Not so fast, friendo.

The University of Colorado’s Board of Regents, not wanting to be tarred with the same brush as Baylor, has delayed considering Mike MacIntyre’s $16.25 million contract extension while the school reviews the coach’s handling of domestic abuse allegations levied against a former assistant coach.

Not sure where this is headed.  Regents run the risk of looking like they’re rubber stamping if the investigation is done merely to provide cover for the school.  But MacIntyre won 10 games last year and coached in the conference title game.  Colorado posted a grand total of 11 wins in the four previous seasons, so how hard do you want to make his life?



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2 responses to “Not so fast, friendo.

  1. Spike

    $16.25 million? Damn, skippy..


  2. Mayor

    Colorado has a history of stepping on their collective dicks over PC stuff and killing their program. Let ’em. Who gives a damn?