Tray channels his inner Reggie Ball.

This is pure “Come on, dog”:

Saturday marked the first time Matthews had been on the field against the Bulldogs since his departure.

He sat out the 2014 season due to the NCAA’s transfer rules. Last season, he was held out of the game due to injury. Yet despite being in the visitors’ locker room at Sanford Stadium for the first time, Matthews said it didn’t feel all that different than any other road game.

“It wasn’t really anything special to me,” Matthews said. “It was just, like I said, a game that we wanted to win…”

It was also a game when he didn’t have to tackle Leonard Fournette.  It was nice for Trigga that the refs let him indulge himself a little.



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24 responses to “Tray channels his inner Reggie Ball.

  1. Aladawg

    The officials did their level best to make the Bammer game against Auburn remain relevant.


    • There’s a fine line between incompetence and deliberate fixing. The genius of SEC refs is that you can never be completely certain which side of that line they’re on.


      • Got Cowdog

        Plausible deniability, right?


      • J-Dawg

        UGA is always getting hosed by the refs. We have video proof. So why do we allow this to constantly happen? I would think Kirby would be filing a formal complaint.


      • When 90,000 (and Uncle Verne) see a pass interference penalty that wasn’t called by the guy right there, I can say they stepped over that line. Quite possibly, one of the most egregious non-calls I’ve seen in my 35 years of attending games in Sanford. Were those 2 on Penn Wagers’s crew in 2007?


        • Normaltown Mike

          If I recall, though. The ref was placed in the perfect spot so that Ridley screened the DB’s left hand pulling.


          • But one of the other refs had to see it, it is not always the ref closest to the play that throws the flag.


            • Nate Dawg

              Also on the broadcast I think Gary even said something about “the back judge could of helped make the call”…so the damn CBS announcer is calling for a flag and/or reporting on these guys incompetence. Man watching this crap game in and game out gets old.


              • Irwin R. Fletcher

                Gary also reacted to the Trigga hit out of bounds when it was live. Go back and listen…he fully expected that there was a flag but there wasn’t.


          • The back judge (in the middle of the field) is supposed to focus on pass interference, and he missed it as well.


          • Q

            I think the ref thought Ridley fell because their feet tangled. No excuse for the missed out of bounds hit though.


      • No One Knows You're a Dawg

        Yes. it would be very easy to fix a college football game.

        Just bet the under and bribe either the line judge or head linesman to make some timely holding calls. Wouldn’t even have to worry about who won the game.


    • The non-call on the interference involving Riley Ridley in the first half was about as bad as it gets. I don’t think anyone was more shocked that there was no penalty than the kid who grabbed him. It looked like he was willing to take the penalty to prevent a touchdown.
      The hold on Catalina on the long completion to Wims was another one. It looked like he was simply getting over-run and falling over backwards. Call that one if you will, but I saw at least two times Auburn linemen where wrestling our D linemen down with their arms wrapped around them, with no calls.
      All rearview mirror now.


  2. Spike

    Penn Wagers has a woody just thinking about it. And Matthews is a punk.


  3. dawgfan

    I’m glad he is gone after the disgraceful disrespect he showed for his professor and classmates in the incident that sent him packing. Hopefully he learned from it. UGA doesn’t need him and I’m sure he fits in better at Auburn.


  4. Russ

    The refs missed a couple of hits OB in addition to the blatant PI. I’d say they were Penn Wagers incompetent.


  5. Gene Simmons

    I guess that anytime we play AU, the refs let PFs go. I saw at least two late hits out of bounds that went uncalled. The one by Trigga on Sony was the most egregious. SEC REFS SUCK. And I like driving in my truck!
    Auburna deleda est. oh, yeah…GO DAWGS!


  6. Bulldog Joe

    Three years ago, Trey gets called for that.



  7. Hardcoredawg 93

    Was worried after the no call on the cheap shot out of bounds and his INT that it would be redemption day for Trigga.
    So thankful it didn’t work out that way, dog.


  8. 69Dawg

    The SEC tried it’s best in the first half to get Auburn going but they overplayed their hand. By the second half Birmingham had called to tell the refs to cool it because everybody watching the game including CBS could see what was happening and it would just be embarrassing. The only way to start getting calls is to become relevant again. We get in the top 5 we’ll get the calls, it’s just business dog.


  9. AusDawg85

    Just when I think officiating in the SEC can’t be any worse, I watched the Cowboys – Steelers game. Even pro refs suck.