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Best post-game interview ever

Blankenship’s gonna go to bed tonight wearing his helmet and chinstrap. 


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The SEC and “learned helplessness”

We’re doomed, peeps.


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The most 2016-ish key to the game I can come up with

It’s not supposed to be like this.

Eight games in, Kentucky, despite being outscored in conference and overall play, leads Georgia in the division and, unlike Georgia, can clinch a bowl berth with a win tonight.

Statistically, Georgia is the better team, but the best way to sum up things is that Kentucky has beaten the teams it should and lost — usually quite convincingly — to the teams it should, while Georgia has not done the same.  So maybe the big question for the game is whether Georgia is a team Kentucky should beat.


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“You’re supposed to have fun when you’re playing football.”

You’re supposed to have fun watching it, too.


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Your weekly non-Dawg game day post, 11/5 edition

Let’s face it — college football has had better looking Saturdays this season than today.  But you post with the slate you have, yadda, yadda, yadda.


#9 Auburn

12:00 PM

How many points will Auburn have to score before you say Vandy has no chance of winning?

Georgia Tech

#21 North Carolina

12:30 PM

Dawgs beat the Heels, Jackets. Just sayin’.

#11 Florida


3:30 PM

Arkansas’ defense is turrible. Florida’s ain’t. That should be your ball game.

#1 Alabama

#13 LSU

8:00 PM

Coach O versus Junior. Good times.

#10 Nebraska

#6 Ohio State

8:00 PM

On thing I can say with confidence: after this one, the Big Ten will have one less team in the top ten.

Feel free to chime in with anything else in the comments.


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