“I’m ecstatic to get out there and get going.”

Here’s Smart’s presser before yesterday’s opening practice.

I wouldn’t call it earthshaking, but I like where he’s putting his emphasis over the next month.  Baby steps.



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2 responses to ““I’m ecstatic to get out there and get going.”

  1. Baby steps of a 6’5″ 350 lb offensive lineman.


  2. AceDawg

    We still honestly have zero proof whether Smart can put it all together and be a championship caliber guy, but he seems primed to have his team holding itself to high expectations and the work ethic required to meet them. It is also reassuring that he has highly experienced coordinators to continue learning from and leaning on from time to time as he gains his true head coaching identity. Will Muschamp was reaching for straws with the Florida offense when he hired the joke that is Charlie Weis. Chaney on the other hand has been through the college grind for decades including the SEC – and actually had success. It is only fair to assume that Smart and Tucker will get overall quality play from the defense, so if the passing game improves under Chaney, how can Dawgs fans not have some optimism about what is possible even in 2016?