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Tyler in Atlanta, one week later?

Whoever this is, it isn’t pretty.


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If you’re a Gator fan, tell me this news doesn’t make your heart jump a little bit.

And, yeah, I know he had a pretty mediocre showing against the ‘Canes, but warts and all (he’s tenth in the conference in passer rating), Driskel’s still the best they’ve got.


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The schedule can’t save you now, my pretty.

Gamecock Man gives that hope thing a chance.

This is obviously a tough loss, but there is a silver lining. Particularly considering how Florida played today, we’re likely going to be favored in all remaining conference games in a schedule that’s easier than UGA’s, and if we can take care of business and win out, certainly not out of the realm of possibilities if our defense improves over the course of the season, we can catch Georgia in the standings. We’ll have to hope for Georgia losses, which aren’t assured, again particularly considering how Florida looked today, but there’s still a reasonable chance they’ll lose at least two remaining conference games. We need to take care of business from here on out and see what happens.

That’s the right mindset to take, but I’m curious who pins the “reasonable” two losses on the Dawgs.  LSU’s the obvious pick for one of those, but which team in the East matches up better against Georgia than against South Carolina?  Or is he climbing on board the Gus bus?

I’m definitely not counting my chickens before they’re hatched, so to speak, but it seems to me we’re getting pretty close to “on any given Saturday” territory for that second loss.  And that kind of approach cuts both ways.


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He’s got legs and knows how to use ’em.

Tell me this pose from the genius (h/t sectionzalum)

genius_tech_football_JC11… doesn’t remind you of ZZ Top.


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Header of the day

I’m not sure what this says about college football, but it’s probably not complimentary.

As much as I’m looking forward to hearing the dulcet tones of Uncle Verne again, I’m really starting to dread the coverage of the ‘Bama-TAMU game.


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Envy and jealousy: Evil Richt edition.

I love this, Matt Hinton:

Evil Richt. After tearing down the field for a touchdown on its opening possession, Georgia called for an onside kick on the ensuing kickoff for no reason whatsoever except screw you, that’s why, and caught South Carolina napping on the recovery. Back-to-back possessions kept the already gassed Gamecock defense on the field for another four-and-a-half minutes, leading to a field goal to extend the early lead to 10–3. The tone was set: From there, Georgia only punted once and never trailed.



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Helmet? Todd Gurley don’t need no stinkin’ helmet.

This was all kinds of awesome.

There really wasn’t much doubt about which team was tougher Saturday.  Although I suspect Aaron Murray was secretly relieved the play was blown dead before he actually tried to block the South Carolina linebacker.


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