Last thoughts on Georgia-South Carolina

  • First, let me revel in the moment.  It’s the first home game of the season and that’s always a good thing.  Let no man spoil my pre-game buzz!
  • I see two keys to Georgia winning today.  One – the painfully obvious one – the Dawgs have to cut down on the mistakes that cost them the opener.  Two, unlike last week, this is a game that calls for a big dose of RUN THE DAMNED BALL.  If Gurley doesn’t get at least twenty touches against the ‘Cocks, Bobo’s not doing his job. (Or, yeah, Gurley’s hurt.)  Gurley running the ball will make the offensive line look better and make Murray’s job easier.  Running the South Carolina d-line gauntlet will be no easy task, but if he can get to the second level, I like his chances against the SC linebackers, who look fast but a little smaller than last year’s group.  If Gurley can run for 100+ against Alabama and Florida, he sure as hell can do it today, assuming the game doesn’t get out of hand like last year’s.  Feed the beast.
  • This is a huge game today for Georgia.  It really is.  If South Carolina wins, it’s hard to find a conference team left on its schedule that has an offense good enough to challenge the ‘Cocks.
  • Offensive line, it sure would be nice if you’d give Aaron Murray some time to throw today, because that Gamecock secondary is vulnerable.
  • I’m looking forward to seeing what Quayvon Hicks has in store for us today.  And Josh Harvey-Clemons.

Those of you heading up to Athens, as I’m about to do, stay safe and enjoy yourselves.  Those of you staying home, this is your game day thread.



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104 responses to “Last thoughts on Georgia-South Carolina

  1. heyberto

    GATA. Lets do this Dawgs.

  2. HahiraDawg

    I haven’t heard much talk of the hurry up offense as our main strategy against their d line, but I think that will factor in tremendously.
    We will gas them. Bobo will have himself on one of those, ‘have to run this many places’ pace.

    • HahiraDawg

      plays, not places…I’m too amped, which at my age is hazardous.

      • Hogbody Spradlin

        Lay off the Red Bull.

        • HahiraDawg

          coffee with bailey’s, it’s like an upper and downer at the same time
          like amnesia and déjà vu at the same time

          • Rugbydawg 79

            Hahira- back in the day- I used to mix a third Baileys with a Third coffee with a Third Jose Cuervo–more of a winter time drink–something about the Irish Cream makes the T A kill ya
            go down way to smooth—only drink this at Home !

  3. SouthGaDawg

    Two keys for a big win:
    1) Murray – no turnovers.
    2) Defense – first hit tackles

  4. Brandon

    Defense must play better, or all the rest is academic.

  5. AthensHomerDawg

    Pace yourself gentlemen gotta get hot out there. I understand Bernie is tapping a rye pale ale today. Very nice. We will do the same with a Canadian blonde. Brisket is moving along. Got the Allman Brothers lasered up. Getting my game face on. I’m nervous We are at Crossroads…. GO DAWGS!

  6. Boss Dawg

    Go Dawgs!!! I’m calling my shot, Gurley lays out Clowney on a chip block.

    I know “Dooley’s Junkyard Dawgs” is a look back and might not be “progressive”, I get that….but why not latch on to it for the following; it’s funky, still awesome (it’s James Brown, LEGEND), and it could be THE anthem/signature of UGA home games (marketing for the sake of marketing)…just a thought, maybe a bad one.

  7. Boss Dawg

    Forgot to say maybe one of the most important things to me; EFFF U SPURRIER!!!!

  8. WF dawg

    The pessimist in me today would make Munson proud. Quick, somebody tell me that it doesn’t bode disaster for stopping the run game that we moved Garrison Smith to start at nose in place of heavier options. Just an example of getting our best 11 on the field, right?

    • NRBQ

      Don’t even THINK about Gurley getting 3 ypc in last year’s game, WF.

    • Will (the other one)

      I’ve heard rumors that the Cocks’ starting center is out and a redshirt freshman will be there. I think moving our most experienced DLineman to match up against an inexperienced center could be very good.

  9. Dolly Llama

    Well David F-ing Pollack just predicted a Gamecocks win on Gameday. So that’s something.

  10. MinnesotaDawg

    Don’t be afraid to throw on early downs–less “all out” pass rush and better personnel match-ups. Quick throws will wear out their D line a lot faster than runs up the gut. Lack of predictability on early downs, early in the game will give the DEs and LBs something to think about throughout…won’t be able to shoot the run gaps….a hesitation that will lead to running lanes later on. IMO, it’ll be a good game if Gurley gets at least half of his carries in the 4th quarter.

  11. So has CBS done away with its 3:30 SEC game?

    • Minnesota Dawg

      Nah. Every year CBS starts its SEC season after the US Open. Next week they get started with Bama at A&M.

  12. ugafidelis


  13. baddawg

    G.A.T.A!!! Go Dawgs!!!… one last thing… Gurley got us! Hunker down mofos

  14. baddawg

    Am I the only one who thinks Q Hicks is chomping at the bit to hit clowney? Dude is a future NFL starting fullback. I think theus has a good game today too. Hes more competitive then he lets on

  15. JohnnyB.Dawg

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  16. The Gators are as bad on offense this year as they were last year. The are only down 5 points, but it might as well be 5 td’s.

  17. The other Doug

    Go Gatah! LMFAO

  18. Leave it the Gators to play extremely conservative on offense yet still have 5 turnovers. Its not like they were slinging the ball around. Driskel is the worst QB in the conference.

  19. NRBQ

    Rome, Rumph, Vassar, Kennar Johnson all out.

  20. JohnnieBeeDawg

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  21. Rebar

    Want to see an improvement from last week on both sides of the ball. Lets get ’em!

  22. AthensHomerDawg

    Miami 21 to 16 over Florida….. Petrion rolls up tons of yards but 5 turnovers in first half doom him. uT 5o + to 20

  23. AusDawg85

    Mike Bobo reads my comments for goal line plays on GTP!

  24. DawgBiscuit

    My goodness! Where was this team last Saturday?

    Keep it up Murray! I want to believe!

  25. AthensHomerDawg

    Brisket is good and the Canadian bonde is tasty though…… sigh/

  26. dudetheplayer

    Todd Gurley will go down as the second best running back we’ve ever had, Aaron Murray has been brilliant, and our defense is a fucking disaster. I can’t defend it anymore.

    If we lose this game like we did in 2011, I may lose my fucking mind. It’s bizarre that we are tied right now.

  27. Grantham is no better than Willie Martinez. In fact, he is giving up 30 point games at a more frequent clip than Willie. He is the 3rd highest paid DC and he is a joke. Are we going to have to score 45 every game to squeak out a win?

    • AthensHomerDawg

      will that be enough?
      Can we not run Marshall up the middle and Murray on third and 5 up the middle. Pleeeezzzzzeeee!

    • dudetheplayer

      He’s a better recruiter than WillieMart, but he’s a terrible coordinator. We were drinking the kool-aid early on because it’s easy to be an upgrade on Martinez, but our defense is inexplicably bad.

      • We had a 5 game window in his second year as DC where we shut down a bunch of bad offensive teams. Outside of that, he has been terrible.

  28. Turd Ferguson

    I haven’t dreaded seeing the defense take the field this much since Willie. I really, really want to like Grantham, but damn.

    Every game will be a shootout.

    • I feel like we need to onsides kick every time just to keep our defense off of the field.

      • uglydawg

        Georgia should have run more clock off on the last scoring drive of the half…They missed shutting SC out of the endzone by 18 seconds that could have easily been burned off on the last drive.
        SEcond half now and the secondary is folding badly.

  29. AusDawg85

    No idea what can be done about this D. Freshman corner getting abused. We spy a LB to stop Conner and they miss the tackles. Still can’t stop the run effectively. They need to create turnovers, but that probably means taking big chances and getting burned. What to do?

  30. Turd Ferguson

    Langley looked like Freshman All-SEC last week against Sammy Watkins, and like a lost and scared freshman walk-on this week against a bunch of no-names. Go figure.

  31. Willie Martiniez gave 16 thirty point games in 65 games as DC. Grantham is going for number 15 today in just his 43rd game as DC.

    • AusDawg85

      And another stupid blunder gives away 7 points that you can’t put on the D. How many games does that happen?

      • That blunder did not give away 7 points. Our defense did. So we committed a turnover. And SC scored on the very first play. Its not like we gave them the ball at the one yard line. How about stopping them to a FG? You think our defense just decided to let them score as it wouldn’t be their fault? Turnovers happen every game. Stop them after a turnover. Don’t roll over.

        • AusDawg85

          SCar is a top10 team for a reason. Can’t give them the ball at the 15 and expect to keep them scoreless.

    • DawgBiscuit

      Yes, and the problem cannot be blamed youth. Even with seven NFL draftees starting for us last season, the stats show our D is clearly lagging behind the other elite SEC teams.

      2012 UGA D: 20 ppg, 20+ points 8 times, 30+ points 4 times
      (Opp scored 23, 20, 20, 3, 44, 35, 24, 9, 10, 0, 14, 10, 32, 31)

      2012 SoCar D: 18 ppg, 20+ points 5 times, 30+ points 2 times
      (Opp scored 13, 10, 6, 10, 17, 7, 23, 44, 35, 20, 7, 17, 28)

      2012 LSU D: 18 ppg, 20+ points 5 times, 30+ points 1 time
      (Opp scored 14, 3, 14, 10, 22, 14, 21, 19, 21, 17, 35, 13, 25 )

      2012 Florida D: 14 ppg, 20+ points 4 times, 30+ points 1 time
      (Opp scored 14, 17, 20, 0, 6, 17, 11, 17, 7, 20, 0, 26, 33)

      2012 Alabama D: 11 ppg, 20+ points 2 times, 30+ points 0 times
      (Opp scored 14, 7, 0, 0, 14, 10, 13, 7, 17, 29, 0, 0, 28, 14)

  32. Cosmic Dawg

    I have to take my hat off to USC for their schoolmercial, though. It’s got to be hard to come up with something unique about your school that’s never been done before, but how awesome is it that USC has this thing where people can get bricks engraved, and maybe some of them are famous? Bricks, ENGRAVED – with whatever you want them to say, and then they’re right there on campus with your name on it, or you could maybe get one for your fraternity or your club or something, I don’t know if they allow that, but then later on you could come back and show people, “hey, that’s the brick me and our intramural lacrosse team bought”. And it’s a metaphor for going WORLDWIDE. UGA ought to do a schoolmercial like that.

  33. TXBaller

    Can Gurely go both ways? I want him on the DL.

  34. Grantham was a bad hire. Let’s not compound it by hanging on too him for any additional seasons. If its going to take 3 more years for Richt to realize it or muster the will to fire Grantham, than I’d just assume see Richt go too.

    • dudetheplayer

      I agree with you on Grantham obviously, but let’s try to stay positive here. This game can still be won, and Todd Gurley is still the man.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Welcome to the uT fan base mentality. Welcome to the Merry Go Round.

  35. Noonan

    We’re not going anywhere with this defense. Looks like the Goff years.

  36. dudetheplayer

    Is this defense fucking serious? What the fuck am i watching here? This is insane.

  37. Ghost of Dawgs Past

    Fire Grantham tomorrow!

    • sniffer

      Grantham can’t cover anybody and he misses every tackle!


      • Ghost of Dawgs Past

        Really? How much more “body of work” will be enough for you?

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          I think the point is that nothing can be done right now. The AD and HC need to evaluate CTG’s performance at the end of this season and then make a decision based not only on this year but on his entire “body of work” in Athens, including the recruiting. If you really look at things objectively the D-line and LBs are OK. It’s the DBs that are the problem. Out of position, bad angles and can’t/won’t really hit. Also, the DBs don’t wrap up when tackling. Maybe the problem is the position coach. When all of the DBs are playing inferior ball it’s hard not to say that there is a failure in position coaching.

  38. daryl

    Leave It To Us To Make A Mediocre Offense Look “All World”…

  39. dudetheplayer

    Aaron Murray has been incredible.

  40. WF dawg

    Meet the new Bryan Evans, Brendan Langley. Looks utterly lost out there.

  41. Cosmic Dawg

    Please, please, please, don’t go hyperconservative now. Please, please, please.

  42. DawgBiscuit

    Even though our defense is a mess, Murray has finally gotten the “big game” monkey off his back. Number 11 has played brilliantly today.

  43. AthensHomerDawg

    Hah > Hey Tyler what do you have to say about Douglas now? I guess that is why he is what?

  44. charlottedawg

    Hell freakin’ yeah. So glad to be so wrong. Gurley, Bobo, & ESPECIALLY Murray were near perfect. Go Dawgs!

  45. dudetheplayer

    I don’t care how we got there, that was a HUGE and ultimately beautiful win.

    In Gurley I trust,

  46. uglydawg

    We are all so smart. Look for it…Many of you and I said if we cut out the penalties and don’t turn it over DAWGS WIN! GREAT effort. SOS is a miserable SOB right now….did you see that face after the game? Wonderful and priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. uglydawg

    Beat LSU and Heisman talk will start for Murray/Gurley.

  48. AusDawg85

    Hey Murray bashers…please don’t bother posting this week and let everyone enjoy that performance. (And no bs that this was not a big game….already seen a few of those comments)

    Defense is a mess, but did what that had to do when they had to do it.

    Can’t bash Bobo….damn. And just brilliant he called SCar’s play on 4th & goal. Shotgun? Really!?

    And I picked against the Dawgs. Pessimism FTW!

    • AthensHomerDawg

      +1 I hope Bluto directs all poor mouthin’ Richto-phobes to Sports and Grits. Hola Hijo! Que pasa CC. Nothing but love for ya baby.

  49. Cosmic Dawg

    I could not be happier for #11. Love that kid.

    We’ve talked about the fact that AM has not had the luxury of a lot of true powerhouse defenses in his bad “big game” stat sheet, and we’ve sometimes talked about his lack of consistency at tailback, but I don’t think we’ve given enough weight to the latter. Having fighters like Gurley and Hicks and Marshall to take some of the pressure off has to help – physically and mentally. A number of AM’s interceptions in his first couple of years were surely due to the fact that there was often no other sure choice but air it out. There is just something to be said for his getting to share the leadership role and have the fortitude of these guys in the huddle with him.

    • uglydawg

      True enough, Cosmic…Gurley, Hicks, Marshall and all the other’s are helping AM by taking the load off of him. I won’t be suprised to see AM performing at this high level for the rest of the season!

  50. Gurley for Heisman

    You think Clemson or Saban or Les or anyone else wants us between the hedges? Manziel might be the only one with big enough balls, and he’ll only get a chance in Hot fuckin Atlanta. This might be our year. Clemson in a rematch? BCS bitches. Bahaaawaaahhaaa

  51. David K

    I love our chances. but we’re going to get in shootouts with teams like Ole Miss and Tennessee on the road. Even Tech scares me. Our offense is great, but we’re going to struggle to stop everyone on the schedule. A few years ago we all dreaded that Grantham would split for the NFL. I’d be fine if he took off after this season ends because Richt won’t fire him.