A tale of two linemen

For John Theus and Mark Beard, it’s been the best of times and the worst of times.

Hard to say which of those applies to Georgia’s offense yet.


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8 responses to “A tale of two linemen

  1. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I get that Beard was not happy but his “I’ll just take my ball and go home” attitude is a liitle too pussified, don’t cha think?


  2. Works for me and Cartman.


  3. 69Dawg

    Based on previous years I’d take Beard over Theus. Theus has just seemed to call it in. I think he has been too “entitled” as a 5 star, this is the SEC not Florida High School football. These are grown men and they beat him in a lot of ways. He had way too many “look out” moves at right tackle for me to trust him at left tackle. Say what you will about Daniel Inman, it takes a mean sob to play offensive line. Inman was meaner than a Junk Yard Dawg but unfortunately he was not as smart as one. I think Beard has the fire in his belly and Theus not so much. I hope I am totally surprised by Theus but I’m not going to hold my breathe.


    • Rock and Roll Rebel

      My thoughts exactly on Theus. He had so many pure whiffs last year and just plain got beaten entirely too many times. I did not see him “earning”
      the LT spot. Trust me, I hope for Hutson’s sake, I am wrong.


    • Certainly understandable POV. Word is, however, that Theus has taken on a new life, and is working like never before. So that’s interesting, because there’s a reason he was a consensus 5-star in the first place.

      I want to see what his body looks like this summer as we go into Camp. His body was pathetic last year.


  4. DawgByte

    I want to see Pyke share 1st team reps with Beard.


  5. SAtownDawg

    Beard probably felt that Theus did not earn the LT spot based on his play last year…at the same time, Beard has played well when given the chance…don’t blame him for being upset and glad he decided to return


  6. hot12dog

    Look does it really matter we have not had many good OL in the past 32 years. We just never get the great recrutes at OL