adjust the AP results for all the years of wins that were taken away from State Penn or GT? As we pull away from Auburn this year, and discount PSU, we are 11th all time. For a program everyone says underachieves and isn’t elite, that is pretty high up in the clouds. I think 90th percentile, and up, is a fair place to draw that line. We are pretty damned good, and closer to being realistic about ourselves than many of those above us on that list. Wonder where we would be if we had spent the last 90 years playing the schedule tosu and Michigan did? They only had a chance to lose 1-2 games a year for most of those decades.


    • Bob

      When was the last time that Michigan State won a BCS Bowl game? Oh, wait. You have to actually go one before you go that route. And Okie State appears to be a one year wonder. At least for the past decade, Boise’s bloom smells much better than Sparty or Picken’s faves.


  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    How dare those upstarts Oklahoma and Georgia stand up to the NCAA and say that schools should be able to negotiate TV deals themselves! And even file suit in court over it! Who do they think they are?


    • DawgPhan

      I dont think the snark is over their right to do it.


    • Cojones

      Yeah, but the Mayor do make a helluva point.

      In Boise St’s case, it’s the first one that blinks. In their favor is the quote from Capt. Jack Sparrow, “Yes, but you HAVE heard of me, haven’t you?”