He knows nothink. Nothink!

Phil Fulmer goes Sergent Schultz on the Arian Foster pay allegations.  Big shock, there.

Money? What money?

I’m surprised nobody in the media has yet to dig up which UT coach got a new Lexus while Foster was there. The list of candidates can’t be too long.



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11 responses to “He knows nothink. Nothink!

  1. uglydawg

    Where the compensation line will be drawn is a matter of debate..and no matter where it is eventually (re-) drawn, there will be cheaters who cross it. Bringing college kids tacos should be defended as obeying the Higher law…it’s nitpicking to even mention it as an offense..yet the NCAA has the reputation of stepping over a cobra to stomp a fireant.


  2. Erskine

    When is it time to start leveling some criticism Mike Slive’s way. The SEC commissioner has never objected to taking the glory for those big checks he brings to the member institutions. If a journalist can dig up the details, I do not thinks it is too much to ask the League office to put a few hours of time in verifying information.
    How about the SEC starts trying to be FIRST in compliance.


  3. Normaltown Mike

    To be fair, Ole Phil ain’t lost nothing in no Taco Bell.

    If it’a been 50 chile cheese dogs from Sonic or a bag full of Krystals, we might oughta suspect Phil.


  4. Chuck

    Arian knows he’ll never play college football again. Phat Phil has delusions that he’ll coach somewhere again. Who has more reason to lie?


  5. DawgPhan

    The optics on the whole taco-gate are so bad for the NCAA that I dont think they can do anything right now. They are in a battle for their existence in the EA sports case, they can’t afford to care about 50 tacos.

    Also these schools should be able to provide every calorie a student athlete needs during their time in school. The idea that we provide 10 meals and $80 to a football play to eat on is just stupid. These are athletes that need 4-5 meals per day and they need to be of high quality.

    I am sure that signing a LOI and accepting a scholarship should not come with a several thousand dollar food bill as well.


  6. Well, players are like horses. They need to eat well. Food is the fuel that propels them to greatness. Nutritionist are the key to any Athletic program. It takes about $450 a month to feed a horse all the meds and nutrition needed for good health and performance. That includes salve, horse shoes, and body treatments. It seems like with uniforms, bandages, rubs, vitamins and food for FB players, the cost should be at least $1,000/month. Just saying…..


  7. JRW7

    Which comes first, gold chains , tattoos, or FOOD!


  8. The Big Orange Will Go On


  9. Spike

    This is assuming one believes Foster. I’m not sure I’m prepared to do that yet.


  10. Lane Kiffin

    I don’t drive no stinking Lexus!!! (er…is an LS 430 a Lexus?)