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Michael Adams wants you to know he’ll always be there for you.

Woo, what’s that smell?  Oh, yeah, it’s the familiar odor of BS wafting from Michael Adams’ mouth.

“I think it [a nine-game conference schedule] could happen,” Adams said. “I know more and more conferences are going to that. The fans don’t like the games against some of the competition that we play, and I don’t blame them. It’s one of the reasons I voted against going from the 11th to the 12th game, because I thought it was going to do to us exactly what it has done…”

The fans, hunh…

This is the guy who thought nothing of passing money under the table to Jim Donnan, pushed Vince Dooley into hiring the Harricks and fashioned some of the most restrictive drug and arrest policies in the country for Georgia’s student-athletes, but we’re supposed to believe that Mr. Hands On couldn’t have come back from that meeting where he lost the vote on schedule expansion, picked up the phone and ordered his AD not to schedule another cupcake opponent with that extra game?  Sorry, not buying that one.

And is he so caught up in giving the fans what they want that he’s ready to storm the Bastille and push for that ninth conference game?  Hell, yea… wait, what?

Adams, whose tenure ends in June 30, will still be a voting member at SEC meetings later this month in Destin. He said he hasn’t decided how he personally feels between staying at eight or going to nine.

“But I think ultimately what will win out is fans are properly tired of seeing two or three really poor games per year,” he said.

No doubt ultimately he’ll take credit for the schedule change when it occurs long after he’s left office.  Because he cares.


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