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Murray, Bobo beat .500 team, still looking for elusive big game win.

Film at eleven.


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Last thoughts on Georgia-South Carolina

  • First, let me revel in the moment.  It’s the first home game of the season and that’s always a good thing.  Let no man spoil my pre-game buzz!
  • I see two keys to Georgia winning today.  One – the painfully obvious one – the Dawgs have to cut down on the mistakes that cost them the opener.  Two, unlike last week, this is a game that calls for a big dose of RUN THE DAMNED BALL.  If Gurley doesn’t get at least twenty touches against the ‘Cocks, Bobo’s not doing his job. (Or, yeah, Gurley’s hurt.)  Gurley running the ball will make the offensive line look better and make Murray’s job easier.  Running the South Carolina d-line gauntlet will be no easy task, but if he can get to the second level, I like his chances against the SC linebackers, who look fast but a little smaller than last year’s group.  If Gurley can run for 100+ against Alabama and Florida, he sure as hell can do it today, assuming the game doesn’t get out of hand like last year’s.  Feed the beast.
  • This is a huge game today for Georgia.  It really is.  If South Carolina wins, it’s hard to find a conference team left on its schedule that has an offense good enough to challenge the ‘Cocks.
  • Offensive line, it sure would be nice if you’d give Aaron Murray some time to throw today, because that Gamecock secondary is vulnerable.
  • I’m looking forward to seeing what Quayvon Hicks has in store for us today.  And Josh Harvey-Clemons.

Those of you heading up to Athens, as I’m about to do, stay safe and enjoy yourselves.  Those of you staying home, this is your game day thread.




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Nick Saban’s last documented moment of weakness

This made me chuckle.

Six years ago, Blackledge, the former Penn State quarterback and current ESPN college football analyst, began hosting his weekly “Taste of the Town’’ halftime segment, during which he visited a local dining gem in whatever college town he and his broadcast crew were working that weekend.

Blackledge knew the segment had caught on when, about midway through that first season in 2007, Saban began a game-week conference call by asking him: “Todd, where are you eating this week?”

The man who famously eats the same salad every day so that he doesn’t have to waste time deciding what to do for lunch asks a foodie question to kick off a first season presser?  The mind reels.


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Saturday morning buffet

Pre-game nourishment, baby.


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